Anybody from AOSHUK about 1979-1980?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by xseaorguk, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. michaelangelo

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    Quote Exseaorg I actually meant somebody else with the very white hair. I think she worked in Central files with John Cox in 1979-80[/QUOTE

    I think you are refering to Lucy Duncan.
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  2. xseaorguk

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    Lucy Duncan

    yeah, that was her she must be dead by now though, like many others from back then
  3. Dulloldfart

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    I worked with Dave 1976-79. He was mostly the Letter Reg Section Officer, and I was a Letter Reg. I used to dictate 1200-1500 letters a week, the whole section doing over 2000 a week total. A dictation tape would have maybe 75 letters on it, and accompanying it would be a cardboard banana box (box originally used for bananas - perfect size for this job) full of the relevant CF folders in order. The typist would set up the tape in her own machine, open the first folder to get the full name and address, type the letter and envelope, put the carbon copy in the CF folder, then go onto the next one.

    They were paid by the line. They rapidly learned that if they used extra wide margins they made more lines!

    We used several outside typists as well as some in the office. They mostly lived in East Grinstead, some a bit further afield. So Dave would schlep the banana boxes full of CF folders out to them and back from them each day, usually on a day or two turnaround. He started off with a motor scooter but got a small car later for a short while, I seem to remember.

    So, his complexities would have included taking all of that into account. It might seem simple to someone else to set everyone up with ample supplies in the first place and schedule pickups for the morning only, or something, but the typists had their own schedules - family, other jobs etc. - and weren't available 24/7. And "ample supplies" and "org staff" don't usually go well together. Fortunately HCO's Letters Out stat depended heavily on the Letter Reg Section, so letterhead was never a problem although good dictation equipment sometimes was.

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    Well i suppose yeah it was difficult for Dave to keep up with it all and do the purif as well. It was just the amuzing statements he would make, Dave is a one off likeable type of guy.I remember him with those boxes on his motor scooter also. I used to work in addresso down in one of the garages near the canteen. Sometimes I journey up to the shed/wooden building where the letter regges were. There would be you Paul, Dave, Rufus, and Cathy Gogerley all very busy trying to reach your letter quotas. We later moved down to the basement of the castle with Treasury. Not sure if Alex Smith was in Treasury as he used to do the stationery supplies on a rota with Brian Andrews. I think Alex became a letter reg later. He got married to a lady from New York who worked on the estates.
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  5. Mick Wenlock

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    eileen died a while ago.
  6. Out4Good

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    Scott Chaplin, IIRC. We used to buy all our materials from him at our Mission. Spent some time with him up at SH. Top bloke. I think he left his BSO post to do auditor training in the late 90s. Don't know what happened after that.
  7. Zander

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    He was still a NOTs auditor as of 2005/2006.
  8. Zander

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    Yes, the hearing aid, that's right! I remember her in the solo course room trying to get through her e-meter drills (5 times through). I think it was no easy task for her and she got quite crotchety at times.
  9. michaelangelo

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    Can anyone tell me what happenned to Steve and Ros Bisbey?. I knew them how did they die?
  10. Terril park

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    Steve died from liver problems I heard. He used to co-audit with Otto Roos. Don't know about Ros.
  11. Terril park

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    Steve died from liver problems I heard. He used to co-audit with Otto Roos. Don't know about Ros.
  12. Jo Nassor

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    Hi this is Jo Nassor (Joanne), I am the baby that prompted my parents unexpected departure!
    It's quite funny to hear my Dad listened to Pink Floyd loudly and was grumpy because that's pretty much how he is now (although he plays alot of Jimi Hendrix too!). It's also nice to see they are thought of and were liked many moons ago, I rather like them too!
    Neither of my parents talk much about their time in AOSHUK (took them a while to explain where I was born too!) but I know they did visit I think sometime in 84/85 as I have very vague recollections of it.
    Both of my parents (Rahmon and Janice Nassor) are well but they seperated ten years ago and are both happy with new partners. Apart from myself my parents had another child, my sister Kate, in 1986. We are both fine and dandy.
  13. I told you I was trouble

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    Hello Jo!

    So glad to hear your parents are well ... they are both fantastic genuine people (your Dad was a grump though ... a lovable grump with very good taste in music).


    Your Ma is fabulous (I used to love her Geordie accent) and she had a good heart.


