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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by In&Out, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. In&Out

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    In S.O. for 2 years in 80s. Been occasional ESMB "Lurker" for years! Been casually following the Scn saga since 2008 meltdown. My time in Sea Org was easier than most I guess. Not very good at S.O. Worked very hard but always sneaking off-post. Always in trouble, but excellent stats = no RPF. Wouldn't do RPF anyway. Don't know why anyone does. Scn has obviously done serious harm to family and friends, which it needs to recognize and repair. Otherwise Scn will die with current membership. Regardless, it's small fish to me. Much more concerned about where country is headed, but nice to see so many people try to help patch up friends and family with this board!
  2. Type4_PTS

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    Hi In&Out!


    You got me beat. I only got 1 year into my billion year contract.

    I was in for a year in Clearwater back in 1988-89, including a couple months on the RPF as well.

    As to why an SO member would do the RPF, I believe in many cases (including mine) a refusal to do the RPF would have resulted in an SP Declare.

    I didn't want to get SP Declared, so the RPF seemed a better option.

    A couple months later though when I informed the RPF MAA I decided to leave the Sea Org I was SP Declared shortly thereafter, and tossed out on the street with 12 cents in my pocket.

    While it was very hard on me at that time, looking back, I see that for them to SP Declare me was absolutely the best thing the CoS EVER did for me during my ten year involvement.
  3. In&Out

    In&Out Patron

    Yes, I suppose the 'ol SP Declare has saved as many lives as it has ruined. Also, on reading my post it may seem to minimize effort on this board, which it is not intended to do. I was a Scientology nobody. Few remember me and nobody seemed to care when I left. Not in much position to help, but seriously applaud selfless efforts in here and I bet there are hundreds who have been helped as a result and we don't ever know about it!
  4. Knows

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    Welcome and thanks for your thread! By the way.....NO ONE in Scientology cares if you are there or if you leave.

    It is the phoniest bunch of "friends" in the entire universe. Staff especially - in Scientology care about you until they have their STAT. Then you are a "no body" again.

    Nullification and invalidation is the operating basis IN Scientology. Think about it...degrading beings since the beginning of time.

    Scientology takes away your friends, your family, your MEST, your money, your "certs", your position in life, your dreams, your ambitions, your goals and your sanity.... if you stay too long!

    is the Scientological Beingness in Scientology! :yes:
  5. Enthetan

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    It's a deliberate process -- keeping staff too tired to do anything but focus on getting the current stat -- using KRs to ensure that nobody can really trust anyone or build a real personal relationship.

    To Int Management, the thing they most fear, is the idea of any Scientologist being more loyal to another human being than he is to Scientology.
  6. tr8theta

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    I was in for 10 years (1971 to 1981) (on Apollo & Flag) ending up in the RPF for fraternizing with a public pc (an auditor from Munich Org who was there for training and auditing)
    Funny thing is that the Public Snr C/S (Jeff Walker) thought what I was doing (before being RPF'd for it) was great because if she stayed (or went and came back) to be with me Flag would have another "good auditor" join the ranks...but of course the E/O didn't see it that way. Prior to that I was courting a staff member BUT because she was a CMO trainee she was ORDERED to not be with me (as I was merely a lowly public pc folders I/C. Being RPF'd didn't make me leave tho...it was all the entheta and enturbulation between Mission Holders and SCN management (1981) that I overheard taking place in the main auditorium...so I said Screw This...I'm outta here and I routed out. Now my understanding was that if you BLOW you get declared an SP so I routed out to avoid that...and lo and behold I get declared an SP anyway. Well congrats to me because here in ESMB I have finally called SCN a "cult" and have bad-mouthed it...so does THAT qualify me now as a true blue SP?

    NOTE: For those of you who pay strict attention and scrutinize everything I have said here (LOL) just to clarify something: You may recall that in my initial post I stated that my experiences in SCN and the SO were overall not so bad.
    Key word being "overall" I didn't say it was 100% great! I had some bad times too...just not as bad as others. And YES, I now truly know how Fooked Up (is that how you say it Phenomenon?) SCN and SO were and still are for others much less fortunate than I. Hope ESMB will stay up and running because I like you folks and being here.:yes:
    TR8 (trate)
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  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    This is an excellent post!

