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    Hi Bea

    I am not sure if you have taken steps to secure a birth certificate issued from the county you were born in but I would heartily suggest it. I was applying for a government something that required ID last month and it specifically mandated that Hospital birth certificates were not good enough, it had to be state issued.

    I had never seen that before.
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    I apologise for not answering everyone on here yet. This is the first and only time I've told this story in complete detail and telling it was all-consuming emotionally, mentally and spiritually . I've fallen behind IRL and need to spend some time catching up.

    Something wonderful has come of this, though. An anonymous ex saw my post and between us we believe we have located the correct mother and child. It seems the boy not only survived, but grew up completely healthy physically and is still alive. Nothing confirmed yet, plus the family may not wish to be public about this.

    For me, though, it is as if a huge dark cloud over me has lifted. :happydance: Such a difference that makes IRL! My deepest heartfelt love and appreciation to the anonymous ex who helped. :biglove: :hug:

    Sometimes I remember names and a lot of detail, sometimes I don't. There was a time I remembered the MLO's name and more of the others. Memories come and go. We all do our best

    - Story Contined -

    The Aftermath

    Afterward, the rest of the toddlers and I coped well enough in the nursery. They were fine, no health or other issues. Once Josh was gone, the rest was a blur of diapers, meals, bottles and cleaning and none of the details stand out. A couple of weeks later, "Sue," the senior nanny, returned from her vacation . She'd been gone about four weeks, maybe longer, but beyond the standard three since she hadn't had one in over 8 years.

    Sue freaked out when she saw Josh gone and started to tear up. She feared the worst. She'd had a nice time with her family but never stopped worrying about him while she was gone.

    I hugged her, told her his mother picked him up. She was so relieved, like a huge weight lifted.

    Then she asked me what I said to the mother. When I told her word-for-word, her eyes went wide. To hear that he'd gotten that bad. To hear how mouthy and disrespectful I was with a missionaire. To hear my teen medical wog directions that bypassed the entire chain of command and told her to go to a hospital. It shocked her. She didn't mention Josh to me again.

    I didn't know if I was in trouble or not and didn't give a damn. I just wanted to go back to the EPF. I wasn't ready to be a mother, especially to so many. It was too hard. In every way. I was never more keenly aware of my lack of education, experience and shortcomings. I didn't feel like any hero, I felt like a failure and wanted to put that behind me. Before the CEO, the oldest child I had babysat for was six years old. Bottom line, I did my absolute best but it was so far from ideal that to me, it was woefully inadequate.

    The next day, Sue told me the MLO had been Comm Eved and FBed out. She'd been at CEO 9 months, and sick kids had mostly all stayed sick and she never inspected the nurseries for hygiene, etc. She told me I was going back to the EPF the next day. She hadn't heard anything more about Josh.

    When I returned to CEO as a missionaire three months later, Sue was gone. Nobody said where she was, so probably blown. A new nanny was there and a lot less toddlers. They still recognised me though, and laughed and squealed to see me.

    And we moved the CEO to the Fountain building.
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    Actually. I think I should rephrase my comment.

    There really were a hell of a lot of pretty smart people in the cherch.

    We were so deluded, we did some pretty stupid things.

    So Helena, on reflection I think you are partly right too.
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    For those inclined to blame Ron Hubbard for this psycho bitch's insane action, it should be noted that antibiotics were never banned by Hubbard, who issued Flag Order 2186 "Antibiotics, Administration Of" and Flag Order 2313 "Antibiotics, Further Data" giving (perhaps questionable) instructions concerning their use which absolutely should have been part of this so-called MLO's hat pack.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    email: warrior_mike2001@yahoo.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mhobson2011
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    Say what you may, but many of us here do blame Hubbard for everything.

    Whilst I can agree with you that Hubbard was not directly responsible for this person's actions, the crap he created was a major instigator for this and many other acts of blatant stupidity and evil. Most of it was what twisted people's thinking and continues to do so.
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    Having the child of a Sea Org member be an "un-person" would make retention easier.

    "You can't leave! Where are you going to go? You have no birth certificate, no ID, no Social Security number. Who on the outside will hire you?"

    And if they somehow died in an accident, or through negligence or neglect? Who could prove they ever even existed?
  7. Enthetan

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    You showed that you were somebody who would do what you decided was the right thing, without regard for whether some senior would get upset later.

