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  1. i just read it XB

    yes i have heard many stories...

    as i have said you can't prove it by me

    i saw no child abuse at all in either san francisco, cambridge, or fcdc

    and fcdc i married the woman who ran the children's org, a former nun and college trained in el ed and she treated those kids RIGHT!!!
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    How unfailingly OT of you.
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    Please no conversation on this thread. Stories only.

    The thought police are WATCHING YOU!!!!! :police:
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    Child abuse in the Sea Org - Astra and Zoe Woodcraft

    Astra Woodcraft entered the Sea Org when she was only five. Her sister, Zoe, was only two.



    Astra Woodcraft's affidavit is here:


    Zoe Woodcraft's affidavit is here:

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    Child abuse in the Sea Org - Janice Parker's Story

    Janice Parker grew up in one of the children's Sea Org Scientology camps. She tells a heartbreaking story of her mother telling her she wanted to leave, then being taken away from her and never seeing her again. Janice was punished for even asking about her mother. Her father wasn't with her, as the Church of Scientology had already declared him an SP. She was offered an opportunity to live with her father but discouraged from doing so because he was a "Suppressive Person" and bad for leaving Scientology.

    Janice was only five years old.

    Her mother had already suicided days or weeks earlier, while the "Church" of Scientology staff member was attempting to convince her to stay there and join the Sea Org rather than live with her dad - without telling her that her mother was dead and she would never see her again.

    This is her story:

    Read the rest of her story here: http://exscientologykids.com/janice-story/

    From ExScientologykids.com, Voices in Unison
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    Child abuse in the Sea Org - (part of) Alexander Jentsch's story

    Alexander Jentsch was born into the Sea Org. Most of you know about his sad story and untimely and unnecessary young death.

    For those who don't, here is part of his story, when he was just a child in the Sea Org. Alexander was only 12 years old when he was raped by a Sea Org member, and neither of his parents were even told about it.

    See more of his story here:

    (PS - I hope you all don't mind that I don't comment too much on these stories. They are so heart-breaking that it's all I can do to post them without crying. Thanks for understanding.)
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    I can confirm Alex J. story. I was on the RPF with Marie Warren and audited her. I won't say anymore.
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    Child abuse in the Sea Org - Maureen Bolstad

    Maureen Bolstad thought she was going away to a real school to receive a legitimate education when she was conned into signing a billion year contract. Her mother was drunk when she co-signed her daughter's life away. Nothing that was promised by the recruiter was true, and Maureen was, instead, kept out of school and put to hard labor duties as a child slave for the Church of Scientology Sea Org in Clearwater, Florida:

    For Maureen's full story, please see http://xscientologywomen.com/category/children-in-scientology/
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    Child abuse in the Sea Org - Sharone Stainforth's Story

    Sharone was raised in Scientology since she was two years old. She grew up in Scientology's Sea Org as a child and was on the ship Apollo with L Ron Hubbard. Sharone courageously spoke out about her experiences in the hopes that politicians, media and the general public will work together to stop the child abuse that still goes on at the Church of Scientology.

    Here is Sharone's story, in her own words, as told at the Dublin Conference:

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    with nothing to add other than this: A SHOUT OF BUGGER YOU to DM and LRH (roasting in some lower level of hell me thinks or hopes).

    This was painful but necessary reading for me- whatever desire for my pity party regarding my time as a pub just shriveled up. For the love of GOD what is WRONG with the government of AMERICA to have not only permitted this to occur- but to have the Inland Revenue Service endorse this monstrosity with tax breaks.

    I am unable to coherently express my feelings ...:melodramatic:
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    I was one of those 11 year old children locked up in the chain locker, and sexually abused at aged 14. In answer to where my parents were... my father wasn't on the scene, but my mother was left in the UK whilst I was sent to the ship. When Ivis Bolger and Monica Quirino found out about my being abused, it was me who sent for a sec. check and not the person who raped me! Beggars belief, and I thank God every day that I am not involved, and that my children never have been and never will be !


    Let's see where this thread goes....[/QUOTE]
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    I remember both these incidents really, really well. The little boy who drowned was Sean Cronin and the little girl who got trapped in the fridge (not boy) was brought back to life by Richard Rees as far as I recall. Her father Ron Biggs was so grateful as you can imagine, but it was such a traumatic event at the time, and we were in shock for quite a long while.
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    Thank you for speaking out vumba , This is Why (we protest)