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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Bea Kiddo, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Got some real first hand experience about that, which I'm not gonna share here at this time as it would not be polite, apropos or fair. But, you NAILED IT, Purple. :yes:

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    I was a child for the entire time I was actively "in"
    I had a guardian (my parents could not join)
    The recruiter led us all to believe that I would be attending school (nope not me) I wanted to go to the ATA , I'm not really not sure what the reason was for why.

    One memory is being stuck down the trash chute with a rope tied around me to unclog it (cant remember which other EPF 'ers ("US" since the members were constantly changing) were there holding the rope and remember this

    When I "went missing" my parents were told not to call the police that security was handling the investigation.
    Now my parents wrote KR's about how things were being taken care of.

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    Excerpted from Anchors, Chains, Chain Lockers and Lock Ups at www.gerryarmstrong.org

    Gerry's picture showing the location of the anchor and windlass on the Apollo


    On the conditions in the chain locker:

    On the size of the anchor chain:

    How the chain locker was lit:

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    Ron the Humanitarian!

    Keep it up!!!
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    Scarlett Hanna's story:

  6. JustMe

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    This is so completely heartbreaking!

    I am so very thankful to everyone out there telling their stories so that, even if our governments will not act to protect the children, other parents will know enough to never get involved with the caustic horror that is scientology much less let their children anywhere near it.

    I'll just put this here from a little over two years ago in front of the New York "church" of child abuse:

  7. thank you for much factual information

    to characterize hubbard as "sadistic" is an opinion not proven by the facts but it is noted this is a sincerely wonderful way for a sadist to enjoy children and get away with it
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    This is a re-post:

    Hana Eltringham Whitfield: "There were secretive flights to New York from the ship by Hubbard aides and others for abortions either condoned or ordered by Hubbard... Women who became pregnant did not want to be sent off the ship so they chose, in some cases, to have the abortions and, in some cases, Hubbard ordered them to have abortions".

    Interviewer: "So the issue of forced abortions is not new?..."

    Hana: "No, it's not new. It existed on board the Royal Scotman."

    This is from 1:48 - 3:06, in part four of a six part interview with Hana Eltringham Whitfield.

    In this segment, Hana also discusses the death of Susan Meister and the cover up by Hubbard. Also discussed are the scandalous conditions in the children's nursery at the Fort Harrison (Flag Land Base) in 1975, 1976, etc.


    From the 1952 Philadelphia Doctorate Course:

    "We mustn't mention this because, God help us, there goes the moral code. Penicillin took out the disease level and now... [a person] can take a couple of beams of energy.... and terminate a pregnancy. Nothing wild or forceful or upsetting or anything like that. Just make sure the tube opens. It's very simple. There are muscles and so forth that contract and expand at a certain period every month, and that sort of thing."

    Gleefully, Hubbard continued:

    "Pregnancies that have been as much as three months advanced have been terminated that way... Isn't this fascinating? So you've got something like birth control sitting right there in theta clearing... It's just deadly. One, two, three!"

    1952, 'PDC' lecture. Hubbard explains how wonderful it is that OTs can now induce abortions:


    And, from a precept from 'The Way to Happiness' "moral code" booklet, written, in 1980, as PR cover while Hubbard was in hiding after the exposure of his amoral, immoral, and criminal teachings and activities:

    On the topic of sex, in 'TWTH', one precept advises against promiscuity, explaining that, "A 'feeling of guilt' is no where near as sharp as ground glass in the soup."

    Note that "feeling of guilt" is in quotes.


    As early as 1951, Hubbard had spoken dismissively of "conscience." In the lecture, 'Cause on All Dynamics', he said:

    "What is conscience? It is simply a negating against your own, not somebody else's, causes. If there is such a thing as conscience, it would be that...

    "Now, you want to know anytime in your life when you have felt guilty... you go back earlier and find the postulate that you are guilty of disobeying [and erase the postulate]."


    Hubbard expressed the idea of being free of the "impediment" of conscience more simply, during a ('PDC') lecture in 1952:

    "Never be the effect of your own cause."


    And on the family:

    "The GE [Genetic Entity] is a family man. The GE is lost without the family. It's very strange but Homo Sap is a family unit. The GE is built on that basis...

    "And your thetan, by the way, can much more easily go into a group. Families are not good groups."

    From 10 December 1952, PDC lecture series.

    So much of what is occurring in Scientology today is an echo of what happened - under Hubbard - in the past.