    You frightened Sue. To some bureaucratic types, there is NOTHING more terrifying than a junior who is willing to do what honor demands, without regard for who it pisses off: Fuck orders, fuck policy, fuck whoever doesn't approve.
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    There are so many things here that I just can't bring myself to click on the "like" button. "WTF" doesn't seem to fit the bill either. Seems like an "OMG!" button belongs here...

    It is truly awful the things these people went through (kids and nannies). I am truly shocked. But also pleased to see champions in there for the kids too.

    I did see a lot of babysitting going on around our Org in Auckland at the time I was in, but these were private affairs and not run by the cult. Life may have been difficult, but nothing like what you are describing here.

    There were a lot of good people in our org and luckily the circumstances that came with the Sea Ogres never touched the kids here. Well, nothing that I knew of or saw anyway. But I wasn't in for all that long either and I wasn't involved with a lot of families as well, so my observations may not have been too relevant perhaps.
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    True about the antibiotics, Sneaks. The woman went off on a psychotic 'natural is always best' tangent. I would even go so far as to say she used the sick children as guinea pigs for her crazy homemade remedies. Imagine using infants and toddlers as physical guinea pigs. :angry:

    There was plenty wrong with how L Ron set things up in the SO for the kids, though, including a militant environment where one is taught to follow your senior's instructions or suffer the consequences for group justice which was nearly always unfair.

    I've read every policy and advice by L Ron about children in the SO. You probably have, too. These are some things that were never written by him but obviously should have been:

    - requirements for First Aid Training
    - Mandatory realistic child to adult ratios that if not met would require hiring outside help
    - required police and background checks for anyone working with children
    - required free play time
    - mandatory daily time outside
    - a certified RN available to children and the CEO
    - medical insurance for children and staff
    - required vaccinations for those working with children so they don't spread illness that can kill a child

    That's just a few absolutely necessary things.

    AOLA alone had $30 million plus dollars in its org reserves. Rather than spend the money on kids, it was saved for years and years to expand scn.

    Hubbard never gave much thought to the kids.
  10. The_Fixer

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    I think the only thoughts L Ron gave to people was how to screw em over....
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    If I may, very true, but the ultimate goal imho, was that he wanted a system to pillage the unwary/naive, by creating an illusionary layer of 'happy-happy-feel-good' (psycho-babble, long-con hypnotic effect, the re-purposing and mental conditioning of mostly good peoples (my opine)) thus convincing people they actually got something of value from their participation. I think that once one can pull their head out of that vile matrix that has been created, it is so much easier to 'see' the bars of the gilded/mirrored cage. Mostly not such a fun thing :duh: But humans are pretty fucking durable for the most, can bounce back, reconstruct, work out the brain-bugs, and move forward again. But holy hell mon, the levels of deceit, the hidden agendas, the gross manipulation, hmmmm, takes time to un-muck the LRon confabulation.
    Sry, just thinkin' aloud, I go nao...

  12. JustSheila

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    Before I write more about the 'Melrose Move Mission,' I'm going to tell a bit about one of the nannies, Michael Hobson, aka Sneakster or Hobs, while these stories seem fresh in my head.

    - Story Continued -

    I was relieved to be back on EPF deck work without the stress and worries of babies' health. Dory had gone back the week before and other than her, I was the last EPFer at CEO. That is, except one other, Michael Hobson.

    The EPF courserooms were split up and moved as new recruits continued to arrive. There was now one big courseroom for Product 0 and another for Products 1 and 2. My org was the Pac Training Org that trained the EPF under Estates, so I knew the staff well and hung out with some of them after hours. I was alone with the course sup, Don, and trying to drag him away to play piano and sing when the other course sup (I'll call her Nancy) came over to ask Don for help with a student, Michael Hobson.

    Don wasn't thrilled. He asked her if she'd done this or that sup things and Nancy kept saying yes and begged Don to work with him as she was getting nowhere. At that time, we still had an original built-in glass office in the courseroom. Don told me to wait outside, this shouldn't take long.

    i severely doubted the 'not taking long' part.

    Don was in there with Hobs a long time. Our friends Dave and Mickey came and left. I sat close to the door so I could hear everything, thinking that Hobson, with all his intelligence and stubbornness, was never going to win with Don. Don was a full-fledged legitimate genius, a Mensa member for years since he was young, from back when that actually meant something.

