Avatar: Scientology-style sect causes concern in Netherlands

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    Avatar: Scientology-style sect causes concern in Netherlands
    By Anna Holligan BBC News, Netherlands
    Reports of a Scientology-style sect infiltrating schools have aroused concern in the Netherlands.
    A television investigation claimed to have found at least six private schools governed by "Avatar wizards" and guided by the principles of the Avatar ideology.
    So what is Avatar (besides a blockbuster movie)? And how influential is it?
    It was created in 1986 by the former Scientology leader Harry Palmer.
    Avatar, Scientology - what's the difference?
    Avatar shares much of its philosophy with Scientology.
    It offers self-development programmes that borrow elements from Scientology, Shamanism, Hinduism and New Age philosophy.
    Many of the original course materials incorporated Scientology terminology.
    The Church of Scientology filed a trademark case against Harry Palmer over a sign featuring a Scientology logo. The sign was eventually removed. Harry Palmer launched Avatar shortly afterwards.
    It has retained some of the same terms such as "rundown" and course names like "integrity" and "professional".
    more at link
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    Personal development sect Avatar ‘infiltrates’ Dutch schools: media
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    We'd like to welcome you to 'enlightenment'

    Its headquarters are in Orlando, Florida, and it's led by former Scientologist Harry Palmer. It is run by his privately held company, Star's Edge Inc, and now it's in New Zealand.
    The organisation is believed to have more than 100,000 followers worldwide and has a presence in more than 50 countries.
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    Whooaaa Andy!

    Oh Harry's an OK dude.

    I've been on International Drive in Orlando and seen people come from every corner of the globe. It's a feel good retreat, but they do things there like handling your passion to collect identities. They have drills to handle service facsimiles and non-confront. Processes to relieve being caught up in somebody elses' game or 0/Ws.

    There was a lawsuit or two a back around the turn of the millenia in Denmark. It passed. And like all wizards and masters of psychological techniques, they went to war over trandemarks and violation of copyrights.

    You get a rapid refund if you are not happy. No stress. No punishment. No fair game rules, it's just not for you. At least that's how it is today. He's on the verge of retirement or has already. I guess he's made his money.

    I've not seen the bad things happen with it that I saw in Scn. There's no list of suicides or going off the rails due to list errors. Harry doesn't handle BTs, he handles universes and creations. His Avatar launched in the early 80s with Creation Handling Procedure. Some of it is like the first OT 8 theory. He started after leaving his mission holders job in Elmira, NY. Like all missions, his was robbed by the finance dictators. Of course, Harry was shrewd, but the finance missionaires dug for the gold Harry had hidden very well. LOL. This is remiiscent of the Pope sending orders to burn Templars at the stake to get the gold he felt they were holding out. Harry got even.

    I have two very good friends who retread the Wizards course every several yrs at a discount, just to hobnob at the fancy resort hotels and meet new friends.

    He's into the TAO.

    Mini courses.


    Lots of Youtube recordings at the events and courses.

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  3. FoTi

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    Did you try it Hat?
  4. Hatshepsut

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    No, but I downloaded the courses available. I saw the free mini courses and did one or two. The intro courses would take me out to a congested area of traffic. The big course was five grand and I decided to skip it.

    I will just be cheap and watch the youtube videos. I have seen the Wizard's course online when another avatar, Braun, published it in Danish. There was a copyright fight at that time and he wanted to compare the similarity with other materials already out.
    It has since been removed so I can't find it. Somebody offered presented it on mediafire or something and it was translated into English. 2007 I think. I would do it if I had the extra money. It's based on old Scientology principals thinly veiled, but without the grief. You do twin with someone you pick out on course and stay with that person til you finish the course. There are a lot of coaches and trainers who attend the training events and volunteer to help you. If these do choose to participate, their rooms and food and pricing are minimal as they are acting as aides. The show up mainly to reunite with friends and get the perks.

    There is an inside clique where people patronize each others' businesse, like being connected to WISE, with no extracted donations. Of course, any group like this has adherents ratting each other out for ethics and the other liabilities. There are minor squabbles.

    Mainly, it's just a life improvement retreat. So many of those these days.
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  5. Hatshepsut

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    Oh wait a minute, FoTi. I did do
    Oh wait a mintue FoTi. I DID do a run thru the first basic Avatar course back in 1987 when a friend of mine who had become an ex Scientologist decided to do it. It was shorter then. I forgot all about it. My friend, Chris Chrissinger, gave me his pack and I went with it. ;) I did it soon after doing OT II at their house as an independent. Memory failing. Whadda bunch of squirrels we were then! Their property had a pot pourri of ex hippies and staff from the local mission inhabiting the grounds. Chris' wife, Sharon, was dying from metastasized cervical cancer and he'd given up on Scn. It broke his heart. She was OT III and they had done the HRD and PTS handling. She was not intersted in using the Avatar materials. Assuming the viewpoint of Source was not her thing. She liked to communicate with nature spirits and grant them their own sovereignty. The cancer had gone on too long unnoticed and was very far along. I think we even did some Nicola Tesla stuff running electronic waves over the surface of our skin and charging the water. I've done so many things, I'd forgotten about the Avatar pack.

    I found these couple excerpts I'd snagged from the materials. Palmer has made little changes as the students find more issues. He was open to their insights and suggestions when modifying things.

    CHP stands for Creation Handling Procedure and this was a basic process in the early beginnings. It remains so today.



