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    Ghastly Stuff, Sheila. :bigcry:

    Again, thank you for your Heart, Guts and downright Decency. :yes::thumbsup::clap:

    I’m gonna try and tell this story as briefly as possible…which most all Y’all know ain’t easy for me.:biggrin:

    In the mid-70’s—I think it was early ’74 IIRC—MSH issued a series of orders to “Solve” the PAC Cadet Org “Problem” that resulted in two Missions being fired—An Obs/Data (Observation/Data Collection) Mission and Property Search/Data Mission—and that the information collected be used for Evals, Plans, Programs and Projects to implement the Mission’s results, findings and recommendations.

    Mary Sue spearheaded this as C/S G because the PAC Child Care existing scene represented a potential severe PR, “Shore Flap” and Legal threat. Also—as I have written about before on ESMB—Mary Sue IMHO, for all her faults, truly did love children and was not pleased at all and very concerned about the PAC Child Conditions in general.

    The Obs/Data Collection Mission focused on the current existing scene, regulations, personnel, systems, etc. The Property Search/Data Mission focused on locating a large farm properties in the San Joaquin Valley of California (about 100 miles from LA), with emphasis on soil quality, infrastructure crop types, equipment, water resources, local schools, community regulations, etc.

    The overall concept was to develop a Plan for improvement, staffing, training and operations of quality, legal and sustainable Child Care and Cadet Org facilities and to locate some of these facilities on the Farm, and for development of the farm into a food source for PAC SO Galleys. The chief labor on the farm would be adult SO Crew and part of the Children’s daily regimen—along with their schooling—would be performing chores on the farm.

    From these two Missions several extensive detailed Evals were done and Plans, Programs, Projects, etc. were developed by experienced, competent and knowledgeable CommodeDoors staff that called for sweeping changes in the PAC Nursery facilities, staffing and operations and for the Cadet age children to be moved to the farm. There would be a busing schedule for parents of Cadets to spend a “Family Day” with their children and as many Parents of Cadets as possible would be Posted as farm staff (obviously, being the SO, Senior Tech and Admin folks—especially high producing auditors, C/S’s, Reges and Execs would be out of the question).

    El Ron gutted and/or disapproved nearly everything that was proposed.

    Possibly some of the Old Timers on this Board may recall some of this, heard about it or read the Evals and/or the proposed Plans, etc.

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    OK, so these eval/program disapprovals happened in 1974, when Hubbard was still on the Apollo ? I find it helps to nail facts/events down in time as accurately as possible so that they may be understood against other contemporaneous facts/events.


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    Here's a real WTF?:wacko:

    “When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.” L. Ron Hubbard


    EDIT PS: El Ron is by far not the first person to have expressed that idea, however, Hisself might well be the first person to express it as a throw-away, self-serving and veiled self-aggrandizing platitude.
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    These LRH correspondences are included in my previous post:


    They are dated around 1973-74. If anyone can make sense out of this I think its pretty obvious why nothing got done. See the link for full content. I won't be offended if you click the WTF button:

    http://www.matrixfiles.com/Scientology Materials/Reference/Flag Orders/ED.19740521.html


    "Hey Toby! I just found out why I couldn't really get the child scene up on Flag and why they got offloaded.
    I never before had this datum. ...
    This is what cost the kids FLAG. I found this in interrogating someone who had been on the lines - it never came up before it was thought to be really correct. YOW WOW! Correct, hell. It's a total offload of SO responsibility. As well as a Comm Ev offense to cross order. So this is why nothing could be handled. AND I AM CERTAIN THAT IS THE PAC WHY. It is acultural aberration.
    Give me the scene, give me the scene, give me scene! I've had loses on this area and I got the why. I knowed there was catamounts in them mountings!
    The only way this can backfire now is counter propaganda like 'They are costing us our chillun' or some such nonsense. When we are trying to give them a top grade A spunky be-proud-of em offspring!" LRH. Despatch to LRH Comm US 28 August 1973.

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    Does it matter?
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    Sorry, that detail is lost to me. This person, if she was on the trip, would have been from CCLA.
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    This is OT, really. If it's the mission I'm thinking of it was dispatched from the LA FOLO, where I was the HCO man at the time.

    I had an off and on relationship with one of the Missionaires, GP, (If you knew them, the one with flaming red hair) and at the time I was trying to fan the flames.

    Being a very curious person I tried and tried to get her to spill, but she just wouldn't tell me what the mission was all about.

    Around that time the Action Bureau, the group who sent out SO missions, moved to another room in the building and their old office was to be for me and my co-workers.

    After Action had moved out completely I walked into the empty room, and there on a desk were the Mission Orders for the Property Search Mission, marked at the top in caps "CONFIDENTIAL, EYES ONLY, DO NOT PHOTO COPY, ETC., ETC., ETC."

