Call to Action for Ex-Scientologists - And Justice for All

Discussion in 'Chris Shelton's Videos' started by CommunicatorIC, Feb 15, 2015.

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    I watched this and it is very well done and excellent for new people, especially in comparison to my own blunt trauma, bull in a china shop, emotional direct shock therapy disguised as persuasion, efforts of the past, in which I display some of the scars of past emotional wounds..

    For those who might wish to understand what is was like for those who went before..try to understand this

    I suffer incredulity that I am alive at all combined with a decided attitude that some 'critics' have confused with a 'holier than thou" attitude which if I may speak evidence of their problems.

    This is the source of my 'attitude' toward critics:

    Where the fuck were you guys, while they were trying to "destroy me utterly" along with my business, family and friends...??

    end of rant

    Good Job Chris! Thank you for being here, here, take THIS baton.. and take this to the finish line.
  2. Chris Shelton

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    This is a good time for me to say this, as I don't think I've expressed it this way before.

    We have arrived at a place now where Scientology is truly the subject of ridicule, contempt and amusement to the world at large. If they think about Scientology at all, they know that it is something unsavory and if they look into it even casually, they universally determine that it is something sinister, creepy and even dangerous. With the power of the internet and Google, all of the data we know is only a few keystrokes away. It has never been easier and as a result, the information is widespread. Scientology Inc ran a massively successful Dianetics marketing campaign in the 1980s which received hardly any backlash or negative feedback (at least not that I remember). Now look at the overwhelming negative response to their stupid Superbowl ads, universally panned across the Twittersphere within seconds of being run. And there are so many more indications than this across all media.

    None of this would have been possible without a number of factors, everything that evolved over the last 40 years. All of the hell that ex's and non-Scientologists who were dragged into the sordid messes of the Church had to endure totals up to an almost epic story of torment, stalking, harassment and much worse. This isn't even melodramatic or exaggerated. The GO/OSA operations carried out from the 70s on Paulette Cooper through to the present on so many others such as Larry Brennan, Gerry Armstrong, Jessie Prince and Arnie Lerma and Tory (to name just a small handful) - all of this is what put enough information out there for Anonymous to take the ball over the finish line in 2007 and explode all of the abuses internationally with their protests, videos and personal exposure. Everything that has happened after that has basically been the bonus round for those of us who exited more recently, a chance for us to get our licks in and have our voices be heard to speed up the process that was already started years earlier.

    Everything that happened had to happen in order for the next thing to happen. When I finally routed out in 2012 and started being persecuted by the Church in 2013 after I was public, it was only because of all of what was out there that I was able to so rapidly educate myself, conclude that I had been used and betrayed by a totalitarian organization which I had no idea was anywhere near as bad as it was, and then move forward with my life.

    So bottom line is, I can't thank everyone who came before me enough. We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of them for surviving their ordeals and continuing to fight the fight. We may not agree on everything and who said we ever had to? We sure as hell agree that Scn Inc is an evil, totalitarian organization run by a sociopath. We agree that L. Ron Hubbard didn't have the best of intentions and in fact, was engaged in mass manipulation under what could very kindly be called "devious circumstances." We all try to dissect our experiences in our own ways to understand and rid ourselves of whatever demons we still carry around and given the individual and personal nature of what we all endured, of course we are going to come to some pretty different conclusions. There's not only nothing wrong with that, but I think it would be pretty weird if we all universally agreed on everything. The people who are universally forced to agree are the ones INSIDE the cult, not the ones who escape from it.

    I'm also very thankful for this message board, which was itself so instrumental in 2013 to my having not only a place to learn but also a place to express my outrage and be understood. Not having this, I don't know where I would have turned to for understanding. I hope it doesn't sound presumptuous for me to be speaking in "we" and "us" above. This is just my sense and understanding of things. Thanks everyone.
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    Well said Chris, so I will just add: cute hair cut. :eyeroll:
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    Great inspiring pep talk, Arnie. :melodramatic: :tumbleweed:
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    To me Arnie is an inspiration. He could have taken wads of cash and shut up like so many others at the sharp end of Scientology dissidence, but he chose to take the road of integrity and continues to speak out from a position of experience and learning.

    Sure, nobody is perfect (except LRH of course) and I embrace Arnie as a true hero of our cause.

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    Disdainful scorn towards other unspecified critics in an uncalled for general condescending manner is not what I would call a rousing shoulder to shoulder lets work together piece of hero writing ironically posted on Chris's calling for action thread. Meh. I don't have anything more to say on the matter. On the bright side of things due to all of the Ex's/Activists speaking out the cult is becoming more screwed everyday.
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    Thanks for your belligerent critique. Next time don't bother putting words in my mouth.

    Yes, with us all working together the cult is so screwwwed!!

    :biggrin: :thumbsup:
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    I didn't put words in your mouth, I was talking about Arnie's post. I'm not interested in arguing with you about this because to me it's just not worth it and I think you're a cool person, Jump.

    Here's to the cult going down in bright public flames. :cheers:

    P.S. Apologies for the derail.
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    The thing about Chris is that he is just so PERSONABLE. He just has something about him that jumps out off the screen. I noticed it from his very first video, and it hasn't lessened any.

    Chris, it sounds like life is going well for you. Hooray! But please, please, if you can, give this the rest of this year at least. 'Cause this year is likely going to be it.

    Not that every Cof$ is going to close its doors this year. (But some of them well may.) But I do suspect this will be a watershed year for people to be getting out. Will there be some who stay, no matter what? Of course, there will. And I guess we will just have to feel sorry for them somehow.

    I recently read this old 6 part expose type article from the LA Times:

    Just think about the tons of good will toward Cof$ that is out there lurking!

    :yes: :yes: :yes:
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    Yes, and this video is hardly just for new exes. It's for all exes no matter how long ago they left or spoke out.

    Important points Chris makes in that video ( and article) Scientology And Justice For All
    The whole of it, at least the remainder of the article and video is equally important to read or listen to.

    Please help by speaking out on the internet about your experiences, if you have not already. And even if you have, keep doing so. Sign up for and get Google Alerts for key words Scientology, Narconon and you will be emailed when any articles using either of those words are posted on Google News. Comment on news articles.
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    ^^^^^This. So much this. ^^^^^^
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    Re: Chris Shelton: Scientology: And Justice for All

    Well if its true for you then... Oh wait.

    Nice work again Chris. What a great call to arms at the perfect time during the perfect storm. I am certain many will heed the call.

    Now I give you the greatest compliment that can be given to an SP, no one gives a f*ck about you.

    Seriously, you gotta keep that mobile phone charged. At this rate, you will need it. :)
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    What an important message this is.