2017 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!

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    LOL luvvv it! LOL


    Saint Hill Manor East Grinstead, Sussex


    OT IX Course Students

    IX Auditors

    IX C/Ses

    AO OT IX Review Auditors

    AO OT IX C/Ses

    OT IX

    C O N F I D E N T I A L

    PreOTs that have been standardly brought up the Advanced Levels through Section VIII have, in doing so, have jettisoned, by erasure or blow, the principal abberative incidents and implants of the past 4 quadrillion years, since the being entered the present universe. In doing so substantial quantities of charge, mass and dormant body thetans are recycled back into the MEST universe.

    This effectively renders an unaberrated but unknowing OT, hence the EP of OT VIII is appropriately "I now know who I am not and I am interested to find out who I am". This parallels the being rising on the Know To Mystery Scale up to "Not Know".

    The being does not know who they are, a precarious position to occupy as this creates a vacuum and the being begins to inflow anything and everything in a reactive attempt to remedy the condition. This explains why such a large percentage of OT VIIIs end up blowing--for they have inadvertently in flowed (and mis-owned) entheta and black PR about Scientology.

    All of these unnecessary blows came about because OT VIIIs were not promptly routed onto OT IX and OTX, per standard technology. The excuse given by the not quite bright was the arbitrary that all orgs must be the size of Old St. Hill. This arbitrary lead to wide scale out tech and nearly collapsed Scientology internationally; and, had it not been for my efforts to get OT IX and OTX piloted, packaged and released, we might have lost our only chance of reversing the dwindling spiral.


    OT IX and OT X represent the final two steps which allow the being to resume their original point of view and position they held within the MEST Universe--Native State. It is vital to understand the parallel relationship between awareness characteristics and the Gradation Chart.

    OT X - Native State

    OT IX - Know

    OT VIII - Not Know

    OT VII - Know About

    OT VI - Look

    OT V - Emotion

    OT IV - Effort

    OT III - Think


    The OT IX auditing rundown is unlike any lower level processes and neither can it be compared to the telepathic techniques required to handle BTs on Sections III through VIII.

    STAGE A: On OT IX the Pre-OT initially develops and perfects the newfound ability to get directly in com with themselves, eliminating via and other beings' considerations.

    STAGE B: Now that the being is directly in full communication with their own universe, they proceed to ask themselves a series of profoundly revealing and progressively more difficult questions. This continues for as long as it takes for the being to catch their "First Glimpse of Native State".

    STAGE C: This portion of the rundown addresses the eradication of uncertainties from the being's universe.

    STAGE D: This step unlocks the being's native knowingness about who they are. It consists of 16 sub-steps, each of which produces a mini-miracle. The 17th step culminates in a full blown miracle and the restored ability to "know oneself" in the fullest sense of the term.


    I have been asked often what part I played in the Research and Release of OT IX and today I shall reveal to you the answer. I worked in daily collaboration with LRH from 1981 through 1986 in unlocking the trap where a being is prevented from knowing his true identity and nature.

    In fact, Ron delegated this enormous responsibility to me, upon his departure, to carry on his tech research hat and ultimately to get these last and vital OT levels released. It has taken me 30 full years to complete the work at the level of care and quality that LRH would have expected of himself.

    In successfully pulling this off, I have now assumed the full post that Ron intended for me--that of Co-Founder. I will be continuing LRH's legacy research and soon releasing OT X as well.

    I look forward to each of you making it through OT IX and I will see you up the line on OT X. The universe awaits your return to Native State!




    Copyright (c) 2016 
by David Miscavige


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    . . .

  3. ILove2Lurk

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    . . .
    This Shelly Miscavige story will go nuclear in 2017

    In the past few weeks, Shelly has been photographed leaving her sumptuous suite
    at the historic Monaco Hôtel Hermitage, a luxurious five-star hotel, and at various
    haunts around town.

    Apparently, she's been living in the hotel ever since her sudden disappearance in 2007.
    A body double has been put into play at the secret Scientology facility at Lake Arrowhead
    in Big Bear to throw off the scent for snooping ex-members or press.

    Here she's seen leaving a restaurant after her daily lunch out, her yellow Rolls Royce Corniche convertible
    and driver waiting at the curb. An over-the-top expensive necklace and dress. Guess who pays.


