Chris Shelton vid on The Truth Rundown - Leah Remini and Scientology Mind Control

Discussion in 'Chris Shelton's Videos' started by Glenda, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. Glenda

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  2. PirateAndBum

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    Yikes all mighty! That is some sick shit. Turning the FPRD into a black tool of mind control. Very very nasty.

    Leah got $300K of that shit at Flag, so that's at least 300 freakin hours of being subjected to that shit. Woah!
  3. Chris Shelton

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    Hey guys. Yeah, Scientology is ALWAYS worse than you think, but I think this "rundown" is about as close to the bottom as you get. It's nasty stuff.

    I was coming here just now to post a link to the video as I thought it might be of interest here, even to all the old timers who are regulars here and didn't ever experience this because it came out before their time. I also found out this morning that FDSing was also used extensively as thought reform before the TRD became the mainline handling for "black PR", i.e. free thought and speaking your mind within the bubble world. I'm also learning since I released this of other public and Class V staff who received the TRD at some point, so it may be a bit more widely used than I had suspected but kept under wraps for obvious reasons.

    Regardless, this is real and they do it. I experienced it and it screwed with my head for years. I think I would have been able to break out of the cult mind control a few years earlier if I had not had this Truth Rundown on my RPF program and I'm sure others could say the same. That I was able to come to my senses and Leah could too speaks to the power of the spirit (or psyche) more so than the power of the "tech". This stuff is straight out of concentration camps. So I hope some folks here get something out of watching this and how it could relate to what they experienced in the cult.
  4. WildKat

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    When I was in they were doing "rollbacks". Did this replace that, or do they still do rollbacks?
  5. lotus

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    Funny, I completely forgot the ''rollbacks''

    We had many of them, beginning ot 80's - probably around the mission holders purge and David Mayo Espiness psychosis..

    Weren't those interrogatories conducted on all staff members to find something - like gone to fish for ennemy lines spreading (about int management and org top exec)??

    I only remember staff were terrorized (including me) when we heard..Hey...''rollback'' :omg:

    Anyhow, thanks for posting another of very informative Chris video - I had no idea about what was the truth rundown :confused2: Again..using nice word to get peoploe in the mind manipulation trap...

    Hi Glenda, nice to see you!
    Thanks to Chris!
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  6. Dulloldfart

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    Here you go:

  7. Chris Shelton

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    What Paul said ^^^

    Rollbacks are done and used to investigate and uncover black PR lines which could then be taken up in TRD to "handle" them. Or not. RB is sometimes just done to get the "source" of the black PR (always had to be some SP) and then they would sit you down and say "You dupe, you've been conned by this SP and you're an idiot. Go right your O/Ws" and that would be the end of it. That was my experience with RB prior to the RPF. On the RPF is where TRD is used universally on everyone there.
  8. lotus

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    Thanks Paul,

    Now I recall it - exactly as you said.

    In those time people stopped to talk...people would avoid to talk to each other about anything to avoid being caught in spreading [STRIKE]anything wrong[/STRIKE] any truth and have to spend $$$$ on confessionals\sec checks to be handled :nervous:
  9. Glenda

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    Nice to see you too. :yes: xx

    Oh yeah rollback! I'd forgotten about that shit. Nice mind-bending technique.
  10. Terril park

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    Thanks Chris. Never had the Truth Rundown, but did by my own decision
    FPRD which was probably the best case gain I ever had.

    Had done much O/W stuff but felt I was still restraining myself. All this
    lifetime overts had been done to death.

    I was an E/O previously. So read the FPRD issues and thought
    they were something that would be good for me.

    During this was missing sessions because of persistent F/N and going ext.

    My auditor, an Israeli friend of the Lembergers asked if I was suppressing wins.
    She was also the C/S.

    So I then wrote successes every day before auditing, and then got into session.

    Sadly she still won't go FZ. Yet!
  11. programmer_guy

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    So, this could be regarded as a more radical and specific action that is somewhat similar to Grade II auditing?
  12. arcxcauseblows

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  13. programmer_guy

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    Yes, blame the victim OR blame the witness of victimization.

    Never blame the paranoid narcissistic leader(s) and never blame the corporate culture that is created by the leader(s).