    Hobs was on a reel-to-reel tape. At that time we had few transcripts and none were official.

    Hobs did not accept the obvious word that fit L Ron's statement when Don told him. He insisted it was another word with a rare, obscure definition and from there they went to discussing astronomy, the parts of a ship and how a ship engine works. Hobs had learned all these subjects in great detail on his own while clearing words. He loved learning and especially details. His education wasn't quite up to Don's, but he could hold his own, and I was getting lost in the specific ship mechanics. I didn't remember anything on the EPF going into such extreme detail.

    Every time Don tried to swing the discussion back to the word on the tape and how it fit, Hobs would veer off onto some detailed sidetrack. Slowly, the patient supervisor was getting annoyed. I saw him pull at the hair behind his ear, something he habitually did when stressed. I swear by the time Hobs left he must have had bald patches.

    It had been well over an hour. I knocked, told Don I was tired and leaving. Don said, "just a few more minutes" and tried again. That went another 20 minutes. Finally, he stood up and raised his voice and told Michael that's what the word is and what it means and how it applies and that's all there is too it.

    Most memorable was the look on Michael's face when Don raised his voice. Clearly Hobs had not realised he'd annoyed Don until that moment. Suddenly he felt bad. He apologised for keeping him late with such sweetness that Don couldn't stay angry.

    There was no time for piano. Hobs left and Don and I said goodnight and headed to our dorms.
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    Now 'm real curious. What was the word?

  14. JustSheila

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    Sorry Helena, I absolutely do not remember the word. Wish I did!
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    Was the "Dory" that you mention Dory Wengren? Later Dory Brown?
    Dory was a BC sup and married dave Brown, an ASHO DofP or sumpin.
    They blew. In the late 70s or early 80s.
  16. JustSheila

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    That sounds right, Pheno. Was Dory Wengren a really spunky blonde?

    You have an absolutely amazing memory, Pheno!

    I didn't know her when she got married. Glad to hear she wasn't in too long (if that was her, Wengren sounds right) and blew with her husband. I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted kids in the SO.
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    This financial breakdown by Mark Plummer is very appropriate to this thread because the org where Mark worked and based this summary was ASHO which was one of the orgs whose staff’s children attended these facilities. Mark was also handling these finances during 1975 - 1983 which is the exact period for the events of this thread. He is not exaggerating about the food and pay levels.

    I have highlighted the main non-discretionary categories in the Financial Planning in bold red that diverted funds which could have helped the children. 55% is raked right off the top.

    Even though this is an extensive paste it is still snipped. Please see the link as the formatting is lost in this paste.