    Living like royalty at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo


    Only cruise the boulevards in the best: Rolls Royce Corniche

  4. ILove2Lurk

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    Scary funny. :omg: Hurt my throat laughing. Or was that a line charge on a correct indication? :wink2:
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    Sorry to correct you guys, but this is a MCO, not a HCO...
    Some clay, maybe :whistling:

  6. F.Bullbait

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    In 2017, excavations find this chart in the Basic Basics...

    Humbly tendered as a grift to you, mon!

    The Grandola Chart
    (originally Itchy to Flaky Scale but crossed that out)

    Far fetched. :pixiedust:







    Oh, I'm normal.

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    I may as well toss my hat in the ring here.

    I predict that in 2017, Shelly Miscavige will appear in public---in court, where she will be sued by numerous Ex-Scientologists who worked with her, for a variety of reasons. One of the most common complaints will be that Shelly claimed plaintiffs would receive certain specific results from certain expensive services. The plaintiffs will have recently discovered that Shelly knew at the time of her claims that nobody had ever actually received those results, so they will sue her for Fraud and Deceit. (California statute of limitations for F&D starts at the time of discovery, not the time of the act.)

    None of the plaintiffs will actually win a case, and oddly, none will be upset about not winning: In fact, in all cases, the plaintiffs will smile and act glad to see Shelly again, in spite of what it took to get her in the same room. Shelly will be accompanied by several somber people who will look unhappy to have the assignment of keeping control of her in a public courtroom where she will be required to testify.

    I won't even hazard a guess at what Shelly will do.
  8. Churchill

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    I predict that it 2017, the U.S. State Department, which in previous years had been a reliable ally of the Scientology cult, will absent itself, making no mention whatsoever, of the supposed "persecution" of Scientologists, either in Russia, or in Europe, thus bringing to an end the governmental cognitive dissonance that had earlier served to protect it.

    Criminal abuses, including human trafficking, long perpetrated by Scientology Organizations and OSA will no longer be overlooked, and instead, as they come to light, will be properly viewed as "low-hanging fruit" by the Attorney General, who will initiate investigations that lead to prosecutions of mid-level Scientologists, many of whom will be granted immunity in exchange for becoming cooperating witnesses.

    The process of "draining the Scientology swamp" will continue, revealing for the first time, hitherto secret financial connections between Scientology, the Nation of Islam, and the funding of radical Islamic terrorist organizations.

    The end for Scientology and its labyrinth of interlocking directorates, front groups, and shell corporations will happen quickly - FISA courts having little patience for such frivolous dilatory tactics where National Security implications exist.

    Fianally, Miscavige will be apprehended, Noriega-style, as he attempts to flee to Bulgravia, or Pyongyang - I'm not quite sure about his exact final address other than that it will be in Federal housing at taxpayer expense.:biggrin:
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    "Humbly tendered as a grift to Mankind."

  10. Type4_PTS

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    Mike Rinder made some predictions for Scientology in his blog post today:
    Happy New Year

    Here's an excerpt, but better to go read the full post (which is short) at the above link:
  11. Little David

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    I predict that little David Miscavige will continue to to get better and better at mimicking LRH's canned word salad:

    “However else the world out there regards the last twelve months,” declared Mr. David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, “whether in terms of hard times, desperate times, time-out, time’s up, closing time, a hell of a time, or, better luck next time—well, we do it differently. In fact, we wouldn’t give the time of day to find out what prevailing wisdom thinks about this year—because, we know time is always on our side. And if you’re still not sure why 2016 passed like a dream, all you have to do is calculate how we packed ‘infinity’ into twelve calendar months and, so, created a year like this.”


    Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3188357#ixzz4UZlgQJK6
  12. Jonny Bobb

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    I predict that:
    !. Some honest person at LAPD will actually look into the Shelly missing person case, and she will be released. (maybe her sister, too)
    2. Some divorce lawyer will point out that California is a community property state, and take her case on contingency.
    3. That lawyer will use the most workable legal technique against the church, i.e. demand that David Miscavige appear in court.
    4. Settlement offers will happen.
    5. Sea Org members planet-wide will find out what David Miscavige has been paying himself.

    It's also possible that even if the LAPD doesn't do anything, the church will decide to release her before they get in even more trouble. Note to LAPD: If Shelly commits suicide by shooting herself with more than 4 bullets from a rifle, it might not be suicide.
  13. ThetanExterior

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    The CofS continues their campaign of Smearing the Planet until the overwhelming public support for Leah Remini's TV series forces the authorities to shut them up.
  14. Jump

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    Welcome to the board and thanks for a credible and insightful first post.

