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    by The Empress
    For those of you who liked my first religion I thought I would invent another one. It's called Anthrophysosophetics which means the study of the philosophy of the science of the thoughts of mankind.
    After hundreds of thousands of hours of personal research in the last couple of weeks I've discovered the prime cause of man's inability to be anthrophysosophetical, that is logical, in his thinking and in the way he responds to his environment. This prime cause which I will sometimes refer to as Cause Zero or CZ is something called The Priority-Seniority Trap which is a mechanism which by its very nature is completely undetectable by normal sensory means. In order to rise above this mechanism which is actually resident above the level mechanisms -- it's really a supra-mechanism (actually two levels above the servo-mechanism mentioned in my first religion), it is necessary as a first step at least to understand how it works. (I was of course hoping for a one-shot Anthrophysosophetic, but if my earlier religion is any indication it will probably end up taking several thousands of hours and dollars to actually make it all the way out of this trap). This is how the actual mechanism works.
    Prior to priority is seniority which is senior and of course prior to priority itself.
    Now this may not seem to be true to you at first glance and that is because you are still bogged down in the Priority-Seniority Trap. But if you think about it for awhile you'll perhaps come to the, tentative at first, realization that it just MIGHT be true.
    And this brings us to the 64 thousand dollar question: What is it we are really talking about when we talk about life in this universe?
    As you know there is this thing called life, right? Now life believe it or not is an actual quantifiable quantity. Yes, a quantity!
    So here you have over here this heretofore unrecognized quantitativeness of what was originally thought of as a QUALITATIVENESS, life. And over there on the other hand you have this senior and prior to priority itself seniority principle (it is likely if current indications bear out that there is actually something prior and senior to seniority, and that data will be released as soon as 40 thousand people have made it out of the Priority-Seniority Trap).
    Now before I go any further I would like to point out that life is not that difficult when you take it apart and actually LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT! That is one of the hardest things to get someone to do, to actually look at what they are looking at. Yet factually therein lies the only hope he will ever have to make it out of the Priority-Seniority Trap. It is ones WILLINGNESS TO LOOK AT WHAT ONE IS LOOKING AT that ultimately determines whether one will make it out of the trap. This may sound like an over-generalization but it happens to be the determining factor.
    Now in the past some of you have thought that I must get my ideas from elsewhere, that my volume of output is too great for any one person to have done alone without any help.
    Well aside from the fact that elsewhereness is low on the reality scale (see my first religion), let me point out that this is a very good example of what being bogged-down in the foreverness of The Priority-Seniority Trap can do to your thinking! People have gotten so thoroughly in agreement with this mechanism that they cannot even CONCEIVE of somebody operating from outside of it.
    So! Now that I have explained this mechanism so that all but the worst PSTA's can understand it (Priority-Seniority Trap Agents -- by casual observation 17.394% of the population fall in this category), let me leave you with this.
    When things aren't exactly looking up no matter whether you're looking up or down even though you are doing your best to look at what you are looking at, try looking at what you are NOT looking at! And then remember:
    Prior to priority is seniority which is senior and of course prior to priority itself.
    So there you have it! You see life doesn't HAVE to be complex.
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    I want to give you all my money then volunteer to help you spread this shit all over the planet.
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    Do we look brainsashed to you????

    Ron Hubbard get out of this body
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    Anthro......anthrophys.... that's a big word!
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    Oh yes! It should works at least as well as Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I’m sure!

  6. F.Bullbait

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    Our very own Madame Blahblahsky. Yay!

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    Anthrophysosophetics eh?

    Here's another word for you - paragraphs!
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    May be onto something here. What about a billion year contract?
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    good stuff, you have hubbard's rhetoric down pretty good.
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