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    Clearwater Follies

    Leah and I were speaking with our old friend Mark Bunker, who was telling us about the injunction scientology obtained against him and other members of the Lisa McPherson Trust back in 1998. Amazingly, scientology still seeks to enforce this injunction against him to this day – its language prevents him from protesting in front […]

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  2. triumph

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  3. Type4_PTS

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    I hope Leah had a film crew there with her so she can include it in Season Three.:yes:
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  4. triumph

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    It was being filmed.. at the bottom of the PDF file

    Report Date: 06/20/2018
    Primary Information
    Incident Type:
    Occurrence From:
    06/20/2018 19:00
    Occurrence To:
    06/20/2018 21:00
    Dissemination Code:
    Reporting LEO:
    Backup LEO:
    Approval Status:
    Approved Date:
    Approved By:
    Response Information
    Time Call Received:
    06/20/2018 19:55
    Time Dispatched:
    06/20/2018 19:56
    Time Arrived:
    06/20/2018 20:00
    Time Completed:
    06/20/2018 21:00
    36 yr. old, WHITE, FEMALE
    62 yr. old, WHITE, MALE
    48 yr. old, WHITE, FEMALE
    63 yr. old, WHITE, MALE
    Analysis Information
    Sick Or Injured:
    Suspicious P/V:
    Marchman Act:
    Baker Act:


    Report Date: 06/20/2018
    Narrative - Continued
    06/20/2018, at
    , at approximately 1956 hours, I Officer Kontodiakos, along with Officers Dressman, Haring
    and Corporal W
    d to a Trespass call.
    On the above date, at the above location, at approximately 2015 hours, Officer Dressman, Haring, Corporal Wassmer and myself,
    Officer Kontodiakos, made contact with one another just prior to approaching, who we later Identified as Mark Bunker, Mike Rinder,
    and Leah Remini, who were sitting in the provided benches, located on the far west side of the above park(near the public sidewalk),
    just north of the Ft Harrison and Drew St intersection as they were being filmed by multiple camera men.
    The three other officers and myself discussed the situation prior to our approach. Officer Dressman also had in his possession an
    Injunction order which was given to him by a David Gonzalez(did not provide any other info) , that named multiple respondents, one
    in particular who was present at the above park, Mr. Mark Bunker(only respondent present). Corporal Wassmer thoroughly looked
    through the Injunction paperwork to ensure there was no form of violation which we came to find there was not.
    Upon approaching and greeting the three subjects, I had informed them that we were making contact with them in reference to a
    Trespass call for service. Immediately upon informing the three subjects about our reasons for being present with them, Mike Rinder
    immediately pointed out the Injunction paperwork which was at that time in my possession and stated that the information on the
    paperwork was not valid, and that it pertained to Mr. Bunker making contact and or harassing members of the church of Scientology.
    I then immediately interjected and informed Mr. Rinder that we were there strictly for a Trespass call for service and that the call
    notes only stated that there was indeed an Injunction related to Mr. Bunker, but that was going to be a Civil matter that we could not
    get involved in, at which time I requested the ID's of all three subjects, in which Rinder and Bunker were highly cooperative and
    provided their ID's so that I could get the necessary info to complete the trespass form, yet Remini was unable to provide an ID and
    stated she did not have one with her, but did provide her first and last name as well as her middle initial.
    By this time Corporal Wassmer had spoken to the complainant Sarah Heller via telephone and she stated that she wanted all three
    subjects trespassed from the above location.
    At that time Officer Haring and I, proceeded to begin filling out three Trespass Warning forms under the impression that a
    complainant would arrive to verbally issue the Trespass warning. Upon Corporal Wassmer concluding his conversation with Heller
    via telephone, he stated that he notified her that she would have to come verbally issue the Trespass warning in order to formally
    issue the Trespass warning, in which Heller stated she would not make contact with the three subjects due to the cameras being

    Upon that time, all three subjects (Bunker, Rinder, and Remini) as well as the camera crew, had gathered all of their belongings/ gear
    and had voluntarily moved along off of the premises
    , SB on
    Corporal Wassmer then stated that since there was no comp
    seen in reference to the above call, that we would go 10-8

