A mini-trove of early Scientology materials has some gems for us today

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    A mini-trove of early Scientology materials has some gems for us today

    We’ve written a couple of fun stories about Rebecca McKee McCaffrey, who most recently regaled us with some sketchy stories about growing up as a teenager in Scientology. Since then, she’s been going through her family’s files, and we want to thank her for sending us some interesting items from Scientology’s heyday.

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    The photo looks just like an ugly kid named Fred Howe that was in my eighth grade gym class that used to get caught with having a massive red headed erection in the showers after gym class. I can still hear those aghast voices shrieking out from the showers "Fred's got a hard-on again!!!!" Then the red faced red head with a big red second head would come running out of the showers with this god damned dinosaur looking thing bouncing back and forth off his thighs. Something about the water hitting it set him off was the word. Nobody even suspected he could be gay as back in those days that would have been unheard of - later 60's. Yuck, true ugliness in its purest physical manifestation. Nobody EVER dropped the soap in the showers in those days!
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    sounds like Ron's doppelgnger to me
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    The “Roaring Twenties “

    The Great Depression....

    The above photo is during an interesting time in history.

    The Roaring Twenties were on a tear in 1928! The Stock Market peaked around September 1929. The markets started to slide.....then drop sharply......then “Black Tuesday” was October 1929.....

    This was the start of the “Great Depression.”

    World Trade dropped by 50%.
    US Commodity prices dropped by 60%.
    Unemployment went to 25%.....

    I guess Hubbard was about 18 when the Great Depression started.....

    As a side note to further relate this picture to what was happening in the US at the time.....Hollywood pretty much made the complete transition from Silent Movies to making “Talkies” ...or, movies with sound, by around 1929.
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