Aussie recruits have dwindled to virtually zero

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    Sydney Morning Herald

    Australian recruits have dwindled to virtually zero': Scientology struggles in NSW
    by Ben Wier

    Scientology describes itself as the world’s fastest-growing religion but the organisation's numbers in NSW are dwindling with the church reliant on overseas devotees, defectors claim.
    The organisation has properties worth millions across the CBD, Chatswood and Dundas and in 2017, doubled its national revenue to nearly $40 million, the latest published financial records show. But it is struggling to find new recruits in Sydney, defector Paul Schofield said.
    "Australian recruits have dwindled to virtually zero as media coverage and access to the Internet has ensured the truth about the cult is well-known here," Mr Schofield said.


    Daily Mail
    EXCLUSIVE: 'School holidays - the perfect time for the Bridge to Total Freedom': Church of Scientology under fire for promoting 'purification' program to Australian KIDS with free ice blocks

    A controversial Scientology detox program is being promoted to children with promises of free ice blocks, juice and games.
    Critics have lashed the anti-drugs and anti-psychiatry church for promoting the intense 'purification rundown' to Melbourne school kids.
    'This school holiday is the perfect time to get your kids on the Bridge to Total Freedom,' an internal email sent to Scientologists said.
    'If you secure the Purification Rundown for your child with Melbourne foundation, they will receive the Kids Purif Pack.'