    I think one of the most difficult things is for people to retroactively review their experiences and recategorize them as abusive. It can start with the more blatant things like lower conditions assignments or the RPF, PTS Type III incarcerations, unnecessary all-nighters, etc. and then dial down into the much more subtle things like KSW, word clearing, knowledge reports, the diversion of funds needed to care for staff, staff rip-offs and transfers, recruiter lies and false promises, and policy that is wrong target, counter productive or outright destructive. Then the awareness sets in that the interpretation and enforcement of policy is completely arbitrary, the stated goals of the organization are opposite of it's actions, people are routinely thrown under the bus or pushed to the breaking point as matter of routine herd culling.

    Getting to this point is the true EP (End-Phenomena) of Scientology. If there is an enduring benefit from Scientology it is providing this valuable life lesson.
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  8. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

  9. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    The CoS is continually abusing its own members, both staff and public, yet Scientologists are the last ones to become aware of and recognize it as abuse. Scientology is supposed to be about "knowing how to know", yet Scientologists are the last to know. I'm not picking on you tr8theta, most all of us, including myself, were guilty of this.

    The CoS routinely utilized fraudulent marketing methods to both recruit staff and sell their "bridge" when I was in, and I imagine nothing has changed in that regard. That IS abusive, isn't it?

    If a public scientologist is doing badly because his auditor messed up then he also gets charged for the "repair" as well. That's abusive, yet most of us don't recognize it as such when we're in, if ever. If we took our car in for routine maintenance and the shop owner charged us an extra $500.00 to repair the damage his tech did due to an error or incompetence, would we tolerate that?

    Failure to recognize abuse as such seems to be a common human failing. Even amongst non-scientologists it's common for people to go for years in an emotionally abusive relationship without recognizing it as such.

    But for Scientologists it's even worse. We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (in money or slave labor) in an effort to increase our awareness, yet we were still blind.
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  10. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Scientology promotes freedom of thought but then proceeds to steadily restrict it until the only acceptable thought is Scientology.

    The list of High Crimes, Misdemeanors, Errors and all the cultural transgressions within Scientology make it virtually impossible to not be at fault unless you submit to complete subservience.

    Creating this kind of absolutist controlling environment is abusive.
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  11. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

    Not feeling picked on at all...I feel "normal" so to speak for being one of the last to know as well as others. When you are part of a group you trust you are easily gullible and naive as to what is REALLY going on and worse even prey...until for some it's too damn late. My God was I flabbergasted to learn about all the suicides and murders of Scientologists. Were it not for ESMB and Leah and Mike and OWN and You Tube...I'd still be a naive dope. There is sooo much more I haven't even read or seen or heard yet...but I've read,seen,heard enough and am now the wiser. Personally knowing some of the abused makes it more concrete (I knew the Reisdorf's on the Apollo)

    I'll add some more of my "not so great" experiences and please know that by no means would I have the audacity to claim that mine were anywhere even close to the worst experiences of others but for whatever it's worth here they are...again I want to remove the notion from anyone's mind that I may have mistakenly created earlier that ALL my experiences were good.

    1971 - 1975 I arrived at Apollo in Morocco - was immediately disappointed by the dark, cold, sleeping arrangements that some had in the lower decks. The men's dorm stunk. You've heard that there were roaches (the famous Roach Darby created by LRH to pay staff to find and destroy roach nests) I cried but was afraid to write to my parents anything negative. My first post was Mimeo Files Clerk under Sue Baker. She was very protective of me...I'll give her that.
    This is when I was shown the famous Jacob's Mountain (Jacob Kemp) consisting of a hugh pile of returned mimeos (policy, bulletins, OODs (orders of the day) and much more. I got comm ev'ed along with the whole Mimeo Files department and was scared shitless but nothing happened to me because I was so new that they didnt find me guilty of anything. When I became Mimeo Files I/C I petitioned Ken Urghart (spelling?) to dump this mountain of issues overboard into the deep ocean. It was approved and we filled large black bags with all the accumulated issues and big rocks and down to Davey's locker they went. In retrospect there were many orgs with very skimpy mimeo files who would have loved to have many of these throwaways (the non-Flag only issues of course) but it was costly to ship to them.

    There was a guy who worked in some kind of electricians capacity who went beserk and I found him shredding LRH's original handwritten HCOB's (which were kept in boxes atop the Mimeo Files) Don't know what made me think to do this but I went up to him and said "Good job...we now have another special mission for you so come with me (which he did) and I escorted him right to the MAA. This guy got locked up in a empty storage room with no port hole and metal door with a secure locking clamp. When they let him out I saw the inside of the room which the guy had CLAWED the walls like an animal. Don't know what became of him.

    I witnessed a mutiny against Captain Norman Starkey by three guys but it got quashed by a group of very strong big guys led by a Stuart Moreau (spelling?)

    Once LRH came storming onto the bridge during a heavy fog screaming "Where is this vessel" and "What are you (referring to everyone on watch) a bunch of pollywogs?" LRH held up a radio and twisted it left to right slowly until he picked up a radio station and he asked me (the lookout) to take a bearing on it (with the gyro compass) which I did and relayed it to LRH and he said "That's wrong! (so I felt like an idiot) Needless to say we found our way okay to our destination.
    I saw Otto Roos get offloaded I believe it was for sexual misconduct (I may be wrong) or some kind of serious insubordination. Before this I saw him force his way into the canteen, shut the door and either raped or forced a girl to have sex with him - while people were still waiting in line to buy stuff. Many were very scared of Otto.

    1973-1975 This is when I became one of the Apollo Star musicians. What you may not know is that several of the members "blew" to form a band off-shore with some musician they met at a gig we did...but they came back and were assigned to the RPF...but not for long. I think they were given an amnesty because their roles as part of the band for the value of the 'good PR" we created for the ship was too important at the time. Once we were invited onto a local radio show (perhaps it was in Curacao or some such island) and the radio announcer suddenly started accusing us and the ship of being CIA (which of course we denied)...but I wasn't expecting that nor was I properly trained on how to handle that stuff. I returned to the ship and was debriefed by someone (in the GO I think) and I cried having been so upset by it.

    1975-1981 When the ship staff and contents moved to Clearwater thousands of both public and staff pc folders arrived in total disorder and mixed together. I created A-Z files for each category and sorted the entire mess out by myself. I was then assigned the post of Public PC Folders I/C. I was only a "Dianetic Clear' and yet whenever I had to send a public pc's folders back to their local org or mission I had to remove the FLAG ONLY auditing process HCOB's that were for OTlll's and higher (which as you know were confidential and off-limits to NON-OTlll's) but nobody would help me...and I was soooooo afraid I'd see something I wasn't supposed to see and freak out or go insane or something. Once I saw the word "cluster" and thought "Oh Shit" what does THAT mean? I hardly ever received any auditing and a few times I felt like blowing but I wrote a letter to the SNR C/S David Mayo asking for help...but I got nothing...so I did blow.
    "We Come Back" is the motto so sure enough I was encouraged to return to Flag by the CMO with the promise of a program to help me (and others like me) but no such program took place. Jeff Walker got me assigned to be a page for the public pcs. This is where I met "Claudia" an auditor from Munich and we had a relationship on the sneak. I was always afraid it would come up in her auditing sessions...which I guess it did cause next thing I know it's off to the RPF for Tommy. Then as you know from a previous post I routed out amidst alot of turmoil.
  12. In&Out

    In&Out Patron

    I too found that Scientology friendships were often fleeting, in large part because there was not enough time to really form close friendships, and of course good standing with the church is always required. This board inspired me to get in touch with a couple old Scn friends, who I remain in contact with. I would never try to talk them out of Scientology because neither are in abusive situations. Better to just be friend on outside in case something goes wrong. Strangely, neither has made the slightest effort to recruit me back into Scientology, and we rarely even talk about Scientology. Is that normal nowadays?!

    Also.... I don't visit the board every day so responses may be late. I appreciate all the responses and was surpirsed to see I'm still in "Recent Posts"!
  13. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

    Don't know if anyone will see this as I was unable to post in Emma's "Welcome Back" thread. It said "You don't have sufficient privileges to post here" :( but correct me if I am wrong...it appears to me that when you go to a thread it does not show you the page numbers to allow you to immediately go to the last page. I have to scroll all the way through ALL the posts to get to it. Am I missing something?
  14. In&Out

    In&Out Patron

    I was also banned from women in SO, twice! One was CMO, like yours was, and the other had a very important family member. Then I fell in love with non-SO. We quickly married and left Hollywood. Nobody seemed to care; I never heard from ethics or anything, and they definitely knew where I was.
  15. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    I posted your post in the welcome back thread. Give Emma some time to sort things out. :)
  16. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

    "There was a slight change in the program rules however you may wish to take note of. To receive the Deluxe Barbecue Grill & Beer Cooler you must reach the level of 50,000 postings."

    Um...I don't have even 1,000 posts let alone 50,000...but can I just get a beer? ;)
  17. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Absolutely! The free beer special is still valid until Thursday at 2:00 PM **

    **Note: Must report to Tampa, Florida by Thursday at 2:00 pm to obtain free beer and give Type4PTS 72 hours advance notice of your arrival.
  18. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    But after that points needed will increase by 10% per month in order to keep up with inflation.
  19. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Patron with Honors

    I think whether you've had good, bad, or indifferent experiences in the SO or Scientology, I can't imagine being a member and not seeing something that wasn't quite right happening at least to someone else - another member or a public, i.e.: a cheating spouse that was also OT, services that didn't seem to be working, a child being strangely overworked, another SO member being berated or humiliated to some degree by their senior. Even having to go around and get signatures for ones Liability Condition is a form of public humiliation. Just because you weren't affected by these things doesn't mean the people you watched this happening to weren't thoroughly traumatized by it. Maybe it was the 100th time they'd done it. Maybe behind closed doors they were being verbally abused, or worse.

    I was witness to a lot of this kind of thing at Flag and it was so unsettling that I was shaking at times. I'd be so upset for SO members that had lower posts and were subjected to asshole seniors who probably weren't like that when they joined. The Folder Page at Flag was like the whipping boy as I recall.

    I'd work for Scientologist owned business, OT-owned, and they would be crooked in some way, completely disappointing me, disenchanting me of what OTs were supposed to be, what they represented, what Scientology was and what Ron wanted the technology to be. It was all such a disgrace to me. It depressed me, my invested heart, way more so than the money I invested.

    Anyway, what person knows about so many out-ethics things and just says: It didn't happen to me personally, so I have no qualms about it?

    I constantly said stuff and was being called a natterer, even paranoid. PTS. Forty-five year old men "marrying" 13 year-old girls with her parents' consent? I was mind-boggled! I'd say something and people would look at me strangely. The entire structure was perverted, and then they have the nerve to point fingers at LGBTQ people! Hubbard had such backwards ideas about the family structure - a 1950s nuclear family where women were hardly recognized as people. Children are little slaves, so might as well molest them too. He didn't care. Not ever. So why not be complacent, just like Ron? Let's just focus on the political landscape instead because nothing happened to you personally and Scientology doesn't really have anything to do with you anymore.

    ...I'm sorry about my sarcasm. I was just getting a little emotional. I hope you will forgive me for my outburst and exaggerations. Or maybe they are not exaggerations. I don't know. I just apologize if I have offended you or anyone. I have become a little passionate about this stuff.
  20. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    WTF? Did he manage a way to"legally" marry a 13 year old, or were they just "Scientologically" married?

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