Canada Government Funding Narconon Incorporated

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    I've been off ESMB for a while now, but still working behind the scenes with a lawsuit against Narconon Trois-Rivieres in the Montreal Courthouse. Recent hearing was in December 2017 where the Defendant's motion to dismiss was rejected by the Judge. Now waiting for Trial date. Will be posting all documents when Judge hands down his decision on our new website:

    I am now semi-retired - receiving 3 Canada Pensions and have a lot of time on my hands to dive back into exposing Narconon's human rights abuses and crimes.

    Our Tax Dollars At Work - OR Not.

    Canada Revenue Charities - Narconon Incorporated Schedule 6: Detailed Financial Information 2016 Tax Statement:

    When I scrolled down the website and clicked on REVENUE:


    Total Revenue for 2016 = $235,470.00
    Narconon Incorporated is a Canada Registered Charity operated by, Brad Melnychuck, Director/Trustee
    Reporting period ending: 2016-12-31
    Programs and activities:

    Ongoing programs:

    Drug Education Programs including: distribution of Drug Ed booklets and brochures which help instill hope for recovery from addictions and hopes for recovery and a better life. 7 volunteers totaling 468 Volunteer hours; and the showing of videos and administering individual interviews and group briefings on the dangers of drug use and addiction, through booths at public events and invites to our facilities with 8 Volunteers totaling 384 Volunteer hours. Drug Withdrawal, Drug detox, and Life Skills education and mentoring services offered and delivered to those in need. Nine volunteers totaling 4429 volunteer hours. Training of staff and volunteers on techniques to assist others recovering from addictions. 19 volunteers totaling 1240 hrs. Responding to requests for assistance from toll free help line, email and website. 5 volunteers totaling 396 hrs.





    Total compensation for all positions
    Full-time employees
    Part-time employees 7
    Professional and consulting fees $7,721

    From 2013 to 2015, NN INC only received a total of $30 from the government in the year 2014.
    I confirmed that indeed the Canada Government does fund 26.3 million to Charities that provide:

    Targeted stakeholders and Canadians access evidence-informed information on substance use
    Targeted stakeholders and Canadians are equipped with the capacity (knowledge, skills and supports) to inform their decisions and actions related to substance use Targeted stakeholders use evidence-informed information on substance use to change policies, programs, and practice Targeted Canadians take positive actions with respect to substance use Canadians have access to quality, evidence informed health promotion, prevention, treatment and harm reduction programs and services Canadians have better health outcomes
    It appears that our Canadian Government, in the year 2016, has begun funding NN INC for their work in providing communities with evidence-informed information?



    There's a lot of information to sift through, including waiting for an FOI Request being submitted, but something is amiss here with NN INC and our Federal Government.

    LINK to Narconon Incorporated Charity Data:
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    | Media Release

    Media Release: Canada Government Funding Narconon Incorporated Media Release (01/21/2018) - Scientology and Narconon has a long, dark history of duping or misleading government agencies, health authorities, and public schools. Narconon is under the umbrella of David Miscavige's, Scientology IRS agreement, when they accepted responsibility for Narconon's tax status.
    One Anonymous person stated: "Somebody either was corrupted or just too lazy to perform due diligence."
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    January 26 - 2018:
    David Love radio interview clips about Scientology's Narconon application to operate a Narconon centre on the site of an old school in the centre of Ballivor, Ireland

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    'Nobody cares about us': Locals upset as building work starts on Scientology-backed drug rehab centre team was confronted by a security guard who was filming outside Narconon site in Meath.
    FLORENCE HAMILTON HAS lived in her home in Ballivor, Meath for over 30 years. She has reared her children there, her playschool business is based in her back garden. Children come and go as we chat. Fifty metres away, diggers shift huge mounds of earth and a man dressed all in black keeps a watchful eye.
    There is hoarding and ‘Keep Out’ signs. Building work has started and the pounding of steel on stone is deafening. ‘Any queries should be sent to’ is written on a sign posted on the hoarding.
    Narconon bills itself as a drug rehabilitation therapy linked to the Church of Scientology. It was confirmed at the start of this year that the centre was to open in Ballivor. The multi-million euro development will cater for 34 “students” and 18 staff.
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    OH ... MY ... GOD...:nono: