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Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by shader, Feb 15, 2008.

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    That sounds the same as UK/Europe. We had bunk beds 4 high and there were 4 sets of these mad wobbly bunk beds - 16 girls in one room.
    Food was awful ! I think I got paid a total of less than 10 english pounds for the entire 10 mths I was in the SO. Some of the time we didn't even have toliet paper !
    The conditions are appalling and have not changed much in the last 30 years since I was an SO member.
  3. Blowdown

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    I know/knew a lot of the people mentioned in his thread. Many of them good folks , some of them minor assholes and a few that should've been shot -- I always found the Wurfels ie: churlya and Hubert , to be particularly vile. and captain Moanna would've been much more at home working in an S&M parlour whipping fat sweaty middle aged men. But that's probably not fare to S&M workers.
    My memory was also jogged by the name Margie Pearce ; with whom I had sex in an office at ao anzo around 90 or 91 after her husband --a tall blonde haired guy-- had been sent elsewhere for a long time. I was a public and margie was , maybe still is , an exec . Madness .
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    Bus to Dundas berthing for SO staff arrives up the block from ANZO at usually 8:30pm, over the course of a week I've counted approximately 16 individuals boarding; three of which are teenage boys. Hope this helps.
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    I wonder if you mean Pat Colosimo? He was married to Moana. His brothers were Johnnie Colosimo and Carlo Colosimo.
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    What does TL;DR mean?
  7. smartone

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    UNREAL :omg: Are these guys bloody crazy?
  8. supafreak

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    Too long; didn't read.
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    Moana was a bane of my life for a while too. Sister to my fiance she was nothing but CI and 1.1 smarminess.

    Margie Pearce was ahoot! I'm gld she got a chance to enjoy a moment ( I an supposing she enjoyed it) and I hope she never got found ot! Go Margie! Wasn't she PES AO or something?
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    Where's Moana now? And Rose?
    Rose once spent many days apparently trying to put one of my PC folders together under a magnifying glass - it has been damaged many years earlier in the Melbourne org fire. I bet she swore a lot under her breath. :coolwink:
  11. I told you I was trouble

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  12. Blowdown

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    Yea , margie was fun , and that 'incident' in that office was fun & I never mentioned it in any session right upto solo nots.
    Another person I could not stand and thought was an evil bitch was dianne deering , uurggh.
  13. Panda Termint

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    :omg: What did you do to her? :lol:
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    Wow, my observation and experience was totally different!

    This is quite weird - my experience and observation of these two people Blowdown, is totally different - and I had close experience with both: Margy was my direct senior for about 2-3 years - she could be a lot of things but was not in her vocablary!

    and Dianne Deering was my auditor at the AOSH ANZO when I was on the EPF, completing the services I bought, and delivered ARC Straightwire, Objectives etc to me.

    She was the most (and still is) beautiful person and auditor - smart, caring, interested, genuine...and similarly she could be alot of things ......but never a bitch!

    In what way did you actually know these two people?
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    I agree Shredder, when I read Blowdown's post I thought WOW something funky going on here.

    I also worked with Margy she was the HAS and I was Dissem Sec and my recollection was that she was a hard core SO member and no fun at all. She actually physically abused me so I have no love for that woman.

    As for Di Deering she also audited me on my OT preps and she was a good auditor and a beautiful person, not a mean bone in her body. She did a lot of work with my very dear friend Ron Pollard before he past away. So I have a lot of fond memories of Di.
  16. smartone

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  17. Feral

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    You shagged an SO officer in the AO and it didn't come up in your eligibility for solo nots?:confused2:

    You remind me of a lovable rogue that was around on solo nots when I got on.

    Are you a bassic type?
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  18. exscient

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    I've just read this entire thread. What a joke!! Great reading. It's so funny to read about all the people I knew. The same people who were advocating "good" scientology practice.

    Moana was the bitch from hell, always screaming, carrying on, really quite an intolerable temper. I remember Debbie from FSO too (the captain), I didn't mind her but she had this Chief Officer, I can't remember his name, he drove a white convertible Ford I think. He was one of the most angry, grotesque characters I will ever meet this lifetime, it wouldn't surprise me if he killed someone. His assistant was similar but not as bad. I wish I could remember their names. Both nasty sadistical sad people. Then there was a control freak nutter named Colby who was the FSO D of P. All these guys were obsessed or should I say posessed, just FULL ON!!!

    Anyway, great to read all the mis-demeanors of my "superiors." Just shows me how human we all are and that the things they have done are as natural as living outside of Scientology. I just wonder how many of these people really want out, now is probably the time. There was a great girl at ANZO named Kecia, I wonder if she's still in? In-fact there were some really great girls and guys around at that time. Wish I could recall all their names.

    Anymore info on this thread would be of interest.

  19. exscient

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    Just remembered the name of the FSO Chief Offs. assistant, his name was Marcus. Met some great public at FLAG too.
  20. scooter

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    Last I know of Kecia she'd married Tim O'Sullivan - that was three (?) years ago when I last saw her - she was still AO crew.

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