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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Bea Kiddo, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. lotus

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    Thank's for the link!
    I knew the name but did not knew this story!

    It's comforting to know there was at least one person to confront his cruelty to protect children
    Much respect to him!
    (Withfield had done something too , to get a child out of the chain locker+ a MAA I guess)
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    I am crying and you areNOT forgotten
  4. Anonycat

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    Dear God, that would be like a huge chainsaw. Thank you for telling about this, and please do expose more of the hellish actions of scientology. I am not crying now, but I feel it coming on. All the love to you.

    <3 <3 <3
  5. lotus

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    I wish one of these abused child will tell his\her story one day - in a documentary (mark Bunker)
    That would help so much in lifting the veil over the Tech and the great humanitarian.

    I am convinced the (past and present) children abuse in the SO
    is what would make the public concerned about this cult.

    One of my SO senior was one of the child on the Apollo
    Me, the retard, often ask him ''please tell stories about LRH...''

    He would answer '' Hummmmmmmmmm let's get good production done and I'll tell something (thursday night)
    (he would only do it while in mission to please people)

    But the 2-3 stories he told were so banal I don't remember them and I was sad he would not share the great theta stories he would experienced while being so close to Uncle Ron.

    Many, many many years later - I had discovered he was one small child LRH was real angry at...and he was so scared. He got ethics handling ordered by LRH for something so idiot...it's unbelievable. The child had been so much loyal to him and was punished.

    This guy spent his childhood with LRH and had nothing famous and theta to tell!
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    Unicef guy here AGAIN, not leaving this alone

  9. AnonKat

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    Just look into Unicef:

  10. JustSheila

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    This is a great thread.
  11. Gizmo

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    It remains children have been abused for many many years at the hands of the SO, be it at flag or big blue & damn near everywhere else they were.

    The most sickening is the constant covering up of child sexual abuse. It IS the story that can destroy the CoS. It almost destroyed the Catholic Church & they spent untold millions paying off the victims to go away - and they have much deeper pockets than the little piss ant sized cult.

    Bits & pieces have been told here & there & one hell of a lot more sweep under rug by OSA threats.

    I keep feeling one day someone will go to the authorities & get some interest in WHY in all the years of scn that scn itself has NEVER come forward to the police ( as REQUIRED BY law ) & ever reported a case of child sexual molestation. So many people who are - or where - on staff know first hand of child sexual abuse & so do many public.

    Time for law to step in & prosecute the long standing cover up that is illegal, period.
  12. lotus

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  13. Free to shine

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  14. Demented Hubbatd

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    I have a short paralegal experience (paralegals are much lower than lawyers, they prepare materials for trials, but they do not participate in trials).

    Before a case goes to court, the accusations made by individuals must be investigated. If you claim that you saw Scientology children being exploited, you should report what you saw to the police, and their duty is to start investigation, unless the statute of limitations has expired.

    I witnessed violation of child labor laws in Sea Org, but at that time I was a Scientologist, so I didn't file a report (shame on me!). I am sure that either the police or child protection agencies would have started interviews of the juvenile Sea Org members, whose names I knew, but failed to disclose.

    Guilty as I am for this outrage, the parents of these children are even more responsible for their kids' misfortune. Even before a trial, these children would have been removed from Sea Org, and their parents were likely to lose their parental rights. The children would have been placed in protective custody.

    Now, about the trial itself -- it is likely that I would not have to testify at it because the prosecutors would have had plenty of data coming from the police detectives and the employees of child protection agencies.
  15. Gizmo

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    I found that many times I had to leave this thread & cry.

    This is one thread that I think requires tissue handy to wipe away the tears.

    Yet this thread is a true must read for those who want to know how it really was

    and how unspeakably horribly children were - and are still today - treated.

    This IS the stuff that IF made public will bring down the "church" of scientology.
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  16. JustSheila

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    Carried over from another thread:

  17. Gizmo

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    Child abuse in the SO ? Yep !

    Sexual of abuse of children covered up & never reported to police as REQUIRED by law ? OH HELL YES !

    I continue to believe nothing will destroy the cult as swiftly as sexual abuse of children being made know in public, in the media, & with the law.
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    Thank you x

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