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Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by shader, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Bump because I like this.
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    In answer to the original poster - I worked at the Perth org from the late 90s onwards.

    - What are staff paid at the ANZO Orgs?
    Usually, nothing. If you got $20 once every few months it was cause for celebration. Even if we were supposed to get pay, it usually ended up paying the phone bill or whatever other legal-action-pending-bill.
    - Is the staff pay worked out using the same proportional system based on Org income as in US Orgs? As far as I know.
    - how does pay vary between different posts? Who gets higher priority when money is tight? Execs got more I think, not that there was much to go around.
    - Is income tax deducted? Nope.
    - Does CoS pay its share of compulsory Superannuation? Super?!?!? HAHA!!! No way in hell.

    Hours and Leave
    - examples of hours worked by staff
    I worked Foundation hours, so 5.30 to 10ish or later on weekdays, and 6.30am to 6.30pm or later on weekends.
    - amount of time off? Nada. There was no such thing. If you were lucky you might have Christmas Day off, but usually not because you couldnt get someone to cover your post.
    - paid sick leave or holidays? hehe, not a chance! The thing that used to piss me off the most was calling in sick and being told to drive into the org for an assist. Through peakhour traffic, all the way to the org, for a bloody assist, and they woudldnt let you go home again either. If you were sick often (more than a couple of times a year) they would start send people out to your house to physically escort you into the org, as you were considered ethics bait/faking it/CI.

    - any examples of unfair treatment, unreasonable demands, cruel punishment etc
    Lots of people being screamed at, expected to work all-hands (all night working,then to your normal job during the day). I was threatened with a comm-ev and harrassed for obeying doctors orders when I was pregnant (bed-rest).
    When I was supposed to go to the AO for training I was sat down with the DED who went through a list of every possession I owned to see what I could sell or hock, so I could afford to go to Sydney. Bed, clothes, anything of any value. when I finally got to Sydney I became almost skeletal on the rationed food.

    I could go on and on. I really cant believe that I thought this bullcrap was all for the benefit of mankind.
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    Sounds like fun. Think I'll join up again
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    This is very interesting info. I would love to hear from someone who has recently blown staff in ANZO, I don't suppose they will be joining us on this forum?

    And could you tell us which ANZO org it was? *fingers crossed for Sydney*
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    Moana and Rose Deness

    Moana and Rose are running a 'Way to Happiness' group in Taranaki. They just got charitable status for this group

    and are running cheesy groups like this:

    Looks like lots of fun
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    Part of the answer for what happened to Tom Stewart was he was RPFed about 97 and was still there in 2000 but after that I don't know where he went to.
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    I heard he's back in NZ. He gets sent to NZ every so often because he is on a UK passport and legally has to leave Australia every so often.
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    Thanks for that.
    They are still looking for happiness then. :coolwink:
    I wonder how it's classed as charitable? I mean in the real sense of the word. Maybe they actually give a free something, I note they include education and counselling.
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    There's no such thing as a free lunch

    I'm wondering that as well FTS. I note that there is a charge for 'designing a book cover' ..... Their 'charitable status' is something that certainly needs investigating that's for sure. I have a feeling that the NZ Charities Commission will be interested to know that this is a cofs backed organisation, and that's not hard to find out thanks to the internets.
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    When I left Sydney Org last September he was doing his grades and I think his wife and daughter/s were doing the Basic book courses.
  14. Free to shine

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    I'm sure they will be interested and I am sure they will be told. :coolwink:
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    Well, he sure as hell didn't get "quickie grades"!
    How long has that family been in the cult?
    Since the 60's ?
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    Re: Welcome

    Yes Rachael was a sweet girl. I was intimate with her at one stage. I remember those christmas concerts too. Boy those were the days.
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    Hi everyone,
    I was in AOSH ANZO 1986-1988 when I was aged 14-16. I didn't make much of a splash but have fond memories of my fellow teen crew, up-stat pizza nights and the Christmas concerts. One year four of us teen girls did the can-can and I always loved Mutu's Haka with the guys.

    I left the church 25 years ago, but my parents are still in it.
    Thanks for the posts, great to see you all doing so well and healing together. Do spread the love and healing to me :)
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    :welcome2: Jennifer
  20. I did a couple missions to ANZO back in the 80s. I knew a couple people at the AO but was mainly in the FOLO/CLO. I do remember Maggie Pearce, she seemed pretty rigid and unfunny to me. I liked her husband, he was a bit less rigid and funny. A bit of an artist if I remember. I think they had a son that was a big deal because he was one of OT course room supervisors at a very early age. Think his name was Matt. Not to familiar with other people.

    From the FOLO/CLO I remember Kerry Ellis, when she wasn't popping out kids, was a very mean person. THere were a couple kids often at the CLO and she seemed to enjoy yelling at them. I remember Pat Colosimo was the finance director at that time, which I found odd because he seemed more of a follower to me. There was a impromptu canteen in the D/COs office (Margy? Marcy? Rogers) which was just a bookshelf with candy bars and cigarettes that didn't last long because people would take stuff and leave IOUs that were never paid. I can't remember any other names, just faces. There was this irish guy, very funny, but very hard to understand, Jim I think. I'll come back if I remember more names.

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