A Nanny Story

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by JustSheila, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Take your time and Post when you can. IMHO, you're laying down some VERY IMPORTANT tiles to the Mosaic. :clap:

    I so hope all is well with Josh. :yes: Folks view ESMB differently depending on who they are, where they were, when they were there and what they experienced. However, to me personally, the most valuable aspects of ESMB is that it provides a forum to dialogue, learn, lay down ones burden, exorcise personal Scn "demons" and find closure with and from others that have a Frame of Reference and Grok you. :yes:

    Keep on keepin' on, Sheila...I know this ain't easy but, this is Great Stuff and High Value Contribution. :thumbsup:

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    That should spark an entirely new thread:

    "SHAME, BLAME & REGRET: Terminals I definitely should have had an out-2D with."
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    You're such a sweetheart, Face. :biglove: Thank you for understanding, thank you so much. It's taken me many years to write this in detail. Darn near impossible to say live. I interview like shit, lol.

    Something tells me my time on ESMB is winding up. Thing is, there are so many good friends here. I wish I could just hug everyone for real in some big hippie circle or something. :giggle:

    Right now it's hard to remember much about the Melrose Move Mission. It will come.

    Hope you're living and loving every single breath of free choice. I know I am.

    X x x

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    For you Sheila, because it's nearly Valentine's Day and you're one classy chick.

    Thanks for sharing these difficult memories, and I'm glad the sharing has brought some good news for you.
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    The older I get, the more truth I see to the saying "You regret the things you did much less than the things you didn't do".
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    She's on facebook, looking pretty good (for someone in our age bracket).
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    Thank you Tetloj! Though dressed in my usual renovations grunge and scooting around Tennessee in the old Ford trook picking up materials, 'classy' is a word i almost never hear. :laugh:

    You are the classy one, always adding so much gentle humor and compassion to this Board. I hope we can meet up some time in person. You're one of my favourite people here.

    Thanks for reminding me about Valentine's Day, too. Happy V-Day to you, too!

    There's a nice man at Home Depot who has been seriously flirting with me for a while and I think he's nice, cute too. I think I'll give him a card or ask him out. He nearly asked me out once but then went all shy. At least we both get as far as confirming we're both single and unattached. :flirt:
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    This will be my last post on ESMB for a while. Life marches on and so has mine. I'll be off for at least a few months, maybe more. It just takes too much focus to think about scn and I need to be as sharp as possible IRL these days.

    A Nanny Story (cont'd)

    It was late 1977 or early 1978 when I was on the final Product 2 course of the EPF, 3rd Class Missionaire training. I was called out of the courseroom by a CMO Missionaire. Her name was Sonny or Sydney, one or the other. I think Sydney Koppel. She was tall, thin, had long, straight , shiny blonde hair and a no nonsense approach. I'd place her in her early 20's at the time. She asked me if I wanted to do a Mission and told me I'd been recommended for this one. She wouldn't give me details until I accepted, just said it was at the CEO and she was the Mission I/C. I accepted and became the Mission 3rd. The Mission Second was Barbara Yarbrough, a still-in.

    When I heard they were moving the CEO to the Fountain Blg, my reaction was, "WHY THERE?" I knew the blg well. What a horrible choice, and so much smaller. It was just a crappy apt blg with a long, narrow hallway down the centre. Nearly all the apts were small 1-Br deals with old carpet. The blg was completely overshadowed on one side by the Parking Structure, too. It was infested, it had poor electrical and plumbing leaks. The carpet was raunchy and old, who knew what it hid. In short, it was a dive.

    Syd said 'I know,' and told me the Mission hadn't chosen the location. it was the only nearby blg available and it was only short-term. For some reason, upper mgmt felt the kids should be close to the complex but not in it. The Melrose blg was being sold. The Fountain was a rented blg, the owner would not sell (at the time). Syd was excited about the kids being closer to their parents and said they would finally be able to go home with them. I liked that part very much, but the Fountain was the worst possible setup for the kids.

    I remember some bits of the mission briefing, which I've mentioned elsewhere. One other thing was that I was briefed that the EPF came in as nannies due to poor quality nannies that were removed (including two molesters, one was a nanny and one not) and poor conditions described in complete detail. roaches, infestation, sickness epidemics, poor food, unsanitary conditions, lack of children's exercise... it was all there, all known to the very top (L Ron and MSH). The Mission Orders and briefs were based on an Eval. What was suspiciously missing from the mission briefing though, were the details of other blg searches by the blg mission that found better, more appropriate facilities that L Ron Hubbard had personally turned down. The Fountain blg was a hole, a dive and completely inappropriate for children . Just like Face said, Hubbard had slashed the recommended blgs and any tranportation costs or time it would pull parents from post and stuck them in the crappy Fountain blg instead, just to save money and get more labor out of parents. Only Hubbard could approve purchasing or renting buildings. This was not the place for a nursery. It was Hubbard's cost slashing, that's all.

    My job was to get the nannies to get everything together and packed for the move. I didn't like ordering anyone and especially nannies. My job was easy with just being friendly and helpful. The nannies did great. The move was smooth and all Missionaires received top marks.

    The Fountain had been recarpeted and repainted, but in less than two months, once the excitement was over, it was a terrible place and the kids were miserable.

