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    OK so in one month we have 85 news stories 5 radio features and a TV miniseries.

    Tony Ortega said in an interview that he started in 2011 thinking he could do one story a day on Scientology for a while because there seemed to be a bit of material out there. Then he smiled, shrugged and said I'm still doin it.

    Relentless media exposure of manipulation and harm will be one backdrop when the tax exemption issue is being decided...

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    Scientology - the bad news. Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015

    I've gone through this thread and documented OSA's stats.

    Aegerprimo, thank you for all of your hard work collecting the data.

    Now have a look at the results. Enjoy.

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    Re: Scientology - the bad news. Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015

    Oh wow. I was going to ask Aegerprimo if there was a graph and there is is!

    The hive mind prospers :biggrin: :hifive:

    Thanks Aegerprimo - all that collating is great !
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    Will anyone ever translate this Danish documentary? There must be hundreds of people who know about it and can do it. It looks so well done, I really want to understand it.

    And this is interesting regarding Louis Theroux's docu; "The film, previously titled Stairway to Heaven: Louis Theroux and the Church of Scientology".

    I wonder what is the title now?
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    I forget what was happening around March 2014 but the Going Clear film had a huge impact early 2015. It shows that there is huge interest in the topic and with the Theroux Film , Mark Bunker's doco the Steve Cannane book, the pressure will be acookin all through 2016.

    Also, the graph shows that interest doesn't die away, it finds a new higher level :thumbsup:

    Edit: I checked .. It was Leah singlehandedly unlocking the gates to press comment on matters scientological. :happydance:

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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - OCTOBER


    Museum Calls Psychiatry "Industry Of Death"

    Cathriona White: Studying Scientology Prior to Suicide?!

    Church of Scientology denies role in death of Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend

    Jim Carrey’s Scientologist Ex Found with Carrey’s Pill Bottles After Suicide

    Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Married To Scientologist, Attempted Suicide Before

    Jim Carrey's grief complicated by reports on pills, Scientology

    Cathriona White Was Married at the Time of Her Suicide, Days After Breakup with Jim Carrey

    REVEALED: Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White was married to an LA cameraman at the time of her death

    Pictured, the secret Scientologist husband of Jim Carrey's tragic girlfriend - living hundreds of miles from her Los Angeles home after split

    Scientologists Deny Campaign Against 'Going Clear' For Oscar Win

    Inside the Fascinating Oscar-Season Subplot Involving Scientology

    Tom Cruise ‘Bracing For The Worst’ Over Leah Remini’s Scientology Tell-All — ‘It Will Be Like A Nuclear Bomb’

    With Bestie Jennifer Lopez at Her Side, Leah Remini Takes Down Church of Scientology in Tell-All Book,manual

    Bye bye 90210! Tom Cruise 'is moving to Florida to be closer to Scientology center because he hates LA and thinks the people are fake'

    London Film Festival: BBC Documentary Veteran Explains Why He Made 'My Scientology Movie'

    London Film Review: ‘My Scientology Movie’

    Ex-Scientologists: David Miscavige Is a ‘Terrorist’

    Scientology Could Get Its Own Senator

    Dan Burton lobbying for Scientology group

    Irish language translators concerned over Scientology links

    Nicole Kidman and her lost daughter

    Inside the secretive 'Super Powers' building: Pictures emerge of Scientology's $145million 'spiritual headquarters' in Florida

    Why the Church of Scientology is buying up big in Australia

    Hague Court deals blow to Scientology tax-free status

    Dutch court revokes Scientology’s tax-exempt status

    Belgian Scientologists in ‘no doubt’ of beating fraud, extortion charges

    Belgian Branch of the Church of Scientology Faces Trial for Fraud

    Belgian branch of Church of Scientology on trial for fraud and extortion

    Scientology Facing Ban in Belgium

    Scientology Belgium trial sets off with vitamins, personal files and purification saunas

    Scientology Church in Belgium facing fraud charges

    Scientologists in Brussels court on fraud charges

    Scientology faces fraud trial in Belgium

    Belgium Could Expel Church Of Scientology From Country

    Scientology Loses Tax Exemption in the Netherlands

    The Church of Scientology Could Reportedly Be Banned From the Entire Country of Belgium – Here’s Why

    Belgium’s Church of Scientology trial could result in a total ban

    'I saw him at one event and I hid': Jerry O'Connell claims he has been avoiding Tom Cruise for seven years after spoofing him in Scientology parody video

    Scientology Protects Tom Cruise! Leah Remini Revealed It Is An Evil Act To Criticize The Actor

    Terrified Leah Remini Hits the Floor After Debunking Scientology,manual

    Actress Leah Remini gives inside scoop on Scientology and Tom Cruise

    Leah Remini Shocks in Sharing Power of Tom Cruise & Scientology: Was Katie Holmes Viewed as Evil for Leaving?