    (in service).
    State Attorney Information - None

    TV Cameras =Suppressive entheta:and the chance to look stupid to Billionz of Wogs
    Scientologist being afraid of being body snatched with the Baker Act! boo!
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  5. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    David and Sarah will probably join those other Staff who are in "rehab".
    They sure caused a "flap".
    I'll bet when they saw a camera crew out there filming, they...well... what's that smell ??? LOL!
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  6. Type4_PTS

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    If I was a betting man I'd wager that once the cops were called on Leah Remini, Mark Bunker, and Mike Rinder, all three of whom CoS considers major enemies, that the situation was being controlled by international management, and that COB was aware of it himself, if not calling the shots.

    I suspect that they were getting instructions from way up high on what to do and so never got clearance to go back out there.

    These people claim to have the highest levels of communication and confront on the planet and they're unable to handle a situation of Mark Bunker sitting in their park. :D
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  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Gotta love it!

    All of their policy tells them that they HAVE to do something when the best course of action is to do absolutely nothing. If the incident goes well and you did something you will be OK. If the incident goes well and you did nothing you will be OK. If the incident goes badly and you did something you will not be OK. If the incident goes badly and you did nothing you will not be OK.

    In the Sea Org natural human response to any situation is frozen by a bewildering set of unpredictable variables, the biggest being how the most senior terminal on the line interprets the policy to be applied at the moment. The only sensible course of action is to get direction from a superior or previously carefully established response that removes you as an individual decision point for that exact situation.

    They have worked very hard for 68 years to diligently train a whole community out here who are specialists in knowing their buttons and how they must react. Leah, Mike and Mark dictate their actions at will.

    Their policy used to assume that the outside world doesn't understand them and is befuddled by their superior policy and understanding of human nature but it is obvious that reality has set in and they now know the policy actually gets them in deeper trouble.

    Policy dictates that they have to own that land but it also dictates that they can't possibly own it without being in a confrontational relationship with it's use. It is a mini-police state in the center of Clearwater and any PR exposure that makes this obvious is going to be bad.

    So conflicted.
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  8. triumph

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  9. HelluvaHoax!

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    The most delicious part of it is that Heller could not show up because...(drum roll ....).........


    They really are terrified of cameras. They believe OTHERS are terrified of cameras which is why OSA goons always go around shoving cameras in SPs' faces and trying to freak them out by capturing their image.

    Only primitive tribes superstitiously fear mirrors and cameras and reflective surfaces that "capture their souls" (in Scn terms, their "beingness").

    Scientologists fear images for all those stupid reasons and even one more unimaginably dumb one-- Because Scientologists believe that the single thing in the entire universe that has turned it into a slavish nightmare of endless suffering is the mental IMAGE picture. It contains "pain and unconsciousness" whether an engram, implant, PDHing or a xenu-rific volcano incident.

    Scientologists believe that cameras are black magic that can harm them.

    It's hilarious. The top OTs have to run away because someone might video them (and televise it on Leah's hit program).

    Scientologist are evil but they are not stupid enough to let anyone film them doing crazy cult shit. They finally figured it out after 68 years, lol.
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  10. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good catch HH!

    Why not the obligatory onslaught of cameras and camcorders? Have they finally figured out that the black dianetics of caving in somebody's anchor points and restimulating whole track implants by pointing a camera at them doesn't work? Maybe they realized having gaunt baggy eyed sleep deprived Sea Org members babbling very culty miscellaneous incoherent BS makes very bad optics.
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  11. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yeah, maybe after 68 years they suddenly "cognited" that it's not helping them "win friends and influence enemies" to go cult apeshit in front of cameras. [CUT TO: A raging OT celeb, Jenna Elfmam n standing on major Boulevard in Los Angles screeching: "Have you raped a baby?!!!!" at someone who wore a t-shirt making fun of Tom Cruise].

    68 years and they couldn't figure out the mysterious connection between the public fearing, hating and ridiculing Scientology AND---Scientologists doing things on camera that are scary, hateful & ridiculous. Not even with OT "knowingness"1 and advanced "Study Technology".

    1 knowingness -noun: (scientology) Opinions held by L. Ron Hubbard that Scientologists do drills in order to "make their own".

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  12. pkatz

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    Next time send up the Bat Signal. We'll all come down in support.
  13. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I like your earlier point, essentially illuminating how much of Scientology thinking is basically superstition. To a Scientologist pointing a camera at a perceived enemy, of whom there are legion, and repeating magical chants like "What are your crimes?" has some kind of mystical power to ward them off like a cross or garlic clove to evil spirits.

    So what are they actually thinking when they do this? They are pretending to be the horrible creatures who strapped people into torture chambers thousands or millions of year ago in a past life and used devices that were similar to cameras in order to deliberately traumatize people by making them remember this subconsciously.

    They are told to do this by Hubbard. This is the spiritual technology of which he speaks and the high level of ethics to which they adhere. I suppose to a witch in medieval times, tossing bat wings and spider legs into a cauldron was also considered to be a form of advanced technology. In Scientology, "Technology" has become a euphemism for barbaric cruel behavior. Wogs aren't supposed to know all this backstory, how distant memories of Fifth Invader Forces with ugly hands and box cameras make us do what we do. But now they know, and apparently Miscavige finally understands that when he sends his minions out with cameras that this is what we see.


    What to Audit was published in the year before complete proof discrediting the Piltdown man was announced. However, Hubbard's book has remained uncorrected. Quite typically, as Hubbard did not tend to revise or correct his earlier works.
    However, this explanation of evolution relates only to the "genetic entity." The "Theta-being" only came to earth 35,000 years ago (presumably from outer space; Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision was on the best-seller lists with Dianetics in 1950), to transform the caveman into Homo sapiens. The Theta-being has been systematically "implanted" with a variety of control phrases. The earliest such implant was "facsimile one" (or "Fac one"), which originated a mere million years ago "in this Galaxy," but was only given out about ten or twenty thousand years ago in this particular neck of the galaxy.
    Hubbard claimed that "Fac one" was inflicted with a black box, the "Coffee-grinder" which played a "push-pull wave" over the victim from side to side, "laying in a bone-deep somatic [pain]." After this the victim was "dumped in scalding water, then immediately in ice water," and finally whirled about in a chair. This was "an outright control mechanism" to prevent rebellion against the "Fourth Invader Force," and created "a nice, non-combative, religiously insane community."
    Hubbard described many other implants in bizarre detail including the Halver, the Joiner, the Between-lives (administered in an "implant station" in the Pyrenees, or on Mars), the Emanator, the Jiggler, the Whirler, the Fly-trap, the Boxer, the Rocker, and so on, and so on.
    In What to Audit, Hubbard also warned that the Earth was on the verge of psychic war. In a 1952 lecture called "The Role of Earth," he explained that the Fourth Invader Force still had outposts on Mars. These were the very individuals responsible for the "between lives implants." Hubbard made no comment on the later failure of planetary probes to discover any signs of the Invaders on Mars, nor of the Fifth Invader Force, who supposedly inhabit Venus.

  14. skep

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    Mark and company were probably the first ones to sit on that bench in months. That part of Clearwater is so sterile, so creepy. I've walked all around Flag just to see if I could spot all the cameras, and other than running into a bunch coming out the side door to get directly into the buses, there was only a group standing out in front of the front of the building, smoking.

    I walked right through the middle of them, ignoring they were there, but ensuring they moved aside. Funny to watch them for sure.
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  15. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Great idea for a cruise boat excursion. If you can tour the sewers and catacombs of Paris why not creepy cult town? Count the cameras, see America's Potemkin village surrounded by vacant store fronts, be followed by PIs, sit on the forbidden bench, get your picture taken with local police. If you're lucky maybe get followed by intimidating Scientologists pointing camcorders at you (sometimes forgetting to remove the lens covers).