Church of Scientology Opposes Supervised Injection Center in Quebec City

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    Church of Scientology Opposes Supervised Injection Center in Quebec City.

    Original article in French. Google translation to English below.

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    Church of Scientology Opposed to Supervised Injection Center in Quebec City

    The Church of Scientology of Quebec is involved in the opposition to the supervised injection center (CIS) in the Saint-Roch district. The organization has agreed to take part in an event scheduled for August 27 and to promote it.


    A text by David Rémillard

    Known for its international "Truth about Drugs" campaign, the Church of Scientology has quietly interfered with the CIS debate.

    Without being known by name, the Church of Scientology uses the logo of the Scientologist-Free Foundation for a Drug-Free World in an invitation to take part in the shared demonstration on social media.

    As recently as 2016, this same campaign was reacting to Quebec . Again, the Church of Scientology pruned its own name for a booklet that aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Citizens had seen a way to swell the ranks of the organization by targeting more vulnerable people.

    Napoleon Woo, owner of the restaurant Wok N Roll, located on the land next to the site chosen for the CIS at the corner of the streets Sainte-Marguerite and Monseigneur-Gauvreau, is the instigator of the event of 27 August.

    Knowing the drug organization, he himself approached the Church of Scientology to get involved in the organization of this rally, he admitted to Radio-Canada. "I thought of going for a walk and as they are against drugs, I invited them to embark too. "

    For Mr. Woo, anyone who opposes drug use is welcome. "Maybe there are going to be Muslims, maybe there are going to be Chinese people. I will not exclude, "he added.

    A march is planned as part of the event. It will start around 2 pm in front of the Wok N Roll restaurant and end in front of Quebec City Hall.

    Not a trivialization

    Without commenting directly on the situation of the Church of Scientology, the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, which carries the CIS project, recalled that such a service was not intended to encourage drug consumption, on the contrary.

    "CIS is not intended to trivialize the use of drugs or to promote them. (...) Where there are CIS, it is easier to walk with people towards a cessation of consumption, "said community organizer Marc De Koninck. "On the net, the implementation of CIS also aims to remind people that consumption is dangerous, and that we must stop. "

    The CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale must finalize its exemption request from Health Canada by December, which will enable it to offer supervised injection services "as quickly as possible".

    After two public meetings in early July, the CIUSSS Capitale-Nationale will continue its meetings with citizens and merchants of Saint-Roch in the coming days.

    In particular, visits to the neighborhood council and the Société de développement commerciale are planned.

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