Cathríona White / Jim Carrey wrongful death lawsuit to proceed.

Discussion in 'Scientology Celebrities' started by Leland, Jun 5, 2017.

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    so predictable

    what a fucking bunch of losers - the family / friends that are doing this

    Blame is not going to bring her back

    the 3rd party is SCIENTOLOGY:yes:

    I gaurantee that someone from Scientology told her she was going to DIE is if she did not do Scientology

    Scientology is the KILLER -

    DANGER to anyone who enters its doors
  3. arcxcauseblows

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    I don't know this story very well so I could be way off but my first thoughts are all what they put in people's heads

    One, they convinced her to disconnect from the one she loved

    Other possibilities are she caved in blaming herself for her loss based on their self policing overt motivator cycle crap believing she "pulled it in" because she's a bad person

    And the big underlying belief they instill that your body doesn't matter because you're an immortal spirit

    Scientology Code of honor

    9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.

    There's a million subtle things Scientology/Hubbard put in people's heads that lead to suicide

    Also Marty's final assessment of Scientology beliefs

    "Whether the ultimate belief, number 8 above, constitutes suicide is a wholly subjective question of religious belief."


  4. Jump

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    Cathríona Was in some kind of pseudo-medical Scientology facility with IV drip equipment etc. I would be looking carefully at the sequence of events immediately after the death.

    I recall some weird goings on at that time. Unknown persons (scilons?) entered her home and removed boxes of stuff. Did they also plant the 'suicide note'?

  5. WildKat

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  6. Lulu Belle

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    I have no idea what actually happened with this whole mess, but I have heard things about Jim Carrey and his relationship with women.

    None of it is good.

    There are sites where speculation exists about which one of her exes she's talking about. People who know her personally say it's Carrey.

    Not the only place I've heard similar things about him.

    Not to take this thread off topic, but quite a few famous comedians seem to have a very dark side in their personal lives.
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  8. Lulu Belle

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    Blind item from today about Carrey. This aligns with a lot of other stuff I've heard about him.

    Nasty With A Smile On His Face

    This famous and funny actor has starred in many movies.

    He’s in big trouble. Legal trouble, centered around a past relationship.

    Why is all this happening? Could it be due to a mental illness?

    He has meds but he goes off them because he thinks it dulls him. He doesn’t feel sharp, he doesn’t feel creative.

    Unfortunately, when he does that [goes off the meds] and he doesn’t see his doctor, he’s freaking CRAZY. I know it’s not a PC word, but that’s exactly what he is.

    He is funny and charming for two minutes, then he gets nasty and manipulative.

    It’s uncomfortable because it happens so fast and he does it with a smile on his face so at first you think he might be kidding. When you finally figure out that he means whatever nasty thing he is saying, it gets very scary, and it’s like, “Holy shit, this guy’s a psycho” and you start looking for the exits because you’re afraid something really bad is going to happen.

    We don’t know if he is mentally ill or not, but that possibility presents an interesting dilemma.

    If he does go to trial, will he try to hide the fact that he’s mentally ill so that his professional life isn’t impacted? Or will he declare that he is mentally ill so that he can use it as a defense?

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    I believe he does have serious issues. Most people can't handle that kind of stardom. He peaked awhile ago, only has downward direction to look forward to.
  10. Lurker5

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    That poor girl, had it coming at her from all sides . . . .:sadsigh:
    If this stuff is true, he'd have made a good scno celeb -- too bad they couldn't hook him.

    Wait, what the hell am I saying????

    Well, as I said in regards to Mawtee, Karma is a bitch.
    These 2 have it comin' down the pike for them . . . :yes:
    Well, deserved IMHO.
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    New info here. Very detailed article about Cathriona's last days, with notes from a "therapist". I will post more of the highlights later when I can.

    The article is really rough, FULL of typos. It doesn't mention who or what kind of therapist provided the notes. But apparently Cathriona was prescribed Lexapro. Also interesting...
    I found nowhere any mention of the Scn connection.

    I gotta assume that OSA, Celebrity Center (DM?) were probably all over this relationship. Big superstar in a relationship with a young, very naive new Scientologist. The man Cathriona married (conveniently) was a Scn-ist. This man and Cathriona's mother, I believe, are bringing the lawsuit against Carrey. Marty Singer is the lawyer for Carrey.

    Anyway, a lot of unanswered questions still.
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    As a scno she sure did a lot of 'no-no' things. Sex, drugs, psychotherapy, doctors . . .:confused2:

    Her other behaviors, as revealed in the 'notes', are very scno/co$ . . .

    Got to wonder - all for the 'greater good' . . .? Celeb coddling - or a trap for a bigger fish?

    Until scno/co$ connection here comes out of the shadows, the whole story hasn't been told.

    I keep thinking of more 'stuff' . . .
    Wouldn't JC have been a huge whale to 'land', what with all that blackmail material . . . :hmm:
    What would co$ overlook in her, to get to him - get him by the balls, literally.
    And then this lawsuit . . . how connected to scno/co$ is that?
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  13. WildKat

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    EXACTLY what I've been thinking since the story broke!
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    I don't know what to think on this one. :unsure: :confused:
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    Me either! I've heard the rumors that he is a shit but if its because he doesnt take his meds I have sympathy for him. Her involvement in COS certainly raises more questions about her own mental state (just because of the mind fuck of it all). I recently saw a vid on YouTube where Carrey seems like he is struggling and trying to redefine his world so yeah I guess I do feel bad for him after all. Maybe this will lead to some "revelations" that could lead to COS back in court....
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