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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Helena Handbasket, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. Helena Handbasket

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    I've been binge watching Leah Rimini's Scientology And The Aftermath and thought it was a lot of old news because I've heard it all before. Then I got to the XSK stories which shocked me. I was angry, shall we say, in a new unit of time? How dare they!

    I liked the part where so-and-so's mother turns up, obviously offloaded, ranting and raving about having to go help LRH (who was then 3 years dead) -- so they take her to a psych ward. (I'm sure she didn't like that.) Poetic justice for a mom who abandoned her daughter at 13.

    Aside from that, my take on this series is that it focuses mainly on the Sea Org and then secondarily on the disconnection policy. (With a single mention of the Xenu story.) Not quite an overall view, but that's not too surprising.

    It's getting late here, so the next episode tomorrow.

  2. I started binge watching it as well. At times it was becoming a little difficult for me because it was reminding me SO MUCH about my own childhood and my own experiences (even though my mother was a Communist rather than a Scientologist)
    I talked before about some of the similarities, but it was only after watching this documentary that I realized that pretty much everything was similar - ALL of the methods they us are basically the exact same.
  3. guanoloco

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    I see strong parallels in Islam, too. And lately I've been in dialogue with a person who was entrenched into the feminist SJW cult and the similarities are amazing!
  4. I have watched it all now. It was actually really educational for me - ESPECIALLY because it wasn't about the group that I was victimized by. Because you know how it is. If you watch something criticizing Scientology, then it will have necessarily been made by SPs - because anyone criticizing Scientology is an SP - so actually you know that an SP isn't necessarily a bad person, but you have been educated and raised to think that - YES every SP, EVERYONE that voices criticism would be a bad person and therefore not believable. If that has been beaten into since you were a child, than that notion kinda sticks, even when you know better.

    It's the exact same with Communism - being labeled an "Anti-Communist" might not seem like a big deal in countries like the U.S.. But where I am from, being labeled an "Anti-Communist" is worse than being labeled a Nazi. I was raised to believe that "Anti-Communists" are mortal enemies, inherently evil - the scum of the earth. And of course anyone voicing any criticism of Communism, "automatically" becomes an "Anti-Communist" and someone who makes like a 16 part documentary exposing Communism, DEFINITELY is like the most heinous "Anti-Communist" and of course it is hard to trust such a person, even when you know in your heart that he is not actually a bad person.

    But by watching a documentary about something that (superficially and "officially") has nothing to do with Communism (and that just so happens to expose very similar methods) I am kinda able to circumvent my own indoctrination, because someone who criticizes Scientology and has never said one bad thing about Communism, is of course not an "Anti-Communist".

    I guess that is also why a lot of you guys like reading 1984 etc. :)

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