Australian Grandparent (13 Feb 2016) wishes Scientology recruitment counter-advice

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by chuckbeatty, Feb 14, 2016.

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  1. chuckbeatty

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    I hope some Australian ex staff can help with advice here in this grandfather's request below.

    My name is ___X____ and I live in Australia. My grandson I believe has been tricked into becoming a member of the church. The bait was a girl he was speaking with over the Internet and also Skpye His friend paid for a return trip to Aptos near Santa Cruz . My daughter went with him to check it out about a course that will be paid for by her step parents and also stay at there house with the girlfriend. My daughter only went to the house once in the week she was there and only at the front door. My grandson stay for another 3 weeks and then returned home to Australia. About 3 weeks later the girlfriend paid for him to return for him to meet the head of Cabrillo college as he was accepted there and need to sign up. He has a visa till Dec 2017 but I believe he needs to get a student visa from Australia. Suppose to return for this on the night of his 18 birthday. He what's nothing to do with his mother and his family. My daughter has reported him missing. My question is this a recruitment for the church and there method to rope people in? How can we get him back to Australia? Do they apart from brainwashing make sure he cannot communicate back home? I said to my daughter that it looks fishy. No one these days shells out return flights etc without getting a return of there investment. Is there any way to rescue him before it's too late?
    Can you advise me on the above?
    Many thanks
  2. Enthetan

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    Re: Australian Grandparent (13 Feb 2016) wishes Scientology recruitment counter-advic

    Is he over 18? Not much you can do.

    If grandpa knows the location, then perhaps some people can protest with his face on a poster. Make him a liability to the org.
  3. chuckbeatty

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    AUSTRALIAN GRANDPARENT/MOTHER seek ADVICE, anyone know Mark Ingel?

    Does anyone know of a staff member named Mark Ingel and his post either in one of the Santa Cruz, CA area Missions or Orgs?

    Mark Ingel is giving the DSA wordage runaround language to the Australian parent concerned for her 17 year old son being unduely recruited into Scientology as staff it looks like.

    Someone in the Santa Cruz area on Scientology org or mission staff there by the name of Mark Ingel?
  4. chuckbeatty

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    Re: Australian Grandparent (13 Feb 2016) wishes Scientology recruitment counter-advic

    I was given the name Mark Ingel as the Scientology recruiter/DSA type of person giving the runaround "don't contact your son" message to the parent mother of the 17 year old potential Scientology recruit.
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    Re: AUSTRALIAN GRANDPARENT/MOTHER seek ADVICE, anyone know Mark Ingel?

    If my searching was correct, this is his email address:

    This is his online store, selling tie-dyed fabrics, and other items:

    This is where he learned how to make tie-dyed fabrics:

    Back on topic ... do I have the wrong guy? Is this him gardening at a Temple?

    The tie-dye guy is the same as the gardener:

    The main reason I thought it was this guy, is because of name, location, and saying at the dharma trading site, that the how-to he bought there was "data". Kinda odd for a normal person. I can see using an apt word like tutorial or instructional, but not data.

    Also Known As

    Mark Doron Ingel


    Mark Doron Ingel is in his 40's

    Mark Has Lived In

    Soquel, CA

    Santa Cruz, CA

    San Diego, CA

    Woodland Hills, CA

    Mark's Relatives

    Joel Ingel

    Calais Ingel

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