Andy Nolch smears James Randi as a pedophile

Discussion in 'Freezone, Independents, and Other Flavors of Scien' started by Veda, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    Andy Noich is the perfect showcase of the phenomenon known as POES LAW.

    I actually could not believe the delusional things he was saying and wondered several times if he was punking Indie Scientologists, trying to make them look even more ludicrous than they already are.

    It is nearly impossible to think that the guy is that stupid! I mean, come on, who the hell makes a complete cringe ass out of themselves by creating a video where they seriously try to convince the viewers that their mind power is so advanced that they were able to turn an old worn toothbrush into one with brand new bristles (within 2 days). That is really crazy shit, even for a Scientologist. LOL.

    Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? (Noich taught me how to add the word "right?" to the end of every utterance, as a way of soliciting "AGREEMENT" from others--thus altering reality. I guess that's how he performed alchemy on his toothbrush, by repeating the word "Right?" so many times the toothbrush just said: "ALRIGHT! I'LL TRANSFORM MY BRISTLES INTO BRAND NEW ONES IF YOU JUST STOP SAYING "RIGHT?" AND STUFU!" lol

    I've met a zillion Scientologists and this guy is definitely on my TOP 10 STUPIDEST SCIENTOLOGISTS IN THE WORLD.

    The only person in the world I can think of who thinks this guy is credible, is another major headcase/troll, Alanzo. So if you are a masochist, be sure to watch the video they did together. lol
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  2. Jump

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    I wonder if he had already devised the story in a delirium of pinks and greys washed down with rum and latter committed them to tape in a piece of performance art :confused2:

  3. HelluvaHoax!

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    How do I put this politely and respectfully?

    Okay, I got it. Your research sucks. LOL

    Nobody ever succeeded in demonstrating the proof necessary to win the $1M prize.

    You read some bullshit and assumed it must be true. That's not research, it's being duped.

    Sorry, but what you are claiming never happened. If you are going to trash someone, at least have a half-way decent reason.
  4. Type4_PTS

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    You're misrepresenting what was written in that screenshot.

    Lerma doesn't make the claim that you claim he is making. :no:

    He does suspect that they were murdered.

    And he does bring up some points to support that suspicion.
  5. HelluvaHoax!

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    He solved it!

    The XENU mystery, right?

    No, not Ron, right?

    Andy Noich solved it, right?

    See, Andy figured out that Ron properly researched OT III, right?

    And Andy figured out that Ron was auditing so many people and they were all running "being blown up) 75 million years ago, right?

    Then Andy cognited that Ron properly deduced from all those PCs running the same OT III incident (and verified by the e-Meter!!!) scientifically proved that OT III is real, right?

    Therefore, Andy finally proved to the world that the Xenu story wasn't just some made up sci-fi bullshit, right?

    Right! Right?


  6. HelluvaHoax!

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    Honestly, each time I see Noich talking on one of his videos, I think: "NO WAY! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A PERFORMANCE ART PRANK!!!"

    Unless he's incredibly stupid.

    Or incredibly drunk.

    Or incredibly Scientological.
  7. F.Bullbait

    F.Bullbait Oh, a wise guy,eh?

    Not too impressed. In 10 minutes I can go to Big Lots and buy 6 toothbrushes for $1.

    Now turning your shit into gold... :thumbsup:

  8. Axiom142

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    He's incredibly stupid = incredibly drunk (on the Flavor Aid*) = incredibly Scientological.

    No need for any 'or'. :)

    [* See: ]

  9. Veda

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    As you well know, Sneakster, I was referring to Andy Nolch.

    Sneakster, when confronted by a fellow Scientologist, who, apparently, needs some help, perhaps has misunderstood words, might be PTS, isn't Clear and so still has a reactive bank, etc., offers no help.

    Hungry rats have a greater sense of fraternity and compassion than Scientologists.

