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  1. Veda

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    This is a great "counter culture" comic from 1973, and had insights into Scientology that were way ahead of its time, and it was funny also.

    Jesus is at bottom left.

    The above is the only frame from the comic that I could find on the Net. Jesus Christ arrives at "Hippie Hill" in San Francisco.

    Eventually, Jesus, after being "disseminated to" by an always smiling, cute, female "trained Smartologist," who tells him that he has sex problems and Scientology can help him with that, joins staff.

    Jesus ends up cleaning toilets in the Org, and worries that he'd better not think any critical thoughts about his undignified duties, lest he drop to a lower level of awareness.

    If anyone can locate this complete comic - and perhaps scan it - it would be much appreciated. It was called "All-God comics."

    It's a gem.
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  2. Little David

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    This hard to read frame that matches your description is all that I could find so far:


    "There is precious little of Willy Murphy’s work, because like many underground cartoonists, he lived the life. Such was the Faustian deal of the era. A talent like Murphy’s does not form in a vacuum. He was as incisive and brilliant as his contemporaries because like them, he was paying full attention."
  3. F.Bullbait

    F.Bullbait Oh, a wise guy,eh?

    Downloaded the image and magnified it. Excellent!

    Ya, that's how I joined the SO. They sent some yowza chick to recruit. I signed several billion year contracts.

    I spent my year there. Hey! That was a billion years in my universe, Ron. So don't judge!

  4. strativarius

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    Yes, 'yowza chicks' were everywhere in the sixties, bra-less (like the chick in the comic) and wearing see-through tops. Ah, those were the days... :coolwink:


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