Call to Action for Ex-Scientologists - And Justice for All

Discussion in 'Chris Shelton's Videos' started by CommunicatorIC, Feb 15, 2015.

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    Call to Action for Ex-Scientologists - And Justice for All.


    And Justice for All

    Chris Shelton

    Published on Feb 15, 2015

    Scientology has never been more terrified of exposure as it is now with the upcoming Alex Gibney documentary, called Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, based on Lawrence Wright's bestselling book. There has never been a better time to be a critic of Scientology, nor a more fitting time to speak out against its abuses. This is my call to action to everyone who has ever been part of Scientology to add their voices to the eight brave souls who took part in this film. Together, we can make a huge difference and hopefully reach those still trapped in the cult of Scientology.

    You can find out more and read articles on critical thinking and Scientology at my blog:
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  3. Smurf

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    Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Another insightful video from Chris. :)

  4. AnonyMary

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Thanks for posting about this, smurf. It's the big topic of discussion over at The Bunker since Tony O posted it today.

    This is a must see for all. A Call to Arms. Excellent :thumbsup:

    I support him in this 100%
  5. Chris Shelton

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    I'm really happy I could get that discussion going, at least for a day. I feel this is an important topic and I would like to change the conversation from 'when is Miscavige going to blow' or 'what will it take to bring down Scn Inc' to something more along the lines of "did you hear who else we got out today?" or "look who else is speaking up" because I think that is real progress towards taking down Scn Inc for real. I know, I'm a dreamer and an eternal optimist but what the hell? You never get the close you don't ask for, right? :coolwink:
  6. Smurf

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    You outdid yourself in the video, Chris. It's very relevant with what's going on today. Excellent job. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Thanks Chris. Good work. :)

    A timely reminder that the power of "the story" remains possibly the greatest "sword".

    Today I was speaking to an elderly man who has a "child" in the cult of scientology. I get the feeling he is getting ready to take his big journey. Nothing he directly said but a few hints he gave. He is very worried about his "child" being in scientology.

    We spoke openly and honestly. I shared my story with him (bullet-point version). He said "that's what I thought. It is a cult, it is all I feared." We had a very meaningful conversation and he asked me numerous questions about what he could do to help get his "child" out of scientology.

    He needs support and comfort. He's real worried about his "child" as he nears the end of his life. He's running out of time to just sit on his hands and hope it all turns out okay.

    Every voice counts. We never know where our story will end up and the impact it may have. I fully understand about disconnection (lived it) and the risks involved in speaking out for some people (lived it) but I also know that many ex's have not told their story because they have down-played the importance of having their voice heard. Too often in this glossy car-chase focused media-driven world I hear people saying "oh my story? It's nothing, not worth telling..."

    Every story has value. Every person that leaves scientology is valuable to the collective voice. There's an old man, sitting in his retirement village (he's nearly 90 years old) worried about his "boy". He'd be very grateful to hear (or read) your story. And please pray that his "boy" will add his story to the collective voice in the not too distant future.

    Please find a way to tell your stories. Don't compare your story to the "amazing accounts" others have previously shared on the net/in media. Your voice counts. :flowers:

    (The person in the cult mentioned above is someone I loved dearly. I lost him to the madness of the cult of scientology. This does not matter to me so much these days (I healed), what matters is compassion and kindness and authentic connection. And loads of genuine human love.)
  8. Sindy

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Great video, Chris. Thank you.
  9. programmer_guy

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    As one example, I have always been surprised that there aren't a lot more posters on this message board.

    My guess is that most ex-Scientologists just left and never looked back again.
    They just went on with their lives.
  10. sallydannce

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Maybe. Or maybe fear kept them silent. The exact thing that the cult trained us to do. And maybe in 10 years, 20 years - or more - they end up telling their story because it ate away at their insides no matter where life took them or how they tried to avoid the intense experience that was constantly nagging away, deep within.

    I've seen people turn up on this message board - been out for decades - and they "just got on with life" and then it all comes pouring out, the unhealed crap. They could no longer live with the automatic beliefs that were banging around in their heads and so they came here, to ESMB, and let it all pour out.

    So do most ex-scientologists leave and never look back? It may appear that way but I doubt it turns out a very workable way to live a healthy authentic life. A bit like un-expressed grief, it kicks back in some way in the future.

