2016 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by HelluvaHoax!, Dec 26, 2015.

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    I was thinking about the Oscars this morning and wondering the same thing. At what point does it become clear that the tek regarding PR is, well, not working? Is it possible for someone in scn to even grasp the idea that they might want to consider something different? For a brief moment I had this flash that they might. That someone might have a lightbulb moment and decide to do something completely different. And then I started laughing and couldn't stop. If that was the case a lot more than PR tek would have changed by now. They're going to keep doing the same thing and doing it harder and faster until there's no one left to fire a foot bullet.

    I gotta get my popcorn ready for the next round. Maybe I'll have an Oscars party.

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    I remember a time when I fell down and hurt my zorch.

    Sum Gum War Sue Up.
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  5. Due to technical difficulties, this post vanished in February 2018. I am reposting it here (partly because my prediction CAME TRUE and caused some VERY NICE FAIL for the cult).

    I predict that, in 2016, someone will "go too far" with a drone (equipped with a camera), and fly it over a Scientology facility (or NarCONon operation). Scientologists will need to advance their "curtain tech" to include rooftops, parking lots and alleys. Watching the Scienos' frightened reactions will be HILARIOUS.

    Invading the Scienos' privacy in this new, dramatic way is wrong, so we will try to trick ourselves into thinking this invasion of privacy makes the footage "not funny" and "not worth it". We will laugh anyway.

    (Photoshoppers may need to increase their skill level to pixelate faces that jump around in the frame as the drone's camera moves over the location being recorded.)

    DIAMOND INVICTUS SUPER-DUPER MERITORIOUS BONUS POINTS to anyone capturing any part of the grand opening of an "Ideal Org" or "Ideal NarCONon" (or any other event where DM is present) using a drone, and uploading it to YouTube.