    By: Mark Plummer aka Warrior 4/23/01


    I've been following this thread for a couple of days and thought this
would be a good time to post my thoughts, as well as a few applicable
policies. There certainly are other policy letters pertaining to this 
subject. Additionally, there are Flag Orders (FOs), which are policy
for Sea Org organizations, on the specific subject of serving meals of
rice and beans when an org's stats are down.
    HCO Policy Letter 13 February 1971 "Finance Series 2 - Financial Planning
Tips" is a key policy letter governing Scientology organization financial
planning and the allocation of money (often called "beans" by Hubbard, in
the context of finance). I am very familiar with this policy letter for 
a couple of reasons. Number one, when I was the Financial Planning Chairman 
for ASHO Day, I had to apply this policy with regards to deciding how the
org's financial allocation (called the FP sum) would be spent. Number two,
I studied this policy as part of my training for no less than six different
courses I did -- Director of Disbursements Full Hat, Treasury Secretary 
Full Hat, Staff Status III (in my case the OEC Volume III, Treasury Division
Volume), Advisory Council Member Hat, Financial Planning Chairman Hat and
Finance Specialist Course.)
    It is a basic policy of Scientology, based upon Hubbard's writings to
"reward up statistics and punish [also called penalize] down statistics".
When a Scientology organization's stats are down [and not just the "GI"
(gross income)], the org is punished in the form of a decreased financial
allocation. It's a matter of simple mathematics. Here's how it works
(I'll use realistic estimates based upon my experience at ASHO Day).
    Let's say ASHO Day has a "GI" of $50,000 (which it often did) for the 
week. Included in the $50,000 GI are gross book sales of $10,000 (which
is a very realistic figure). Here's where the money goes:
    $50,000 - Gross Income (GI) - all GI rec'd is deposited to the FBO #1 Acct
- 10,000 - Gross Book Sales (GBS) - transferred to Org HCO Book Account
- 7,000 - FSMCs Paid (FSMCs Pd) - transferred to Org FSM Account
- 1,000 - Bounced checks (B Ck) counted on previous week's income
- 3,500 - Service Completion Awards Pd. (SCA Pd) - transferred to Org SCA
- 1,000 - Memberships (Memb) - transferred to Org HCO Book Acct.
- 2,000 - Refunds/Repayments (Ref/RAP) - transferred to Org CVB Account
- 800 - Sales Tax on GBS - transferred to Org Main Acct.
 $24,700 - Corrected Gross Income (CGI)
- 4,940 - 20% to Sea Org Reserves (SOR)*
- 1,235 - 5% to Trustee Account (GOWW)*
- 1,235 - 5% to Org GO Account (GO Main Acct.)*
- 1,235 - 5% to Guardian Office Reserves (GO Defense Acct.)*
- 2,470 - 10% to Org Reserves and/or Backbills (Org. Reserve Acct.)*
- 500 - transferred to FBO #2 Acct. for Flag expenses incurred locally [@]
 $13,085 - Financial Planning Sum (FP Sum)
- 4,940 - for promotion (minimum 20% of CGI)*
- 5,434 - for basic expenses (as per FP#1 - not fixed, usually around 22%)
- 2,211 - for staff welfare (more about this below)
 500 - balance retained in FBO #1 Acct. for Bounced Check cushion [#]
* = These percentages are fixed by policy and are _not_ subject to cuts
by local org management. The policy is Board Policy Letter of 3 December
1972 Issue IIRC Revised 17 April 1976 "Financial Management Standardiza-
tion Series 3R - FBO & Treasury Financial Reports - Attachment Form 
AC-1 - FBO Weekly Report"
    # = A bounced check reserve (cushion) is to be built up gradually until
a reserve equal to one week's average gross income is achieved. The policy 
is Board Policy Letter of 3 December 1972 Issue IIRC Revised 17 April 1976
"Financial Management Standardization Series 3R - FBO & Treasury Financial
Reports - Attachment Form AC-1 - FBO Weekly Report"
    @ = This amount must be enough to cover any local Flag expenses authorized.
An example would be Flag missionaires in the org to handle an insolvent org.
The governing policy is Board Policy Letter 3 November 1972RB - "Finance 
Series 14RB - Payment of Flag Bills Incurred Locally".
    Note that fixed percentages of the org's income are taken away by various
management orgs. What is left is what the org gets to spend on its own
expenses. Per a policy written by L. Ron Hubbard (HCO PL "PES Account"),
Sea Org organizations (of which ASHO Day is one) are required to spend a
_minimum_ of 20% of the corrected gross income on promotion. Promotion
(all that junk mail that the cult sends out every week) is a mandatory
action. No weekly Financial Planning Executive Directive ("FP ED") would 
ever be approved by the Executive Council or Flag Banking Officer without 
the required 20% of the CGI for promo being allocated by the Financial
Planning Committee.
    After promotion has been allocated for, the org's "basic expenses" are
the next priority. (More about this below.) "Basic expenses" include
such things as rent or mortgage, utilities, liability and theft insurance,
worker's compensation insurance, property taxes, administrative supplies 
(such as paper, photocopy expenses, clay, pencils, pens, clipboards, etc.), 
long distance telephone call expenses, tours expenses (airfare, food, 
lodging, etc.) gasoline (usually for HCO Dir. of Communications), and so
    If there is anything left over after management has taken its fixed per-
centages of income, and the necessary funds have been transferred to the
HCO Book Account, the Claims Verification Board Account, the Service Com- 
pletion Award Account, and the org's promotion has been covered financially,
and the required 10% to Org Reserve Account and/or back bills has been
allocated, and the organizational basic expenses are covered (financially
planned for as well as funds being allocated), _if_ there is anything
left over, this is what is allocated for "crew welfare".
    "Crew welfare" includes such things as pay (sometimes called a Sea Org
member's "allowance", or "stipend"), bonuses, food, child care expenses,
medical and dental expenses (ha ha ha), uniforms, etc. (These are the 
most common types of things considered.)
    Hubbard said that pay, bonuses, food and uniforms are subject to cutbacks.
And it was often the case that these things were cut, often completely.
    In a week (as the example above) where the staff welfare amount was only
$2211, here's how it would have been spent:
    $1511 - for non-SO contracted tech staff pay
 700 - for the week's food allocation for approx. 100 staff
$2211 - total "staff welfare" amount spent
    You see, ASHO Day had generally 5-10 or so staff who were _not_ Sea Org
members. These were all tech division staff hired to ensure delivery of
the "tech". (ASHO Day always had a hard time getting and keeping _Sea Org_
"tech trained" staff in sufficient quantity, so we hired "public" members
to help with the delivery of auditing and C/Sing). Since _non-SO_ staff
do not live in Sea Org facilities, nor do they eat in the Sea Org galley
(cafeteria), they are responsible for their own living quarters, food,
transportation, and everything else. So they almost always received at
least _some_ pay. Many times, the non-SO staff would threaten to quit
when their pay was cut. True fact. As Payroll Officer, I always was
the first one to hear about it when a staff member was upset over a cut
in their pay. Many times, the non-SO staff received 1/2 of their promised 
pay. Try to imagine a non-Sea Org staff member who had worked all week,
had "upstats", and was expecting to receive his/her pay of $400-$500
for the week. But when you go to get your pay on Friday evening, you
are told, "Sorry... Pay was cut by FP." And then instead of getting
what you were promised, you get half pay -- $200-$250! Needless to say
this didn't go over very well with the non-SO staff. (Ladayla, feel
free to comment.) :)
    As you may have noticed, the $2211 for staff welfare was allocated to:
food for 100 staff - $700
and non-SO payroll - $1511.
    The $700. for food doesn't buy much. And generally speaking, ASHO Day
had right around 100 Sea Org staff members when I was there between
1975 and 1983. How much food, or better yet, what quality of food can
a staff of 100 expect to receive when they must be fed with only $700
for the whole week???
    I'll tell you. We got oatmeal (maybe some toast) and skim milk for
breakfast, and rice and beans for lunch and dinner. Sometimes this was
our diet for weeks on end. I am not exaggerating.
    Now maybe you noticed there was nothing allocated for Sea Org members'
pay. That's because pay is not a necessity according to L. Ron Hubbard.
And back in 1981, there were more weeks that year that the Sea Org staff
received _no_ pay at all, than there were weeks we received _some_ pay.
And when we did get some "pay", it was usually around $6.00.
    With $6.00 Sea Org members had to buy their own bath soap, toilet paper, 
tampons, razors, deodorant, laundry soap, cigarettes, etc.
    Here's the "more about that below" part I mentioned:
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    Thank you, BB. Mark Plummer was in Treasury at ASHO-D for years and I remember him well. This is very detailed and I'm sure it's quite accurate and typical. Since he was responsible for disbursement of these funds every week, the details would just roll off.

