August 9, 2017: Has another actress left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Scientology Celebrities' started by CommunicatorIC, Aug 11, 2017.

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    I read the comments,interesting, but it was all speculation.

    And the "leak" didn't even give a clue.

    So, I guess it's just one of those "well maybe something will come out later" kinda things.

    It did make me pause for a moment to think WHICH ACTRESS WOULD CAUSE THE GREATEST BLOW TO THE CULT?

    Surprisingly, there are not really any mega celebs in that group any more. Kidman is long gone. Katey Holmes is long gone. Leah is long gone (and causing Ideal hurricanes!). Mimi Rogers was famous in her time, but never mega--and she's long gone. Lisa Marie Presley is long gone.

    So who is even left that the general public even knows or cares about?

    Maybe Elizabeth Moss? She's successful but not really on the celebrity radar as far as fame.

    Kirstie Alley? She's got a little bit of star power left.

    Prepon? Christensen? They are actresses but nothing in the public's view.

    WINNER OF BIGGEST PR FLAP IF SHE PUBLICLY BLEW: Kirstie Alley. Because she has a big mouth. That's the only reason. She would blab like a mofo on social media and tv shows. That would be bad for the cult. But she's such a corrupt liar PR shill for the cult, it would be shocking if she suddenly figured out that it's all a hoax and she is one of the hoaxes top promoters. That wouldn't result in a floating needle, lol.

    I am kind of surprised that Scientology, the most powerful tech and beings in the universe, doesn't even have ONE (1) real female megastar in the entire world. They thought they were going to capture Jennifer Lopez, but that was a utter failure at ever level.

    Final thought. Maybe someone more damaging to the cult (if they blew) would be NANCY CARTRIGHT, but only if she did hundreds of J&D YouTube videos about the cult, in Bart Simpson's voice! LOL
  3. WildKat

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    Yeah, not much to go on. I would guess Laura Prepon. She could make an impact as she's pretty well known.

    Or maybe it's Paz de la Huerta, a lesser known actress who gets a lot of "exposure" because she likes to do nude scenes and is known for getting drunk on set, lol.
  4. arcxcauseblows

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    Elfmans a big mouth but I think her brain was transplanted she will die in the cult
  5. EZ Linus

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    Juliette would be a big deal, I think.
  6. TrevAnon

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    In b4 has been actress.

    Jeez, now I sound like the cult. :omg::biggrin:
  7. phenomanon

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    What about Juliet Lewis? Her dad died recently, and he could have been the reason she is staying in?
  8. EZ Linus

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    Her mother is not in. So Maybe.
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  9. renegade

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    Marissa Ribisi? Could be a problem for Beck or double trouble for the church.

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