    Recovery from abuse/trauma/grief, etc, includes talking about it, safely expressing the story. It helps shift the perspective one has on events that took place and move towards acceptance and peace. As a by-product of that one often gives hope and comfort to others by sharing the story.
  11. Free Being Me

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Thank you Chris for your latest video. :) :buzzin: :cheers:
  12. HelluvaHoax!

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Beautiful video Chris!

    I was thinking that you should keep the batteries of your mobile phone charged (think video function), because this kind of wonderful video probably merits the cult sending Jenny Linson and her posse out to ambush you at the airport, LOL. It's that good!

    But that didn't quite seem like the post I wanted to make, so I paused for a moment, considering why that airport ambush video came to mind. I recalled the essential defining moment as Jenny bore in with her hollow, hate-filled eyes and snarled these words: "Nobody gives a fuck about you!" How strange, isn't it?

    But then, suddenly, all the dots connected and it made sense why my thoughts would wander so far away from just posting a thanks for your great video presentation. It was those words ("nobody gives a......."). Now, I see it. It couldn't be more obvious! That is how a Scientologist believes they can "shatter" their "enemy"--by telling them in so many words that they have no STATUS because "nobody gives a f*ck about them". That is what is of utmost importance to Scientologists, so they simply assume that other people's priorities are the same.

    But, your video was a wonderful way of showing the world that what is important is not whether others in the world care about you, but whether you care about them. Your videos are full of love and care for others (much as our other friend's videos such as Tory & Karen and others) and for that we all thank you, brother Chris.

    Rock on, keep 'em comin!
  13. JustSheila

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    GREAT vid, Chris!

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Hooo, Chris, HH is right, watch out for the OSA creeps.

    This one is GREAT! One of my favourites.

    Now I want to tell you something here, Chris - I played a section of your vid for someone who has never been in Scn but was kicking himself over not knowing things in the past and making wrong decisions. You made him feel good. You made him understand. He has only begun to regain his true self, and your talk (that bit of it) helped him.

    That's how spot-on you are. You have a way of clearly resolving the common cognitive dissonances ex-Scn members go through, and they are so basic, they are common to others who have been scammed or abused.

    Your vids are a key part of the healing process, Chris, and should be recommended to everyone who is dealing with past cult or Scientology experiences. Tweaking the vids slightly could make them a useful tool for CBT counselors everywhere dealing with PTSD.

    Just fantastic. Thanks! :thumbsup:

    Added: I also wanted to say THANK YOU for assisting in asking others to come forward and contribute their stories. Judging from the last troll thread, OSA is really freaking out about the stories coming forward and it is hurting the cult tremendously. I'd like to see more individuals post on the Type 3 thread as well, anonymous or not, their stories or others. :thumbsup:
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    Two threads on same subject merged here. :)
  15. ThetanExterior

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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    That was true for me.

    I spent a bit of time fighting with the cult to get monies refunded (successfully) then got on with my life.

    After 10 years or so I got curious about how the cult was doing so I started looking around the internet and came across ESMB.

    Now I'm hooked on scientology-watching.:duh:
  16. AnonyMary

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  17. Churchill

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    Your videos are thoughtful, entertaining, and above all compassionate, particularly to people who have recently taken their first, tentative steps out of trap of Scientology.

    You have the gifts of expression and clarity, and you combine them beautifully to elevate discussions.

    In other words, you add class to this joint.
  18. Boojuum

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    Another fantastic video!!!

    Thanks, Chris.
  19. Chris Shelton

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words about what I've produced here. I definitely seem to be stirring up the pot a little, as today we had quite a lively little discourse on my most watched video on YouTube, the one called "Scientology is Coming Apart at the Seams". It's had about 30,000 views so far and people definitely are responding to it, so this week I've had a few pro-Scientology commenters come on and start bashing it and arguing with me about it. I call them out when they are saying that my work is bullshit and I repeatedly go back to trying to get them to give specifics as to what exactly I'm saying that is not true. So far, no answer but tons of misdirectors, ad hominem and straw men arguments to deflect from that simple question.

    This new video is getting a lot of views so far considering how short of a time it's been up, which is very encouraging. I'm so busy - I wish I could get the next two major video projects done faster but there are only so many hours in the day and we all have to make a living. There is a lot of research I have to do for those big ones. In the meantime, I am doing these shorter ones as they come up and they aren't too hard or time-consuming. So more to come. I just wanted to acknowledge the compliments and let you guys know it means a lot to me and I hope that the real intended audience for these things are also seeing them.
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    Thank you Chris :yes: