Celebrity centre international from 1990-2000

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by Ex-so, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. EZ Linus

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    You are entitled to your viewpoint of course. But it is from the parking situation, not knowing her personally. I'm sure she didn't appreciate having to get her car out of impound every time. She probably thought someone would probably just find her to move her car, and I highly doubt she was purposely singling out your spot. I have parked in "other people's spots" there before, especially because it didn't seem to make a difference which spot was whose. It seemed that one spot was allocated for each resident, but not specifically. My friend who lived there had a motorcycle and would tell me it was okay to park there because he wasn't taking up his spot. Lisa was doing the same thing because of what this same resident was telling her, as he was Danny's best friend. If I saw her car there, or my friend's girlfriend's car, I'd find street parking. I would blame those guys before I would blame her because she just went along with what they'd tell her to do. Danny was her world and he was quite manipulative in his charming way. She was sweet and never would want to cause another person to feel upset. And she did not feel entitled. She was in fact the opposite and was self-conscious about "who" she was. I think it's taken her a very long time for her to figure that out. I am proud of her. She has come a long way. I am not trying to argue with you and tell you not to have your feelings about your experience because it sounds very frustrating. I'm only telling you this because I knew her and she was misjudged all the time for being aloof just because she was Elvis Presley daughter, something that was surprising not easy to live with, let alone being raised in Scientology.
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    I thought her post was Chief Officer - whatever that is.
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    Yeah, I think she did eventually become that. She was in treasury earlier.
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    Hey all,
    I was never in the SO, but I was around CC for a few years in the mid 90's, went to some scio schools, etc. All sorts of fun.

    I remember most of the people mentioned in this thread. unfortunately, I can't add any more info than what's already up here.
    I'd like to find out more about some of them though. (but most I could give two fucks about)
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    Hi Nomadic :wave: :welcome:
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    Hi Nomad. Welcome.

    I can give a flying fart myself, but it's nice to know about people who have left that I once knew way back when, if only on an acquaintance level.
    I hung around CC before it was renovated for just a short while, and maybe that was in the 80s. Then again in the mid 1990s. I knew people, younger than I, that went to a local Scn school, and then of course most of them went to Delphi and they were like a giant fraternity.
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    Lots of exes have spoken out. See my signature. :yes:

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