    :party: :welcome2: :party:

    And R.I.P. Flo Miller Barnett
  15. Knows

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    My predictions for 2017

    They find Shelly Miscavige and discover that she is completely crazy, malnourished and insane.

    They put her in a mental institution, arrest David Miscavige for neglect and abuse - and he kills himself.

    Then - the authorities raid Scientology INT Base and shut it down.

    Tom Cruise steps in to take over COB's position. Tom goes on a wild rant jumping on couches and throwing hissy fits. Tom Cruise gets "others" to jump on couches. It is called a Super Power Rundown.

    Scientology loses its Tax Exempt Religious Cloak - after authorities discover slave labor camps, enurement by leader and other insidious crimes.

    They are shut down and told to do the ETHICS Formula - A through J

    Of course, there are a handful of clubbed seals that try to save it and they go down with the ship
    Scientology is claimed by Govt Officials to have "gone" PTS Type III and are discarded without sorrow.
  16. TrevAnon

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    I see what you did there... :thumbsup::biggrin:
  17. HelluvaHoax!

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    Good post!

    There is a curious website ("The Richest") that gives estimates of various celebrities personal wealth.

    Net Worth
    $50 MILLION

    And there are other websites that similarly estimate (as well as discuss) Miscavige's case "gain", where one's case is measured by the aggregate gain of their bank account balances. Sites such as REDDIT ("How is David Miscavige so wealthy?"), LEAVING SCIENTOLOGY ("David Miscavige: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous") and others.

    Wouldn't that be brilliant if something triggered a forensic audit of his personal spending, lavish lifestyle and the countless inurement schemes & scams of his secretive little world.

    And, wouldn't it be divinely ironic justice if Miscavige's supremely vainglorious UPSTATness was the very thing that imploded his depraved personal financial empire?

    Scientologists virtually worship COB because of his "total cause over life" where the character he plays never loses, is never at a loss of what to do/say and because he is the embodiment of "OPERATING THETAN"--a grinning, unreasonable, vengeful, ass-kicking, fair-gaming, tough son of a bitch that is feared far and wide.

    Scientologists believe that COB, like Hubbard, has "OT powers" and is infallible.

    Have I mentioned recently how incredibly oblivious the "knowing how to know", all-knowing Hubbardites are? LOL
  18. Knows

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    Mephisto from Mike Rinder's Blog predicted this COMM PSYCHO in 2017 between David "Slappy" Miscavige and Shelly Miscavige...

    Mephisto says December 15, 2016 at 7:19 pm
    David Miscavige’s office. He picks up the phone.
    Dave: Who the fuck is this?
    Caller: It’s Shelly.
    Dave: Where the fuck are you?
    Shelly: Don’t worry, I’m safe. Remember that Org Board I was working on?
    Dave: The one you fucked up?
    Shelly: (ignoring) Well, I figured out where you belong on it after having a big cognition.
    Dave: (to Lou) Trace this call.
    Lou: Yes, sir.
    Shelly: Dave, you still there?
    Dave: Go ahead.
    Shelly: I put you in the Department of Corrections, but not the Scientology one.
    Dave: Go to hell!
    Shelly: Been there, done that.
    (to policeman) Officer, here’s his address and a full report with recordings of many of our talks which prove inurement and other criminal activity.
    Officer: Very good, mam – we’ll get right on it.
    Dave: Where the fuck are you? Don’t ever ignore me again.
    Shelly: What’s that? Anyway, I’ve got to run. Someone will be getting in touch with you shortly. (hangs up)
    Dave: WTF???!!! Lou! Get me my Macallan and get that dick Ingram on the phone. NOW!!! Motherfucking sonofabitch, cock sucking faggot horseshit!! +%/=_?!! @#!

    Oh please - Lord Xenu - make this ^^^^ postulate STICK!:begging::begging::begging::begging::begging:
  19. Jump

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    Lol ... Or ..

    DM: get that cocksucking faggot Baca on the phone NOW I've got a few more favours to pull in

    DM: <looking paler>. HE WHAT?????
  20. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    DAVID MISCAVIGE'S Net Worth: $50 Million

    • Source of Wealth: SCAMMING Parishoner's whilst posing as COB at Religious Technology Center
    • Birth Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    • Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
    • Marital Status Married (Michele Miscavige)
    • Full Name David Miscavige
    • Nationality United States

    • Date of Birth April 30, 1960
    • Ethnicity Caucasian
    • Occupation: Businessman