CCHR Executives Salaries posted online - Jan Eastgate makes $49,000 - VP's $57.000

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by Knows, Dec 27, 2016.

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  1. That's actually peanuts compared to most heads of international charities and she has to deal with the shitheads uplines ... fuck even if I was still a scn I'd take a HARD PASS on that posting.
  2. No but people at ABLE and other CN logins can rate the charity and they are probably bumping that rating like friends+family members stat push their amigos restaurant ratings ... and also that's really low percentages for the NGO space in terms of salaries and whatnot, which makes the other ratings higher by default.
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    Your point is a good one--that it could be Scn trying to game the system, cheat, or just like their way to wherever it is that they are so fanatically trying to go.

    Historically, Hubbard & Scientologists ( beginning in 1950, as Dianetics) degenerately lied about virtually everything they had done, were doing or could do--if paid enough.

    That being the case, it really wouldn't matter whether Scientologists had unethically embedded themselves within the Charity Navigator. Because, had they been detected and denied such undue influence, Scientologists would simply check that ruse or "black op" off the list--and, without missing a beat, launch right into the next way to circumvent the safeguards.

    Scientologists tried (and famously failed) to play this lying game with WIKI, which ultimately got them banned from having editorial access.

    However there are many instances when Scientologists DID "win" with their treacherous scheming. The Cult Awareness Network ("CAN") comes to mind. Recall that they sued that entity to death, bankrupted it--them bought it in bankruptcy court for pennies. Thereafter, Scientologists were literally installed in CAN's offices, answering the phone "Cult Awareness Network"! LOL. When anyone would ask about Scientology, they would die and misdirect them. These were HUGE wins for Scientologists.

    I won't belabor the point by listing out countless other examples of how Scientology cheated, defrauded and broke the rules/laws to get what they wanted.

    Your inquiry is of real merit, as with any other earnest WHISTLEBLOWING efforts to rid the world of the cruel hoax called Scientology. However, it bears noting that it is not only what Scientology DOES that bears scrutiny--but, what Scientology IS.

    Because Scientology itself is a front.

    Scientology itself is a ruse.

    Scientology itself is a black op.

    Hubbard's front, ruse and black op. To make a fortune and gain fame.

    Many get distracted and don't realize that Scientology was set up with Hubbard describing it as "the religion angle".

    Scientology is an avaricious madman's wet dream. A money machine that also provide a ready-made outlet for his creative writing drive AND his uncontrolled megalomania. People think because Hubbard was "researching" and looking for the "holy grail" to turn mortals into Gods, that there must have been some redemptive significance to it.


    It was just "CONTENT" for the hoax.

    When Hubbard died, the entire hoax was assumed by another sadistic, megalomaniacal madman, Miscavige.

    Scientology is simply nothing more and nothing less than a vehicle--an instrument--for those two sociopathic con men. All gains (financial, power & fame) accrue to just those two.

    Did anyone really think someone else is benefiting? LOL

    ps: Sorry for the rant. I'm really a much nicer person when I haven't been CultMuggedtm. LOL
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    Second thought. . .

    Trying to CATCH Scientology at their schemes & scams is quite easy.

    However, trying to grab hold of Scientology and keep it still long enough to be held criminally, civilly and financially responsible for their reckless crimewave is about as easy as catching drops of liquid mercury with chopsticks--being dropped from a supersonic jet flying at the limits of the Earth's upper atmosphere, at midnight, during a lunar eclipse--midst a blinding rainstorm. LOL
  5. Yes, no apologies needed for your "rant" it is an understandable and logical view, even if I don't entirely subscribe to it. I'm familiar with most of your examples and do subscribe to your beliefs on DM though, that fucker is totally a sadistic, megalomaniacal, also greedy and self-centered.

    Now I'm not saying that Hubbard's not also sadistic and megalomaniacal (he is) but that I really do think due to untreated mental illness that he believed his own shit. He cared in his own, massively flawed, abusive way - sort of like my abusive parent but that's a different story for a different forum though not unrelated I think as to 'why' I ended up in the cult. However that's why Hubbard (or people like him in other cults) are more harmful because if you believe it you're more libel to "sell" it to others who would otherwise know to peg you as a flimflam man. That said if you could create something that would effectively help others and make yourself rich at the same time why not do that? Hubbard (despite his crazy) was clever enough to plagiarize from lots of Neuroscientists, Biologists, Psychs, Engineers, Linguists, Anthropologists (Margaret Mead in particular), various Asian religions like Taoism, Shito-ism, Buddhism etc. and make a non-workable hodge-podge from adding sci-fi to it. The issue is that is complete and utter non-understanding of the things he stole from actually combined them in a crazy making fashion. His basic misunderstanding of scientific principles is astounding and on top of that an abuse of placebo, nocebo, other self-suggestion and ritualized peer-pressure makes scientology one of the worse things out there. I really do think in his craycray noggin he thought making people more like himself would make the world a better place. I'm not saying it's as bad as ISIS but anyone who thinks what he did has several crayons short of a box. :eek: Anyone sane knows that the way to a better world is for people to be more authentically themselves, and therefore more likely to be not like you :)

    As an aside - I'm actually doing similar, but on a real, tangible, small scale with a neuroscience based product - so unlike scientology it should at least work to a degree :p
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