    Kiss Ron on the mouth and become an Operating Thetan instantly.
    Who wants to go first?
    How about you, Sneakster?
  10. arcxcauseblows

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    Andy is the Kanye West of independent Scientology he should be the leader of milestone one

    Andy if you're reading this, that wasn't meant as a compliment

    Continue making a brainwashed fool of yourself kid your videos will serve to humble you as you hopefully grow older and wiser and then you can make us redemption videos with your foot stuffed in your mouth
  11. John McGhee

    John McGhee Patron

    we can hope, but Andy has dug for himself a grave. I always thought that Marty would make some redemption videos or possibly write three redemption books to counteract the lrh-loving publications he first released, but alas; look what happened.
  12. Mimsey Borogrove

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    Oh, HH are you defending Randi? Did you know the challenge was rigged so it couldn't be won? Please read this for instance:

    There is more at the article and that is but one of many on the subject. In a few words - he is a fraud.

    Now, as to the quality of my research.

    You should be proud - because I did what you did when I posted about Rupert Sheldrake. I did a brief scan of some stuff debunking him, and cherry picked one and posted it above. However, the reneging was something I recalled from many months ago, and frankly, I didn't want to spend hours tracking it down.

    But hey, if Jame Randi is your hero and someone who you presume to be a Debunker Meritorious, fine by me.


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  13. Veda

    Veda Sponsor


    Goodness knows I don't agree with everything Nolch says. Almost nothing.

    But I don't know his background: his experiences growing up, his family life, or any personal problems he may have had.

    He's about 25 and has been out a short time.

    To place some of this in perspective, see the old thread: "You now taking to you then."

  14. George Layton

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    The only thing you lack is missing from your act. Back stage you left your trick top hat. (Robert Anton Wilson)
    Did you remember to make sure and check to see if the de-bunkers had been de-bunked?
  15. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    I extended HH the same courtesy he extended me. I suppose it was childish on my part to respond to his dig, but too late for that - the cyber ink is dry.


  16. HelluvaHoax!

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    That's your proof that Randi set up protocols that force real paranormal results to be filtered out?


    I have spent decades researching a wide range of projects for a wide range of applications. I have even used Randi as a consultant to quickly help find the answer to how certain "paranormal" effects were produced by new age con men.

    I don't have anything good or bad to say about him personally because I don't know him as a personal associate. But, I do know his books and published works--as well as countless books and research projects on the paranormal from an extensive list of authors, researchers and scientists. I have also extensively studied claims of the paranormal.

    If you did actual research (instead of finding some internet post or article that confirmed your bias) you would find that there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that anyone on Earth can produce or manifest paranormal powers. This does not negate the possibility that it happens or could happen. It's just that after all the smoke and fog is blown away and you get down to ACTUAL DETAILS OF SPECIFIC INCIDENTS, you will find that they rather easily and rapidly fall apart.

    I didn't want that to be the result of my own years of research. I am agnostic about such things. I also didn't not want that to the be result of my research. I was happy to allow the results to speak for themselves.

    Start another thread and post even ONE (1) VERIFIED PARANORMAL POWER that has been validated with suitable protocols/controls. Not anecdotes. Not one person's version. Be willing to research BOTH sides of the equation.

    You and I have been friendly on this message board, even though we occasionally go through this identical dance on different "miracle" workers. You continuously have a wrong idea about me. Of course you don't know me, but you constantly judge me to be a cynical truth denier about the paranormal. Far from it.

    Don't be so swift to judge or decide on these alluring claims of psi powers. If you really want to find the truth, you have to be willing to ACTIVELY LOOK FOR THE DEBUNKING of whatever you find. You will be very surprised at how clever some of the illusions of paranormal powers are produced. It's sometimes very brilliant, like a magic trick that seems quite impossible without "magic"

    I think, as I would guess you do, that the pursuit and study of real "magical" or "miraculous" powers is endlessly fascinating.

    I just don't find it amusing to allow myself to get easily suckered.

    Good luck on finding a GENUINE paranormal event. I'd be happy to read it. Do start another thread if it interests you. I would, of course, love to witness or study about any real such event.

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  17. AngeloV

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    I listened to a portion of the video.