    This is where my part of the story ends. Others saw and know more about the Fountain, so I'll let them tell their stories.
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    Love you...miss you...see you around campus!:bighug:
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    We'll miss you! :yes:
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    Gonna miss you a whole bunch, Sheila but I understand. :yes: I've taken some periodic breaks from ESMB and will continue to do so. Life does indeed march on and, from my own personal experience, thinking about Scn does take consuming focus and pondering, writing about and reliving stuff like you went through is most taxing and sapping. :melodramatic: After awhile you just need to take a "breather" and live IRL, the real world and the current moment. :coolwink:


    From my perspective, this Post contains very important accurate information and insight.

    To Wit:

    The Mission Operations were run by the CMO (Children of the Corn) which--by de facto--placed inexperienced/untrained/ill-qualified Adolescents and just recently Post-teenagers in control of determining Who, What, Where was the milieu for the Care of infants and children.

    That El Ron and Mary Sue were well aware of the horrid conditions and that El Ron gutted, slashed and disapproved the majority and most important of the Evaluated recommendations to save dough and maximize parents "production" time...Which I have written about on several occasions on ESMB.

    That the Sea Org "Think" then was--and, IMHO still is--that gilding an outhouse with paint, carpet, etc. renders it a "Posh", "Ideal", "Up-stat" and "Functional" "Space" that "Solves" the "Problem"...Which, IMHO, is part of Hisself's "Legacy".

    My Very Best Wishes To You, Sheila...Always, In All Ways. :blowkiss::cheers2::bighug:

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    Sheila - I really enjoyed your posts on this thread, and the reno of your house threads, among others. You are an excellent writer and communicate very clearly. You are going to be one of the posters that I will miss, along with Gadfly, Purple rain and several others I can't seem to recall just now. So good luck with you life in Tennessee and if you need some construction advice - feel free to PM me.

    Love ya!


    PS - one for the road....


    Well ... two...

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    Geeez Mimsy you've been working out mate.

    And I agree Sheila is definitely going to be missed, but I kinda think she will be back.

    Sheila, I won't forget our fabulous day with the ducks and cockatoos and yacking on the beach with some fish 'n chips and the parking ticket. ( that still makes me laugh) and the lakes and the best ice-coffee in the world and the sunset BBQ .
    Take care and never stop learning. :wave:
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    Dory was a little dumpling Blonde. I think her family was in.
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    aww Jump! :hug: Mimsey! :hug: Enthetan, BB, Face! :grouphug:Thank you! I love you too! But really, it's just a break, I do this all the time. I'll be back, and yes, I'm on FB.

    Pheno, I had to answer you to confirm. YES, you've described Dory Wengren the same as Dory the EPF nanny. Buxom, too. That's her alright.

    I also want to add that the kids' "temporary" move to the Fountain lasted 1.5 years (I counted at the time) before the idea of using the CCLA annex took hold.. Then for some stupid reason the annex was renovated to take out all the individual outdoor sunny patios that were individually attached to each nursery area (each formally built for aged folks, it was built as an elderly home). :wtf: This, the large rooms and individual large baths and showers had made the annex a great location. Also the nice kitchen. But in later years the kids took group showers. None of that made any sense. Idiocy!

    The walkway toward the Manor could have easily been built out for the older kids. Instead, it was cut off and added to Celebrity Center.

    No no more goodbyes. I'll be back. :carryon: now I'm taking a break for real! ;)
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    regarding the nannies and children
    I was there at PAC around that time at around the age of 9 or 10, alone with a broken toe hopping around..but thats another story.

    What I wanted to comment on...is that when reading the board how these stories so similar are across the board in many of the other orgs also. People want to blame this or that person...DM, the nanny..etc....ALL of this comes from people following Policy...LRH policy! I get upset when people defend the tech or the barely formula........

    to tell a eerily similar story that echos what you were saying about toddler Joshua, but thousands of miles away.......

    Mid 80's east coast, I would check in on the nursery and was always appalled by the conditions........and I once kept checking on this new EPF recruit, a canadian Women who brought in a two young kids...one of them a toddler, the other a few years older .........I remember the toddlers name and face so so well....her name was samantha..........she was becoming more and more sick day by day....wasting away......I kept warning everyone to do something about it(I was just a kid and had no power) the mother never saw the baby and was alway working on the EPF doing hard labor.......she would never stop in , ever. Finally one day the child looked like an etheopian...round belly , boney arms and legs...bulging sunken in eyes......and she would not eat...and stopped walking...I began to demand the mother come and see her condition..it took A LOT of begging........when she did , the child was barely alive...listless..I was so alarmed..I demanded repeatedly she visit a doctor immediatly...she very reluctantly did.......the child was hospitalized as near death. I never saw the child or the mother again.............I dont know what ended up happening..did social services arrest her and take the child? did she blow finally realizing the horrific situation she was in? I wish I knew. I remember the little girls face so vividly to this day...decades later. I remember the moms name too..but I wont say. God Bless that little girl......I hope she made it......I hope she is ok..sending my love out to her from here <3 <3 <3 because thats all I can do

    These similar stories echo across the orgs..........so sad.