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    created in 1986 by the former Scientology leader Harry Palmer

    Right there: "hairy palm"er was a clue that should have never been ignored.

    Just saying. After considering the bagavan Rajsneesh
  7. FoTi

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    So....what did you think of it?
  8. Hatshepsut

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    I thought the original course was uninspiring, just getting you to locate everything within your own god-like space. Harry has since incorporated methods of reducing problems coming form oither determinisms instead of sticking to the idea you are source of everything. There's an updated other-sourced, entity handling he's developed over the last 7 yrs from what I can tell.

    I peeked at a few paragraphs of my friend's Wizards refresher she left on the coffee table. I babysat her dachshund for three years and would root around to see if she had brought new stuff home. IN the end, it was Eckhart Tolle she switched to, becoming alienated by the politics and forbidden to speak about disagreements within the group. Masters are paid to help coach at big seminars that come to town, so I wouldn't be surprised if some hang in there for the continued extra income.

    I didn't do the new course additions, nor the Wizards.
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  9. FoTi

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    Did you ever explore TROM?
  10. triumph

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    some additional stuff I posted on WWP

    Scientology sues mission holder Harry Palmer in 1986
    Encyclopedia of American Loons
    Harry Palmer
    Harry Palmer's Scientology Service completions

    androvillans blog
    Ex-Scientologist story #362, What happaned in Elmira.
    By Lisa Bennett Published in the Elmira Star-Gazette, February 1988. [Elmira, NY, is SSW of Syracuse close to the PA border.]
    For Hoffman, it began in May 1975. She was studying hairdressing in Syracuse when her 22-year-old boyfriend, Wink, died in a car accident. She was devastated. “it haunted me,” she remembered. “Why did he die so young? I wanted to be happy. How come I couldn’t make myself?” Then, months after returning home to Elmira to work as a hairdresser, a customer one day told her about Scientology and Palmer’s center, just down the street from her.
    “He gave me a personality questionnaire — one of those famous personality questionnaires,” Hoffman said, referring to the hundreds of forms that were tucked under windshield wipers, between front doors and into the hands of people waiting in the laundromat next to the center. She filled out the form and brought it in. palmer offered her this diagnosis: “He said I was at a low point. I had a goal. I had a strong personality. My communication level was down. I liked people, but I felt they didn’t like me. I felt I was different from most people.” It was as general as the analysis a card-reader gives for $5 at a street fair,
    more at link
    Find Law
    United States Court of Appeals,Eleventh Circuit.
    Harry PALMER, Star's Edge, Inc., Plaintiffs–Appellants, v. Eldon BRAUN, Defendant–Appellee.
    No. 01–14511.
    Decided: April 09, 2002

    Palmer is an educational psychologist.   For many years, he was a member of the Church of Scientology and aided members of the Church in the exploration of their consciousness.   Palmer left the Church in 1982 and, in 1986, embarked on a personal regimen of experimental research, seeking to explore the functioning of his own consciousness.   Palmer's research led him to the conclusion that beliefs are the key to everything in the universe.
    This insight, combined with Palmer's background in educational psychology, led Palmer to develop an educational course in which students might explore their own consciousness.   He calls his course Avatar, from a word for incarnated deities, and it is premised on the idea that a person's beliefs create his reality.   The Avatar Course seeks to inform its students of the existence of these beliefs and to teach them how to create or “discreate” those beliefs as necessary.
    more at link
  11. programmer_guy

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    My bold emphasis added.

    IMO, the use of the word "reality" here is confusing.
    It would be better to use the term "world view" instead.
  12. Hatshepsut

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    Yeah. I spent a little time exploring it with Robert Ducharme, the R3X guy, over the phone. There is a local field auditor here who likes to run TROM too. I like the time breaking process. Dennis Stephen's take on the GPMs had an effect on me. He gets the conceptional notions behind the absolute prime postulates. It's simple and it's deep. This guy is a rare breed like Geoff Filbert. They both wear their researcher hat. I think there is a cache of audio tapes available on esmb. I know I got them from a website and downloaded them. Dulloldfart may have provided the link. Running concepts and efforts instead of an incidental timetrack appeals to me. The material is lofty. I had to keep rewinding the audio and replaying it. He's an intellectual Brit. Like talking game theory with John Nash and not understanding mathematical equations. You have to pay close attention when he speaks.





    Uh oh, FoTi, we shouldn't deviate this thread.:oops:
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  13. FoTi

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    Okay. I can't figure out how to message you. ?????

    Never mind....I figured it out.
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    Has this Harry Palmer guy ever exhibited any special abilities that most humans don't have? I suspect he's just full of hot air as was Hubbard but I'd be interested to hear of anything he can do that others can't.

    I would imagine most of us who have been in scientology and/or have dabbled in other self-help/spiritual systems could put forward some excellent processes to keep people interested in exploring their own minds but I don't see the point unless the creator of the system could demonstrate the end result.

    People who knew Hubbard personally tend to say he was just a man with no special abilities despite the amount of talking he did about OT abilities and other planets and universes. Is Harry Palmer just the same?
  15. Hatshepsut

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    Having left a Scientology organization that preyed upon a person's desires for special powers, Harry does not claim feats of magic or healing for Avatar. I have heard him say that after a while, some Masters will say they're experiencing 'synchronicities' as things become aligned. There are no claims of super powers. The focus is on changing your personal universe viewpoint and beliefs, not on creating awesome signs and wonders. Happiness and compassion are stressed. Just never seen much hype in those videos or mags about OT abilities.

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