    Andy Nolch is a young man who knows nothing of the scientific method and simply regurgitates the Old Quack's untested, pseudo-scientific claims.

    He makes claims that if you are not PTS, you really don't need insurance because you would never get into an accident. LOL. You would never 'pull it in'. Standard scientology quackery.

    His attack on Randi is right out of the Old Quack's handbook of handling critics - make up lurid lies about them. Andy's mind is had been significantly warped by scientology BS. He's been duped, as I once was, and I don't need to listen to any more of his nonsense.


    Randi's procedures for proving psychic powers are rigorous as all scientific procedures are. They have to be to insure that cause and effect are tightly correlated and that nothing outside the bounds of the experiment influence the result.
  18. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    You have expressed no interest in taking the time to read any of Sheldrake's work, a man who is both respected for his work and attacked mercilessly, who has performed rigorous tests that meet any scrutiny, so why should I believe your closing line? Lets just move on.

  19. JustSheila

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    I read the article you referenced, "The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge." I don't have a bone in this disagreement.

    Either the author does not understand how scientific research and statistics work or he is intentionally misleading readers. His biggest argument is as follows: "In the ganzfeld telepathy test the meta-analytic hit rate with unselected subjects is 32% where chance expectation is 25%."

    The author devotes half the article trying to explain how unfair it is not to count that 7% difference in a small sample as valid. He jumps to a conclusion that Randi is demanding a 99% accuracy rate. Percent, as you know, means "of a hundred." The author seems to think it means "of a thousand" and has no idea why Randi didn't accept 32% over 25%. He assumes it is because Randi expects 99% accuracy.

    "If that 32% hit rate is the "real" telepathy effect, then for us to have a 99% chance of getting a significant effect at p < 0.005, we would need to run 989 trials."

    Starting from the beginning, the author's assumption of Randi's reasons why he did not accept the 32% over the guess rate of 25% and his reasoning that it must mean he demands 99% psychic accuracy is wrong.

    I've explained this to you before, Mimsey, on other threads, and you still keep coming back to this same misleading article by someone who does not understand scientific research and statistics.

    There is a standard error rate of 5% that MUST be taken into account in all research statistics. That's 5% in either direction, positive or negative. So the difference here was actually only 2%. That 2% is not big enough to stand on its own with such a small sample, it could be due to an outlier. In layman's terms, an outlier is an error or an anomaly or even a cheat of some sort, that is so far outside the norm that it is discarded. An example of an outlier is if someone voted a write-in for their son for US President. The test needed a bigger sample, at which point the applicant gave up. But that's science.

    Whenever you read any statistics with a difference of 5-6% or so, you should disregard it as invalid, no matter what, because that is the unavoidable error rate, whether it's statistized surveys or anything else. The general population doesn't know this, so we're often presented with invalid data as if it is valid.

    The fact is, it's really hard to prove any cause-effect relationship scientifically, whether psychic or anything else.
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  20. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    You, again, missed what I posted on that thread about Sheldrake. I cited professionals that debunked his claims. I looked over some of those debunking materials--quite enough to know I didn't want to waste any more time chasing charlatans.

    That's exactly why I left Scientology. Not because I "expressed no interest in taking the time to read any of Hubbard's work". But, because there comes a point sooner or later that one can read enough to know it's not credible. In the case of Sheldrake, I didn't have to read much to determine that---which displeased you very greatly.

    Just think of me as "Raw Meat" that came into the org for the first time. After 5 minutes they explain the Grade Chart to me and I ask them two simple questions:



    It would take about 1 minute to determine that they were both UNWILLING to tell me that Scientology costs at least $500,000 and UNABLE to show me an OT that had even one OT superpower. So, in less than ten minutes the WOG would just stand up and walk out of the org.

    That would be very upsetting to the staff members inside the org because they "didn't do their research". However, they DID do their research quite beautifully---they just happened to do it in 10 minutes instead of 30 years.

    Don't get all bent out of shape just because another can research at speeds you think are impossible. (Hey! Maybe that is one of my OT super-powers??? LOL )