    Did I read them? Hell, yes. And it turned out that Red was missing her copy.

    I vaguely recall unsuccessfully trying to blackmail her into bed in return for giving back her MOs, but that probably didn't happen.
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    I think Hubs wrote most of that kind of stuff before the Sea Org.

    He was fine with people caring about their kids, PROVIDED it did not interfere with his cash flow.
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    Yes, it always comes down to priorities. Hubs's priority was sucking cash out of all orgs like a giant vacuum. Anyone who sat on an FP committee knows...you have the percentage that MUST go up lines, the percentage that MUST go to promo, the amounts that have to go to utilities like lights and rent, and usually there is nothing left for staff pay, toilet paper, let alone child care.

    Simple priorities and economics.
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  11. Enthetan

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    Do you recall the percentages that had to go uplines and to go for promo (a percentage of which would go to Hubs personal pocket as royalties) ?
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    I used to be FBO AOSHUK and wrote the checks each week. The forms to divvy up the GI each week were the AC1 for Class IV orgs and the AC2 for SO orgs. After things like FSM commissions, book income, repayments came off we had the Corrected Gross Income. The percentages changed over the years but there were things like 5% to FOLO, 5% to GO, 5% to General Liability Fund, and the remaining funds got split between Flag (Int really) and the org at the discretion of the FBO (and the demands of his seniors).

    There was supposed to be 14% CGI to promo, which usually got covered without too much trouble. Sometimes some LRH order of 30% CGI to welfare got pushed but it didn't always get covered. As veterans of FP will know, sometimes it comes down to which policy will we violate this week?

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    In 1983, when I was on FP AOLA as Exec Esto, the CEO bill to AOLA was a straight $65 USD per child for 16 hr + care, 7 days/wk with no extra charges.

    This was supposed to cover all the following at CEO:

    Staff pay and medical costs,
    Children's medical costs,
    All food,
    CEO utilities,
    Transport van maintenance and fuel for parents and children,
    Diapers and other infant and toddler supplies,
    Cribs, toys, sheets, blankets, bottles,
    Cleaning and sanitary supplies,
    Building maintenance,
    Pest elimination,
    School books and fees,

    Even when paid in full, it was a ridiculously inadequate amount.
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    Pretty sure the pest elimination was taken care of by the childrens and nannies shoes.... CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!
  15. The_Fixer

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    You are talking about dedicated scientologists here. Anything is possible.

    Stupid would be about as smart as it gets with quite a few of them.
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    Good question. There's probably someone who can answer this better. I thought it was 10% for the first and I forget what the promo was. There was some policy saying something like if you cut promo in any way the exec council has a condition of treason. It's been decades since I once knew this stuff, but I've slept a few times since lol!
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    There are plenty of Sea Org members who did not get the birth certificates for their child.

    A lot of them really believed that Scn would take over the world and birth certs would not even be needed.

    A fellow Case Supervisor at ASHO had this problem. She was almost 20 years old and still had no birth cert.

    A friend of mine here in Dallas had the same issue. She was born in the 60's or 70's and she is still trying to get the birth cert and passport resolved.

    It is a real issue. At least from those born in 60's and 70's.

    Thankfully I was born in a hospital, so I did not have this issue. Birth cert was automatic.
  18. JustSheila

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    That's awful, Bea.

    Most SO staff in the late 70s and 80s had home births with a certified Calif midwife present. Hospital births were so expensive that few SO could afford it and it was very rare for an org to approve the cost , plus the attitudes toward drugs, silent birth, etc.

    Sandy Fuller chose a hospital natural-style birthing room and Al Crivello, then AG-F AOLA, approved the cost. Denise and Jerry Mulkey had a home birth at their room at the complex with a midwife. So did I.

    Not all the midwives would bother getting the paperwork done for the birth certificate. Denise Mulkey had a terrific midwife who took care of this, I did not.

    California was brutal at that time for issuing birth certificates for births outside the hospital. It took a huge amount of paperwork, many signed statements and all of Shaw Health Center's medical records before my son's was issued. It was denied 3-4 times and I kept re-applying. Finally I had enough of the red tape and wrote a formal complaint.

    That's when it finally got approved. By then it was 1984 and my son was nearly two years old.

    It is very possible some children died with no formal record of their births .
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    I stand corrected. I guess some people were that stupid, or heartless enough to let their children become nonpersons. (Add in an unscheduled trip to Mexico, and they might not have been able to come back.)

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    Thank you, I stand vindicated. :)

    Seriously, I saw a lot of stupid actions during my time in the cult. Nothing surprises me. Anything that could be justified as greatest good or protective of the cult's PR would be SOP. When there's a planet to save, what's the big deal about an undocumented dead baby?