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  1. Murray Luther

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    This might be of interest to many. It's an ambitious project, but one that's well worthwhile, I think.

    follow this link:
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  2. This is NOT OK !!!!

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    Can you tell us a little about your project?

    People here are a bit cautious about clicking links. You can thank OSA for that.
  3. Murray Luther

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    Direct from my GoFundMe campaign page:

    Clash of the Thetans
    Not only are Scientologists leaving their Church, they’re fighting back. As more and more former Scientologists stand up and speak out against the abuses, deceit and destructive policies of their former church, they’ve created an energy and a momentum that can’t be ignored.

    The Plan
    Former Scientologists who have left the Church far outnumber those in good standing. We can capitalize on these superior numbers in a big way. Not only can we, we should. My project seeks to match the production values of the Church of Scientology’s well-funded PR machine. Not only can we match their glitzy propaganda, we can do it with legitimate, effective, first-class content that’s as compelling as it is professional.

    The Project
    I seek to create a web domain that will allow former members to create their own Church related content. Not a news forum or a blog, this will be an online publication that will rival anything that the Church of Scientology has ever attempted. I’ll set up the domain and site structure, and invite former members to contribute articles, essays, graphics, multimedia--just about anything that you can put online. With my assistance, these contributors will get professional support in all the aspects of online publishing, and at no cost to them. In addition to assisting contributors, I’ll be producing various content, as well as handling marketing, promotion, and monitoring web traffic metrics.

    The Pitch
    In order to launch this project, I need $2500 to cover domain registration, two years of online serving, software, and labor. As money starts coming in, I’ll immediately begin setting things up. (I don’t need the full amount to get started). Once the total goal amount is achieved, the site will be online and functioning. This includes graphic design and basic content, with keen attention put on promotion and marketing. If the goal amount is exceeded, I’ll use that money to promote the site to attract more visitors and contributors, and for additional material to enhance the look and content.

    The Purpose
    The purpose of this project is threefold:

    1) Provide former Scientologists with their own unique platforms to tell their stories and share their perspectives. We all have them, and they’re often interesting, eye-opening, and well worth sharing.

    2) To be a community gathering for those interested in the goings-on of former Scientologists. After all, we outnumber the current members in good standing. The least we can do is have a web presence that meets and exceeds the pretentious and over-hyped content found within the Church’s online network.

    3) To be a reliable resource and communication line for Church members in good standing who might be reevaluating their relationship with Scientology.

    Future Growth
    Once the site is up and running, I’ll keep developing, promoting and adding content at no additional charge. Although I’ll continue to solicit donations through various channels, it shouldn’t affect the continuing progress of the website.

    Meet Your Campaign Manager
    Scientologists both in and out might know me by my pen name, Murray Luther. My articles and comments on Scientology have appeared on newsgroups and other sites since 2004. Beyond that, I’ve been in marketing and advertising for most of my professional life, designing and producing promotional material, and creating strategic communications in all mediums. I also spent a couple of years as the Director of Marketing and Communication for a prominent Scientology Mission. The work sometimes included volunteer work for the Guardians Office. After my Mission post, I continued to work with the Office of Special Affairs on various projects. In short, I know how PR works, and I certainly understand how the COS works.
    For more info, you can visit these sites I’ve designed and produced:

    My Scientology website:

    My Scientology video page:

    My professional directory:

    There's more of us than there are of them. Let's do it!
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  4. guRl

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    This project sounds quite amazing! I wish you the best of luck with that, and I sincerely hope this platform will move forward! :clap2:
  5. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    I set up websites. Domains are cheap when purchased and hosting runs about $10.00 a month. So $120 for domain hosting....lets say $75 or domain regestration. $200 to get going...labor. Until the finished product or even part of a product is viewed the value for me is not there. I check many blogs and sites. Those I value I support...others I do not. But let us know if your reach your goal and I will take a look.

    Good luck sounds like you have a plan.
  6. Murray Luther

    Murray Luther Patron

    Without question a website can be set up for $200. But I'm approaching this as a major league production. I'm hoping that I can avoid putting it all together with paper clips and duct tape. The last thing I want is to descend into just-another-guy-with-a-website oblivion. I'm pretty sure that the internet's top 100 sites took a bit more than $200 to develop, design, and maintain.

    For your amusement:
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  7. Chris Shugart

    Chris Shugart Patron

    This project is evolving slowly but surely. A domain name has been acquired and secured and a basic landing page was posted online. It's since been upgraded. Follow this link so see the complete page.