"Blacks need Scientology and Nation of Islam to help resolve their conflicts."

Discussion in 'Nation of Islam and Related Groups' started by CommunicatorIC, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Helena Handbasket

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    Combine dysfunctional families, broken households, people wanting fewer children, and the current drive in some countries to encourage adults to have MORE children (essentially, to subsidize the creation of future taxpayers to help pay for retiree pensions) and I have come up with a solution: the Professional Mommy Corps.

    The Professional Mommy Corps would be a group of single women encouraged to have lots of kids with all expenses paid for. They would be full-time mothers with few other responsibilities, and would live in campuses / ranches / enclaves / ghettos whatever you want to call them, all together.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not seriously suggesting the above. But in light of social trends, we seem to be headed in that direction.

  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    An observation on the title concept ("Blacks need Scientology......to help resolve their conflicts.")

    For decades, Scientology has incessantly been bragging about its "unprecedented" crime reduction campaign in major cities and countries, worldwide. By simply passing out THE WAY TO HAPPINESS they claim that violent crime rates have plummeted.

    However, the violent crime rates in the US have in fact soared to "unprecedented" heights.

    Let's take just one city as an example. Chicago. There is an attempted murder (by gunshot wound) every two hours and forty one minutes (2:41). That doesn't include the attempted murders by knife, tire jacks, blunt force weapons, vehicular and plain old beating/stomping people to death.

    Thus, from January 1 2016 through today (April 10th, 2016)---a period of just 3.5 months, there have already been 900 attempted murders by gunshot wound. Nobody knows how many other intended victims of gunshots were spared simply because the shooter(s) were not able to shoot very accurately.

    So, how well is THE WAY TO HAPPINESS working?

    Well, in Chicago, a person is murdered every 14 minutes and 54 seconds. That's 8 gunshot murders a day in one city.

    But, don't take my word for it--ask a Scientologist if passing out TWTH is having any affect on the violent crime or murder rate in American big cities. They will get that gleam in their eye and knowing grin as they begin to tell you how violent crime and murder rates are reduced by orders of magnitude!

    But, let's not end there, without a comment about how truly and profoundly stupid Hubbard's "WORLD WITHOUT CRIMINALITY" is, when the "tech" to eliminate violent crime/murder is handing out a pamphlet whose only advice is: DO NOT MURDER.

    There's even a course on it. After you hand someone a copy of TWTH, they still murder people. But, Hubbard figured out the why for that. Just telling them not to murder doesn't do anything. They need to study the precept as part of a course. So let's see CRIMINON'S COURSE CHECKSHEET!


    Question 61: What is meant by

    Question 62: Give an example of a difficulty which could arise out of a prohibition against allkilling.

    Question 64:
    Give an example of something you could do to help prevent murder.

    So, we are to believe, according to Hubbardites, that if you hand a murderous gang member or urban thug in Chicago a copy of TWTH and have them read "DO NOT MURDER"---after which they give an example of something they could do to help prevent murder--that they will somehow magically not murder anyone.

    Just by giving an example of something they could do to prevent murder.

    The problem with this, besides being ridiculous, is that the typical answer one would get from inner-city drug dealers, pimps and gangbangers to that question would be: "I could do something to prevent murder by carrying around a gun, so other armed thugs couldn't murder me and my homies."
  3. Enthetan

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    And, guess what? As I noted earlier up-thread, kids tend to do better being raised by their biological father, in partnership with mom. Particularly as they hit their teen years.
  4. Helena Handbasket

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    I'm sure you're right, Enthetan.


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