Aging and the brain restructuring

Discussion in 'Human Potential, Self Discovery' started by Mimsey Borogrove, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Below is an interesting TED Talk given by Thad Polk. It delves into aging and how the brain starts rejuggling it's functions. He goes through real time MRI examinations of the brain as different age groups are being tested. The results he has found by these MRI experiments are fascinating.

    I have read where some people who are older feel that their awareness and their understanding increased with age and I wonder if this is what lies behind that claim.

    "Dr. Thad Polk has been a member of the University of Michigan psychology faculty since 1996. His lab uses functional MRI, computational modeling, and behavioral experimentation to study the neural architecture of cognition, including how it is affected by aging, by experience, and by genetics. He has taught over 6,000 UM students over the past 20 years. In 2006, he was named an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in recognition of outstanding contributions to undergraduate education, and in 2012 Princeton Review included him on its list of the Best 300 Professors in the US."

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    Phenomanon - I have seen this happen multiple times where you seem to have posted something but there's nothing written to read. Did you post more or is it a fluke of some kind?


    I have long wondered where creativity in older people seems to have fled. I could never write the poetry I wrote in my twenties, I have seen similar things in musicians - their later songs are so tame. Here's a couple examples: Quiet Riot & Country Joe and the Fish - their first two albums killed; the next ones sucked. I suppose you could blame it on drugs - but I have noticed in other fields as well - Anne McCaffery's dragon books were very interesting and then they got really pedestrian - which was followed by her doing plotting and having other writers do the
    "drudge" work. The Summer Queen / Winter Queen by Joan Vinge - both great - now she novelizes movies. The Dune novels had a similar downward spiral as creativity wained - or did the authors simply lose interest?

    Is this what is happening - the one hemisphere of the brain starts taking over the other - though he doesn't mention this - in his video the right brain ( the logical side) is taking over part of the left - is that the causing the erosion of creativity as people age?

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    Good video. I like when they do Functional MRIs to show brain activity. Its more exact than trying to prove some theory, like the time track. I would like to see a MRI on the brain while some one is getting auditing. Then show MRI of an FN vs a Buddhist doing meditation.