CLO EUS from 1998-2002

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    Here are some's getting a bit dim in me 'ead on some of them:

    Pedro Bossio
    Eric Knauerhause (R.I.P)
    Annie Knauerhause - Treas Sec and IAS logistics handler.
    Mike Allah - CO for a time.
    Lingerfelten? (Flag Rep?) Tall, skinny, red hair. Cool guy. Married to a lady, but I can't recall her name. Was she the Cont Finance Dir?

    Nathan (Div 6)
    Sue ? (she was the public div person before Nathan...)
    Joan Gambino
    Cliff Bowen
    Joyce Bowen
    The HCO person was this skinny lady with long hair, I have a picture of her, but not a name.

    There were a number of times uplines missions would come through the CLO (when Alla was busted, for example) and they would routinely pull people up for Athena Cramming, or "the Decks". It was one way for them to get GI in. (On the Decks, you mainly got to run food up from the kitchen in the basement to the top floor for the "execs". As they never had money to fix the elevator in that building, it was up 11 flights of stairs.)

    Towards the end, they would cherry-pick people to be at the CLO during the Holidays, to basically run the NYO's events....this was all pre-Reno's.
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    Ha! I did my EPF there in Sept/Nov 1999, didn't finish though... sad memories.
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    HI White Rabbit,

    Sorry to take so long to give a reply, I don't hope on here too often, but I sent you a PM. I know every single person you mentioned, or at least did.

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    HI Maria,

    I think I was on the Freewinds at that time, so we probably didn't cross paths. Sad memories indeed, but at least you didn't finish the program.

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    Pedro Bossio is still in