    More from video #4 of Hana, beginning at 3:50:

    "There was Susan Meister's so-called suicide... and there was her body being shipped back to the United States in a sealed coffin because of a cholera scare in Morocco.

    "Well, there was no cholera scare in Morocco.

    "There was simply a PR - what was simply a cover-up, ordered by Hubbard because he did not want Susan's family in the United States to be able to open the casket and to look at the body, and to have their own autopsy done, and come to their own conclusions as to how she died.

    "And to prevent that from happening he [Hubbard] dreamed up a cholera scare... managed to convince the... authorities to seal the casket...

    "And it was just a cover-up.

    "Twenty years later, ... the father, Mr. Meister, called Jerry and myself, his voice breaking, pleading for help. He was still searching for information on exactly what happened to his daughter."


    The 12 February 1967 Policy Letter 'Admin Know-How, the Responsibility of Leaders' -a.k.a. The Bolivar Policy Letter:

    "[The power asks] 'What are those dead bodies doing at the door'. And if you [the subordinate] are clever, you never let it be known HE [the power] killed them - that weakens you and also hurts the power source. 'Well, boss about all those dead bodies, nobody at all will suppose you did it. She over there, those pink legs sticking out, didn't like me'. 'Well', he'll say if he really is a power, 'Why are you bothering me with it if it's done and you did it. Where's my blue ink?...

    "...always push power in the direction of anyone on whose power you depend. It may be more money for the power, or more ease, or a snarling defense of the power to the critic, or even the dull thud of one of his enemies in the dark, or the glorious blaze of a whole enemy camp as a birthday surprise...

    "...Real powers are developed by tight conspiracies of this kind... and if they are right and also manage their man [the power] and keep him from collapsing from overwork, bad temper or bad data, a kind of juggernaut builds up."


    A bullet hole in the middle of her forehead, but no powder burns.


    And, then there's Hubbard's peculiar attitude towards "boys" in this 1950s lecture. Make of this what you will...

    Note Hubbard's ridiculing&dismissive attitude toward sex with little boys from 1:07 onward:



    And then there's this ditty from 'Mission Earth' volume 9; 'Villainy Victorious':

    Oh, a soldier's life is the life for me;
    Tuma-a -diddle; tuma-a-diddle, paw-pata
    In camp and plain, I'm always free
    To tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-paw~
    No women ever spoil my view
    With tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-pam
    They're always wanting something new
    Not tuma-diddle; tuma-diddle, paw-pam
    For it is the men that I enjoy
    To tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-pav.~
    The best there is I find is boy!
    Oh, tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle; paw-pam
    The enemy I do not mind
    If tuma-diddle, tuma-diddl4 paw-paw
    Can go on in my behind
    With tuma-diddle; tuma-diddle, paw-pa~
    And if my bunkmates all are kind
    With tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-pam
    Surrounded by ten thousand (bleeps)
    That tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-pa~
    All passionate and hard as rocks
    To tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-pazt~
    Eager to slide in my buttocks
    And tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle, paw-paw!
    So (bleep), (bleep), (bleep) and (bleep) in me!
    Tuma-diddle, tuma-diddl4 paw-pam
    And let me (bleep) and (bleep) in thee
    With tuma-diddle, tuma-diddk, paw-pam
    Oh, what a love-ul-lee Arm-ee!
    With its tuma-diddle, tuma-diddle;
    OH! BOY!

    In case anyone is wondering what Hubbard was thinking about, instead of working on writing up those upper OT levels that he promised all those years.




    For a number of years people have wondered when OT VIII would be released.

    Well, to tell you the honest truth, OT VIII has been in existence all those several years, and to it have been added a very large number of OT grades. None of them have been issued. Notes for all these grades are in existence.

    What I have been waiting for is 2 or 3 months of free time to go over these materials and write them up and make them available through Advanced Organizations.

    Now I will make a bargain with you. If you get all the tech straightened out and the orgs and flaps and emergencies off my lines and get your training in and your Word Clearing in and everything flying and this civilization even more thoroughly pointed in a civilized direction, you will buy me those 3 months worth of time so I will be able to afford the time to write up all these advanced levels I have researched. Do your job well and buy me these 3 months.

    Is it a bargain?


    From Hubbard's gleeful affirming of the ease of abortions, to his disdain of "Homo Saps" and their preoccupation with families, to the inferiority of the family unit as a group, to his 'Pain and Sex' HCOB, the seeds of what would happen, later, were planted by Scientology's founder long before.

