1,000 lectures 1950 - 1960 inclusive

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    I found a pretty complete lot of audio files of early lectures.

    My only advice is: if you think you may want to refer to it in the future, get it now. These things have historically come and gone pretty fast.


    It looks like it starts with 5008C30 Preventative and ends with 6012C31C A Talk on South Africa. I see duplicates in the folder, but it's no problem since they show in order, and you can easily avoid acquiring the duplicate copy in the folder. If you have a Mediafire (free) account, and use that to copy the entire folder to your account, then you will get all of the duplicates in the folder. Not a big deal, but I thought I'd point it out.
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  3. dat guy sho' nuff was a walkin' yak festival
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