Best J & D memories !

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Gizmo, Jul 28, 2016.

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  2. JackStraw

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    When I was really new to scn, working at a mission, a guy came walking down a flight of stairs, leafing through some magazines, (Cracked and MAD) was asked "What you got there?" He was just returned from Flag having trained to be the Ethics Officer (Trained at Flag and done an internship!) and he says "I'm just checking the latest HCOBs from the mail-pack."

    A friend and I used to concoct "Int. buttons" for different situations, like getting on a bus. "Kicked off the bus?" "Couldn't get on?"


    Oh, and the Flag-trained E/O, while at flag, was talking with one of Ron's kids, probably Quinton, was talking about blacks, using words like "spook" or something, and Q couldn't get what he meant. Our hero explained a bit more and Q said "Oh! You mean "jungle-bunnies!" :cheers2:

  3. programmer_guy

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    One time when I was intern course sup (HPCSC) for Briefing Course at old ASHO I saw a BC student just sitting in her chair with her arms crossed and doing nothing.

    (Course materials were checked out by some students and not purchased. Sometimes there wasn't enough.)

    I asked her why she wasn't doing anything and just sitting there.

    She told me "I am in Serenity of Waitingness".

    So, I walked away from her knowing that I would not be sent to cramming in Qual for this particular item.
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