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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Free to shine, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Free to shine

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    That's why I bump some of them from time to time, you just couldn't imagine some of the scenarios. And people do pass away without leaving a record so some things will never be known. I know a few here who thankfully did post and now are gone, yet their stories are a legacy and a warning.

    Sometimes I would wonder if I had never been associated with scientology would I believe my own story? I don't know. I have heard and read many worse ones now and thankfully they exist as part of the fabric of the overall truth and as a background for mine. If I could speak freely and really go into detail it would make your toes curl. :)
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    Probably most of us, who have been involved either for long time public or as a an org statt\Sea Orgy member :biggrin: have those stories they can barely believe decades later :duh: It's like a parrallel world! :nervous: A ridicoulus creepy horror movie that has some hilarious as well as freaking creepy episodes.

    I recently realized that when one really makes his\her way out of it..a sort of phenomanon arises..it's like the cult''mindset'' desintegrates..the fear and hate related to this cult dissipates.. and the emotional suffering begins to heal with such transformation.

    And suddenly, it happens... we have graduated... no need to fight against anything anymore, but only bloom and fly higher as a being...we are back home (the only valuable crusade), reconnected with our inner peace, equanimity, love\compassion (for our dear ones - eventhose who harmed us because they were suffering of tremendous fear) , staying just a feet behind the scene in order to remain free and keep shinning, and you are one of those beings here FTS.

    The victory begins with a personnal victory over the uglyness of this and any cult.
    Keep shinning! :wink2:
    and drive your scooter to make that fuc...road yours :biggrin:
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  3. Free to shine

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  4. Free to shine

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    Bravo FTS. I am very proud of you which I really hope doesn't come across as if I am some sort of big-headed twat. What I mean is I know how damn hard this all is. How damn fucked up and cruel this cult is and how damaged your whole family has been under its influence. That's what I mean. I am proud to know you and to have had your wisdom in my life. xxx
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