Chris Shelton vid on The Truth Rundown - Leah Remini and Scientology Mind Control

Discussion in 'Chris Shelton's Videos' started by Glenda, Nov 5, 2015.

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  2. Terril park

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    Here is more info.

    I saw Steve Bisby talk about TIR. Could see no difference to Dianetics
    in that talk. I am definitely not a source of any ideas here.

    Dianetics was taken from Freuds ideas.

    Dear Sheila, I like you.
    Peruse this thread and see how many insults
    you gave me compared to how many I gave you.
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    Yeh, I agree. This video is really going to shake some things up. (It already has. :giggle:)

    Thanks, Chris. Five star. :thumbsup:
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    By years of example & praise David Mayo, Karen De La Carrierre & Trey Lotz are all world class people & auditors. They were each highly recognized by the powers that be, fellow auditors, & most of the public . . .
    Well up until they were HIT & declared.

    Now Terril you damn well know THAT is beyond refute truth. But, you also know I specifically mentioned so-called wanttabe auditors who were jerked off auditing lines pronto because they didn't grasp it & couldn't begin to do anything but flub.

    You dare mix those world class people with the can't do ones?
    Don't disrespect such fine people so underhandedly!

    I'm pretty sure you got exactly what I was posting about but warped it to throw in the mix those really great people who got chewed up & spit out over a vendetta by an A person.

    Dude, what a very slimy move on your part .

    Next topic. You mentioned FPRD as " only RPF " . Once again, you illustrate you don't know nearly as much as you pretend that you do. Was that a nice way of saying you are dead assed wrong on what you posted ?

    FPRD is a standard 6 month check action. Also, I've been told, pretty common to get a several more intensives of it in " OT 8 Preps ".

    I work on trying to find something about each person that I can like. I really do.

    And, Terril, in all honesty, in regards to that . . . . . . . you remain one hell of a challenge :(
  5. Terril park

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    Please give docs.
  6. JustSheila

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    Go to the library and look them up yourself. I've told you before that I don't have direct access to the psychological tests and research. There is a fee and requirements for that access. The libraries can give you temporary access.

    That website is a referral website. Have a look at the practitioners - they are practicing clinical psychologists. TIR is an additional action qualified professionals can learn to do.

    There is nowhere in that site that Dianetics is referenced in any way.

    As for your other post -

    Straight up, Terril, you compulsively spew the same cookie-cutter wins every chance you have and work to suck people out of ESMB and to the FZ. You work hard AGAINST being compassionate about the trauma others have experienced in Scn. Many have brought it up to you (the posting of your 'wins') and this isn't the first time I've done so - even Emma has restricted you from posting your success stories, but you still sneak them in anywhere, any which way you can. I am hugely disappointed in you. It's like you don't have any control. For a while there I thought you were doing better. You need to stop this shit, Terril. It is NOT true that Scientology is just fine 'in the correct environment' and you need to stop lying to yourself and hurting others by telling them the same lies. Not happy with you. Not at all. :no:
  7. Terril park

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    I'd be happy to have names and try and help.|The last time I did with Aida Thomas
    class VIII I was attacked here because she was ostensibly a critic. She liked to start
    all new PCs with Ethics! And fucked over my friends and aroused the ire of world
    class auditor Ken Urquhart who was also friends with them.

    And, Terril, in all honesty, in regards to that . . . . . . . you remain one hell of a challenge :([/QUOTE]

    I know.

    I like your posts.
  8. JustSheila

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    Your post about AT is against forum rules. You are bringing a dispute you have with AT to ESMB, besides the fact what you stated is simply not true and outright slander. Please edit your post now, Terril. Enough is enough of this juvenile bullshit. Grow up!
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    I tought she was very sexy, Aida Thomas


    I know.

    I like your posts.[/QUOTE]
  10. Anonycat

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    Dear God, is there some force of nature that can get Terril to STFU in thread derails?
  11. Cat Daddy

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    *huggles* just love him for who he is
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    I have come up with a bright idea to handle Terril's incessant derailing by means of posting an avalanche of his Scientology "WINS".

    It occurred to me a few days ago that Terril is simply (and badly) in need of a SAFE TERMINAL to listen to him.

    Then, this afternoon I spotted this guy. . .


    Thus, I am setting up a DONATION button so everyone can kick in a few bucks to hire this Field Auditor to be posted full time on a special TERRIL'S WINS THREAD here on ESMB.

    Please contribute generously! Just press button below--


    Some people have reported that the DONATE NOW! button "Didn't Work". In such cases Terril has generously agreed to refer those beings to a standard FreeZone auditor for a case sort-out and debug. Terril reminds us that the tech always works and people who think it didn't work are in terrible case shape, requiring their overts and evil purposes to be pulled & handled on the FPRD.
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    Maybe shoulda said "will validate for food".
  15. programmer_guy

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    I think that Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) would be better on a separate thread.
    That is, if anyone still wants to discuss this item.
  16. Cat Daddy

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    Is that from the Psychiatrist that was a Scientologist for a while ?
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    This is a first for me, I've never quoted one of my own posts before. :eyeroll:

    This is not a suckcess story.

    Something some of you may not know is that I am fairly well read on actual mind control experiments. The real deal, verified declassified documents. Hence I have a broad view of how behaviour, thoughts and emotions are conditioned using various techniques that have been experimented with. I have my own story of how I depatterned all the scientology shit in my head - of how I "mastered" the automatic thought stopping junk that I had been trained with in scientology. I have worked with some very experienced/skilled psychs the past few years to sort out the damage done during my scientology years.

    It doesn't matter who wrote what in the scientology tombs - or some "lite" altered version - it is all thought-stopping stuff and leads people away from themselves. It installs a dependency that is not healthy. Good therapy increases an individuals sense of themselves, their own unique thoughts, behaviours and emotional responses. Good healthy therapy leaves you wanting to go live life, fully, unattached to anyone else's ideas or techniques. "All things scientology" does the exact opposite.

    In Chris's video he beautifully manages to convey the convoluted methods that the truth rundown uses. This rundown severely messes with an individuals perception of reality and of themselves. That is a very sinister thing to do to another human, particularly when it is being done to get another to blindly conform to a masked form of servitude. Scientology is not about "freedom", it is about controlling others, domination, greed and shitty stuff like that.

    Terril? I suspect I would thoroughly annoy you if we ever had a proper conversation. I'd have to do my very best to not piss you off because I would be tempted to challenge you on every circular concept you twirled round and round. What I get from the words you write and post here, is that you are in servitude to a "force" you are trained to never see/sense. Mostly I guess, if I really think about it, I feel a tinge of sadness that there are invisible chains around you. It's not a healthy way for a human to be. I could yell at you "WAKE UP!" but the patterns are so strong, all you would hear is a messy filtered noise, which you would then immediately rebuke with more of the same automatic trained-in responses.

    Cup of tea anybody? Very good for the soul. Much better than messing with mind control techniques and deluding self that you are going "spiritually free". :eyeroll:
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    Thank you! Great post.