    Part of ASHO-Day's large payments to the GO then was that ASHO was the support org for GO-GLA, which was huge then. AOLA was the primary support org for USGO, and FSO for GOWW.
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    According to this as recently as 2011 nothing has changed:


    In 2011, Lorna went as a “public” Scientologist to the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO) at the “Big Blue” complex in downtown Los Angeles, and she says she was so impressed by how hard the Sea Org members worked, she decided to give it a go herself. She was a Sea Org worker at ASHO from April 2011 to March 2012.
    “I always read that Sea Org workers get 50 bucks a week — but that’s generous. For 19 weeks straight we didn’t get paid at all,” she says. She explains that ASHO had obligations to send money uplines. And when income was down, they’d be told there just wasn’t enough left over to pay them.
    “Sea Org members have to buy their own toothbrushes and toothpaste and soap — and it can’t have any scent, so you have to buy the more expensive kind with what little money you have,” she explains. “But if there’s no staff pay, how could you even buy necessities? And women needed tampons, so they had to roll up toilet paper because they couldn’t buy any.”
    Or there were times when workers needed medical care with no way to pay for it. “We weren’t getting paid. And a guy would say, please, can I have some money to go to the dentist. The guy would be in agony, but first we had to send money uplines to Flag. He’d just have to wait,” she says.
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    Thanks Paul. :yes:

    I crossed paths with GP a time or two when I was in PAC doing Missions and if I hadn't of been married I woulda sure enough tried to fan her flaming red hair into a raging fire with me bellows. :bwahaha:

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