    If I go to Lowe's Hardware and make a complaint they desire to make corrections and don't insist that I "hold the cans" and tell them what overts I have committed against the Lowe's Hardware store or the CEO.
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  14. whoisxenu

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    "If I go to Lowe's Hardware and make a complaint they desire to make corrections and don't insist that I "hold the cans" and tell them what overts I have committed against the Lowe's Hardware store or the CEO." - this sounds suspiciously like an old Monty Python skit!:biggrin::eyeroll: I can just see Cleese and Idle in it.
  15. JustSheila

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    Thanks for a terrific vid, Chris!

    I didn't know what the Truth Rundown was, either, until I watched this, but I certainly went through plenty of sec checking and FPRD on the RPF. We also had rollback in the 80s, much like what you described. This sounds like a combination of all three.

    Sec checking is bad enough. The style in the 80s was to have two forms of sec checking, one to find crimes the cult could act on, which limited Earlier Similar to this lifetime 'crimes' (they had to be 'crimes'). These began with the statement, 'I'm not auditing you.' They still had to F/N, but generally, the sec checker wasn't looking for or expecting huge wins.

    The other type of sec check was usually given to public as preparation for OT levels, the 'security clearances.' Public paid just as much for these as regular auditing. They did not receive the, 'I'm not auditing you' R-factor and those were taken Earlier Similar to F/N.

    One would think those were confidential, but no, knowledge reports were still written and sent to Ethics, they were just marked, 'Non-Actionable - Session Data' or something along those lines.

    They still got sent to Ethics. The MAA had to try to get the person to report him/herself outside of session and do amends. If they didn't, well, they still didn't get away with it. The C/S just ordered the person to a 'not auditing you' sec check.

    I had a lot of sec checks and FPRD on the RPF.

    There is no worse brainwashing, no worse mind-f*&k. There is no other purpose than to convince a person that any purpose they have beyond serving Scientology completely is false and detrimental and that they only have those purposes because they've done bad things, had bad influences, are evil, etc. Those procedures are designed to get someone who disagrees with management, policies, tek or Scientology to agree that they are at fault, that they didn't really see things clearly. Until you see things with the 'Scientology is all good' perspective, you cannot graduate or have freedoms and are kept a prisoner.

    I didn't know this was done to those outside the SO and RPF. Leah Remini went through hell.

    It's a nasty cult.
  16. Enthetan

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    John Cleese walks into a Scn-like place. As he's in the reception area, somebody comes running out of the back area, is tackled by two big guys, who proceed to beat the guy bloody, and drag him, unconscious, back inside.

    Cleese to receptionist: "What was THAT about?!?"

    Reception: "What was what all about?"

    C: "That man! They beat up that man!"

    R: "Why are you spreading such nasty nonsense about this organization? WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?!?!"


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  17. Lone Star

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  18. JustSheila

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    It clearly worked on you, Terril. Take note, exes.

    Whatever goals, purposes, dreams Terril had before Scientology have been secondary to Scientology ever since. Sadly, Terril still promotes Scientology every chance he has even though he left the cult, and veers away from gobsmacking overwhelming evidence of the detrimental effects of Scientology as if he doesn't even see it.

    This can happen to some.


    Not everyone makes a full recovery from it to a normal life and genuine personal goals like Leah Remini. Unfortunately, some stay brainwashed and blind their entire lives.
  19. HelluvaHoax!

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    Oh! So you never had the Truth Rundown. . .

    Noting how often you boast of your huge gains on OT levels, FPRD and other rundowns--it seems, however, that you did have the Win Rundown.

    It's very much like the Truth Rundown, except that instead of the PC being hypnotically coerced to believe that all Scientology's big lies are actually "truth"--they are hypnotically coerced to believe that all Scientology's (and their own) big losses are actually "wins".
  20. PirateAndBum

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    No, rollbacks are not similar to grade 2.

    There's is considerable difference between FPRD and what Chris is describing with the Truth RD. While FPRD is part of it, the intent and additions to it is what make it very nasty. I had FPRD as a "case" action and was quite happy with the results. Everything in scn tech is not bad.

    Confession can be good for a person if they are not forced into it or degraded by others after.