CIA Super soldiers and Scientology

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    In the UFO/new age community there's a recent (last 10 years) phenomenon of people having recovered memories that they are secret govt super soldiers. A few years back there was even a super soldier conference in Nevada where many such super soldiers told stories of parallel lives in secret govt programs on other planets. I noticed in hearing the stories of these "whistle blowers" (term brought back into popularity in the 70s by the Scientology Citizen's Commission of Human Rights), that some of them used Scientology jargon, such as "Fabian" to mean mobile and elusive; and one, Michael Prince, mentioned the govt's use of dianetics to determine if someone had been possessed after physical contact with an alien.

    Well, it seems this new field of study stems from the work of ex-Scientologists in the 80s, such as Captain Bill, Mary Wernicke, Irene Mumford, and others whose names I've forgotten, who were enamored of L Ron Hubbard's "space opera" lectures and took them to a new level -- even encompassing later revelations of MK-Ultra and the Satanic Panic of the 90s. And here's a website outlining techniques for uncovering these buried "memories":

    And now we have people such as Corey Goode -- probably having had no contact with any Scn spin-offs -- telling similar stories and making a lot of money on the UFO lecture circuit and GaiaTV!

    So who says Scientology hasn't impacted society? :)
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    She says she's never been a Scientologist, but that her methods come from the late L Ron Hubbard. Looks to me like she's just trying to sell stuff on that site. :bricks: