A Scientologist murdered: Our experts try to make sense of Australia’s ‘Advanced Org’

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Jan 5, 2019.

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    A Scientologist murdered: Our experts try to make sense of Australia’s ‘Advanced Org’

    [The Purif area at Australia’s Advanced Org, the place the teen with a knife was trying to get to]

    We still have a lot of questions about the murder of Chih-Jen Yeh, 24, a Scientologist at the ‘Advanced Org’ in the north suburbs of Sydney that happened on Thursday afternoon there. The Australian press is doing [...]

    [​IMG][The Purif area at[.......]

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  2. freethinker

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    These tidbits are interesting.

    "For years, Scientology’s membership has been dwindling, and demand for the expensive, specialized counseling (called “auditing”) at the Advanced Orgs was not high. In fact, when the new Sydney AO was being moved to the new location in Chatswood a few years ago, Scientology submitted an environmental impact report and admitted that its $50 million project would only be serving about 87 parishioners."

    Valeska Paris: When I was in the Sea Org here in Australia there were literally almost no public. They would send regges [short for ‘registrars,’ the people who push for members to sign up for courses] on mission to Taiwan to bring people in for services at the AO. So the mother could have just come to do it there because there is a Purif center.
  3. Leland

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    When I did the Purif back in 1981...(or so) we actually went outside and ran.

    I see in the above pic....that now there are Tread Mills....and one runs indoors?

    This certainly is another "alteration of Tech..." !
  4. Leland

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    Yes, the Media and Scientology seem bent on using religiously loaded words when talking / writing about Scientology.

    Over the years the Scientology Organization has pushed this as an agenda IMO.

    As mentioned above....referring to the AO SH Anzo as a "Mega Church" which certainly it is not.

    And I noticed in the recent news about this murder....referring to the Purif as " a Purification Ceremony" is certainly a gross miss-labeling and obfuscation of what it is....trying to lend it some sort of religiosity...
  5. ThetanExterior

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    Tony is expressing surprise that someone would do the Purif at an Advanced Org because he says an AO is for "high-level" services only. But is this true?

    I was just public but I always assumed an AO could provide all of the services of a lower org PLUS advanced services. I know that at Saint Hill in East Grinstead they had public of all ages doing all kinds of services.
  6. Dulloldfart

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    Unless they changed the policy, a SH must charge 10% more than a Class V org for lower org services, and an AO 10% more than that. The idea is to promote "bridge flow", namely new public start at missions, do up to Class IV/Grade IV at lower orgs, SH services like the SHSBC at SHs, OT I-V at an AO, etc. <cue uproarious laughter>. Fine in theory, but it never worked like that because of (1) voracious regging by the upper orgs who couldn't survive with only their own proper publics, (2) the upper orgs tended to give better service worth the extra 10%.

    That was all decades ago. Now, with no missions to speak of, lower orgs who mostly can't deliver anything much, new people who read the internet and don't get sucked in to Scn anyway, well ....

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  7. Type4_PTS

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    I don't believe that this is an "alteration of Tech", as the running on treadmills serves the same purpose as running outside. I don't believe the tech bulletins back at that time were strict about how to go about increasing one's circulation, which was the purpose, wasn't it?

    But what IS an alteration of the tech is the change in the oils consumed now by those on the Purif.