Chris Shelton reviews the book Scientology by James R. Lewis

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    VIDEO: Review of Chapter 13, by James T. Richardson, entitled "Scientology in Court: A Look at Some Major Cases from Various Nations," of the book Scientology edited by James R. Lewis.


    Published on Dec 8, 2016

    In this video series, I'm taking on Scientology academic apologists by deconstructing the book Scientology by James R. Lewis, chapter by chapter. In this video, I look at Chapter 14, written by James T. Richardson and titled "Scientology in Court: A Look at Some Major Cases from Various Nations."
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    Not sure James Lewis is the apologist you make him out to be.
    Here he gives a talk at Dror independent centre and opens by
    saying words to the effect that the FZ Independent area is
    growing and the Church is shrinking. I made the same point in
    my talk and paper published by Inform.

    At the conference when I gave my talk I was introduced to
    Gordon Melton and I asked him if he'd read Denise Brennan's
    account of "Religious Cloaking " by the Church of scientology.
    He hadn't. I sent him a copy, still waiting for an acknowledgement.

    I'd have thought this required reading for someone writing
    about Scn.