    The abuse of children in the Sea Org began at the inception of the Sea Org, with Hubbard ordering stern punishment and confinement of children who were regarded as misbehaving on the "Flagship," on which he was the "Commodore"; then there was his encouragement that children be inducted into the Sea Org as young as 12, or younger, including as his personal servants.

    In 1976, Hubbard came up with the Children's RPF. As early as 1961 there was a Children's Security Check for ages 6 - 12. Apparently, after 12, the child - an "ancient thetan in a little body" - would be eligible for an adult Security Check.


    L. Ron Hubbard established the Children's RPF in 1976:



    Robert Vaughn Young re. the RPF and RPF's RPF, and re. children RPF'ed on the 'Flagship Apollo': http://www.scientology-lies.com/rvy1.html


    Here's the Sec Check for Children, written by L Ron Hubbard.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


    HCO WW Security Form 8

    The following is a processing check for use on children.
    Be sure the child can understand the question. Rephrase it so he or she
    can understand it. The first question is the most potent.

    Children's Security Check

    Ages 6 -- 12



    And, as usual, Scientology surrounds itself with a protective "defense" perimeter, from front groups such as 'The Way to Happiness' Foundation, to giant crosses on its "Churches," to photographs of happy, wholesome, families, and there's plenty of Hubbardian PR verbiage to accompany it.

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    Popcorn overload. Luv you guys....
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    Bea asked me to repost this here in the Scientology Child Abuse thread.

    It's from a few years ago: a covert recording of Wally Hanks beating a kid while commanding him to look at a portrait of our old friend, L Ron Hubbard, among other things. (Audio only.)


    The sick machinery of Dianetics has been an absolute gift for child abusing wierdos like Wally Hanks, OT8.
  11. I remember a time, I was probably 10 or 11, and someone had stolen a stereo belonging to the CO of the Tours org (Tours org was basically a group of reges that would go on "tours" to different orgs to reg money). I was a suspect and the CO Tours authorized a couple guys, I think they were around 17, to interrogate me with "hard communication", i.e. fists. Luckily their hearts weren't really in it because they just smacked me around a bit, on the roof of the CLO. I don't know if they ever found the stereo (wasn't me!). :no:
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    Saint Hill, around 1978. One of the male Cronin kids. I forget his name now. There was an outing to Brighton for the kiddies, and 2 Cronin kids were swimming and got into trouble in the rough water. Someone, I think Elizabeth Collins (age 15 at the time maybe), had to rapidly choose one to save and rescued Alexander. The other one drowned.

    The kid locked in the fridge also happened at Saint Hill in the late 70s, well, at the crew berthing and kids' madhouse Stonelands. Rumour line, wasn't it that terror Bruce Bolger (terror as a young kid, might be fine now) who locked him in?

    I wasn't on any relevant info lines, not a parent or related staff, just picked up some general hushed scuttlebutt at the time.

  13. the BOI is entirely pleased to receive first hand accounts particularly from such intelligent and well spoken members as bea

    now again...

    my personal experience is different

    fcdc was a sea org org and it was my own mate who tended the children and she had a background in el ed at temple university. not a graduate but she had done intern work...
  14. however...

    what kids at fcdc had was acceptable de jure and better for kathie it is not what i would want for my own children


    i was able to examine the children's org again twenty years later and found the same standards maintained by my dear friend adrianna (castle) lewis

    i keep my eye on the kids babe...

    wherever i might be
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    Please no conversations/opinions on this thread.... information only.... Thanks! :thumbsup:
  16. afaceinthecrowd

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    For the record only...Speaking as a former Staff Aide...FCDC was NOT an SO Org. :no:
  17. Enthetan

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    "Why the hell did the parents ignore the signs? Why did they not pick up their kids and walk away?"

    The ones who would have walked away, already had walked away.

    Some years after I left the SO, had gotten married, and had my first kid, I realized that as soon as she was a teen we would be under heavy pressure to let her join the CMO. I didn't allow our kids anywhere near the org, and drifted away.
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    Hey I am getting an idea who you may be. (Sorry Bea for the conversation) I knew Adrianna Castle and I think it is Kathie Wilhere (Greg's sister)? Such a long time ago, my memory fades about many people. And I read that you were an auditor; I MUST have come in contact with you as I was DTS, delivering the creatures to you at auditing time.
  19. Winston Smith

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    Was there a question about this? I never had any SO contact other than the goons showing up one day and declaring everyone I loved. LRH hisself did say it was the "Founding Org" as if it was some big shit deal, and his office was kept pristine there on 19th Street.
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    Emphasis mine.

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