Clearwater Con Job

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    Clearwater Con Job

    Winter Wonderland is coming to Clearwater once again. What is different about this year? It’s not the fact that scientologists pretend to celebrate Christmas when they believe christians are “wogs” who need to be saved — that has always been the case. I have included excerpts from a couple of choice Hubbard writings on the[.......]

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    My main question would be: What organization are given the charity funds collected and for what????

    I recall giving food, money and gifts to my local org..but we never knew who those ''Christmas gifts'' were given to, and considering the state of extreme poverty many staff lived in..I guess it would have been more appropriate (for the greed CO$)to raise funds for them to have a nice christmas (at least...)

    At my org, Christmas was truly an event as we celebrated with no $$$ consideration, while Ron has still alive then.

    It consisted of 2 six pack of beer and a bag of chips for people who were assigned (mandatory) to be on post in DV6 (to ensure service are delivered to that crowd running in...) and to QM spending their christmas Eve night there (chasing mices and rats ).... WoW...we were so touched deep at heart Ron was so concerned that we spend a beautiful Christmas with such nice stuff to eat and drink! We were being told (by proud execs) it was his personnal gift to us!
    Wow, so generous! :ill:

    I miss Ron's gifts and my Theta Christmas Eve at the Org.
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