  14. British Mom

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    Ros died of cirosous of the liver (I think I have spelt it wrong), she moved to Devon with a non scientologist guy, they set up a bed & breakfast place, but Ros did drink heavily when she came out. She remarried & had 2 more girls but the husband went off with someone else & it broke her heart. She was a lovely lady & a great friend to me & I do miss her.:bigcry: It was announced in the East Grinstead Courier & I believe that Steve went.

    Then heard that Steve died as well, great loss, they were both always very nice to me in & out of Scientology. At least they are together now.
  15. Dulloldfart

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    Hi Jo,

    I worked with both your parents in the 70s at Saint Hill. Janice was receptionist and Rahmon was the HAS. They probably held other posts but those were the ones most familiar. I live in Newcastle now.

    Paul Adams
  16. Kutta

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    Hi xseaoruk,

    I was there, in SO, from memory 1978 or 9 to 1981. Lived at Stonelands too, and have only in the last few days joined this ESMB. In for a penny, in for a pound, my name is Gail Dowgray, and I was SSO, had a desk in Qual during my time there. It has been fascinating reading this thread. I remember most of the names, but can't put a face to all of them.

    For Joanne Nassor: I do recall your Mum and Dad very clearly. Rahmon was Ethics Officer when I informed him I was leaving and he didn't make any attempt to dissuade me. I loved him for that. It was just after this that he and your Mum blew. My recollection is that they didn't leave immediately after Janice got back from your birth in hospital, but that it was soon after and that they had (among many other things I bet) serious disagreements about LRHs idea that it was optimal to feed babies on a barley water formula. The org borrowed our Kombi (my husband and mine) to chase them up North to no avail. Thank God for that, eh! I remember Rahmon as calmly sane (not grumpy) and resilient to Sci noise around him (and Pink Floyd it seems). Also a very handsome dude. Janice I remember as very sweet and I reckon many would have been surprised that she had the guts to go. There was more back bone behind that lilting northern voice than many would have realized or possessed themselves. I'm so glad they are both happy. Give them my love.
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  17. Dulloldfart

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    Hey Gail,

    Oh good. I can apologize to you at last. I seem to remember that you left the SO shortly after doing a gruesome 18-hour straight "baby-watch" assignment. That was completely my fault. I was HCO Cope Officer under Rahmon and running the scheduling for that evolution for a month or so before I got RPF'd. I felt really bad about doing that to you. It was quite the worst thing I did in my Scn career to anyone, staff or public.

    I am so sorry.

  18. Kutta

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    Yeah, Chris was cool. I heard he was declared. All the good guys, Eh. Also heard that he and Sarah's marriage didn't last, but that Sarah is remarried and got a few kids and lives in East Grinstead or vicinity. Her brother, unless I've got this wrong, was Jean-luc, and he is out and has a 'good' story. Far as I know, he hasn't posted here.

    I think Trisha Morgan married an Aussie guy who was a reg. He was divorced and had already a couple of kids, and then Trisha who was much younger than him (and a sexy, curvy number) had a tiny baby. There was a flag mission at St Hill, so Trish of course had to be on post and the baby was hid in the out basket under the in basket! Barbaric is the word that comes to mind.

    Does anyone know anything about Laina McNamie. Her daughter Petal, was a good friend of my daughter. I think Laina and Petal went back to South Africa, and Petal cut comm with my daughter. If she were now out, they could compare stories and have a few laughs.
  19. Kutta

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    Hi Paul, I had completely forgotten about that and only have a vague memory of it now. The memory I have is of some spooky house on the outskirts of EG, and a woman who had gone bonkers, I think on OT levels, who had to be baby sat. The memory is akin to a part of a horror movie. I was a registered nurse, so it was probably to me at the time like 'specialing' a patient on night (and day) shift.

    You can have a clear conscience, but ta very much anyway.
  20. joolie

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    Chris Hxxxxxx, last time I saw him was up in Scotland. Declared and way off lines. The declare got lifted only he didn't want anything to do with Scn so it got put back on again. Avye Lorrien's brother. Avye is now married to John ??

    Scott... haha .. the story goes that he got in by pinching a DMSH book from London org, reading it and then joined staff later to become the BSO!!

    How about Ken Warren, Eddie Dodd, Pete Morgan, Also the younger ones, Kathy Schmitt, Cam and Bergit (not sure I spelt that right), Dave Press, Clive Wright, Frank Burnes, Maria Rowe (didn't she run off with someone with org funds!) etc?
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