    Leah Remini On Tom Cruise & Scientology: 'Being Critical of Tom Cruise is Being Critical of Scientology Itself'

    Leah Remini blasts Tom Cruise, Scientology in new interview with 20/20

    Leah Remini Cites Tom Cruise As One Reason She Split From Scientology

    Leah Remini rips Tom Cruise and Scientology

    Leah Remini criticizes Scientology

    Leah Remini says Tom Cruise is reason she left Scientology

    Leah Remini Is Talking To ABC About Tom Cruise And She’s Not Holding Back

    Actress Leah Remini gives inside scoop on Scientology and Tom Cruise

    Leah Remini Says “Your Ego Becomes Extremely Inflated” After Joining Scientology

    Leah Remini on Growing Up in Scientology: 'Your Ego Becomes Extremely Inflated'

    Church of Scientology International's October 30, 2015, Statement to ABC News Regarding '20/20' Leah Remini Interview
    *NOTE: Co$ reaction to Leah Remini’s interview on 20/20. Hint – it is their usual (over) reaction… i.e. bitter defrocked apostates who are bigots, etc.

    Leah Remini reveals why she left the Church of Scientology

    The Most Shocking Revelations From Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All on 20/20

    Actress Leah Remini blasts Scientology in exclusive '20/20' interview

    Tom Cruise’s high-profile status with Church of Scientology influenced actress Leah Remini’s decision to leave church: report

    Leah Remini on Her Break With the Church of Scientology: 'I Wanted to Be The One to Say It'

    Leah Remini reveals why she left the Church of Scientology

    Leah Remini Talks Scientology Split On '20/20': What We Didn't Learn

    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise 'left baby Suri to cry on the bathroom floor' and Top Gun star's adopted kids won't speak to Nicole Kidman for leaving Scientology, Leah Remini exposé claims

    The church of sleep deprivation: How Scientology keeps its workers compliant and childless

    12 Celebrities Who've Been Affiliated With the Church of Scientology


    Radio National
    ABC Australia
    Tony Ortega: investigating the Church of Scientology


    Was Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Studying Scientology? The Church Speaks Out After Cathriona White's Apparent Suicide

    WKBW Buffalo – ABC 7
    Scientology's Smear Campaign Against HBO's 'Going Clear'

    The Morning Show
    7 News - Sidney
    Scientology Super Centre; The Big Push Down Under by the Church of Scientology
    Bryan Seymour interviews Tony Ortega.

    The Drum TV – Australia
    ABC News 24
    The Church of Scientology
    American journalist Tony Ortega talks about the perils of reporting on the secretive group.

    Sunrise Show
    7 News – Sidney
    Why the Church of Scientology is buying up big in Australia
    A world leading expert and critic of Scientology (Tony Ortega, who is currently in Sydney to launch his latest book) has revealed the secretive organisation’s plans for Australia.

    The Morning Show
    7 News – Sidney
    Lifting the lid on The Church of Scientology’s most scathing scandals
    Tony Ortega spends his life writing about their alleged shady inner sanctum from an undisclosed location. The journalist’s explosive new book exposes the church’s darkest secrets.

    ABC 20/20
    Leah Remini talks to '20/20' About Her 30 Year Life in Scientology
    Leah Remini Recalls When She First Got Involved in Scientology; Leah Remini on Being Friends with Tom Cruise; His Wedding to Katie Holmes; What Life is Like For Leah Remini After Leaving Scientology.
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    Thanks again for all your work aegerprimo.

    I'll do the graph again tonight. Looks like another spike - and Leah's book hasn't even been released yet.

    Merry Christmas David Miscavige. Pleasant scotch addled dreams.
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    Not a huge leap yet, but it is clearly a higher trough.

    November is going to be Leah's month.
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    Aegerprimo! You are now: Magister Mediaphilos.
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    Ooooh goody! I get a WOG award even though I'm an ex-scientologist? THAT ROCKS!
    Do I get a big trophy thingy? :winner:
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    Have you donated yet?
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    Won't be long ... the whale has just about finished with this one...


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    Wogs are not into mest displays.....It's the thought that count :biggrin:.
    You are treasured :wink:
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - NOVEMBER


    Tom Cruise is God. Who’s going to argue?

    Tom Cruise Attends Scientology Gala, Smiling Proudly, Despite Leah Remini's Accusations

    Bestseller: Pre-Orders Send Leah Remini’s Anti-Scientology Book to Number 5 on Amazon with “20/20” Appearance

    Leah Remini Says That Scientology Statement from Katie Holmes Almost Made Her Cry

    Katie Holmes issues brief apology to Leah Remini after Scientology expose

    5 shocking claims about Scientology from Leah Remini’s EXPLOSIVE interview

    New Details: Leah Remini Makes Explosive Claims About Tom Cruise and His Family in Her Scientology Tell-All

    Leah Remini on Scientology: What we learned from ’20/20′

    How Tom Cruise's family 'labelled Nicole Kidman an enemy of Scientology'

    'My husband is a serial cheater. My mother is a slut': Leah Remini makes bombshell claims about herself and her family as Scientology launches attack on the actress

    Leah Remini Opens up to PEOPLE About Leaving Scientology: 'It's Like a Rebirth'

    What we learned about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology from Leah Remini’s ‘20/20’ interview

    Pop culture explains Scientology

    A 'Troublemaker' Leaves Her Life In Scientology

    Leah Remini Is 'Grateful' for the Support She's Received from Friend Jennifer Lopez Since Cutting Ties with Scientology

    Leah Remini and Paul Haggis' Scientology Sit-Down: 4 More Interesting Revelations You Need to Know

    True fate of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly could bring down church for good

    Boston Scientologist put Hotel Alexandra on market after long delay

    Leah Remini and Paul Haggis: Scientology has punishment center

    Leah Remini Answers All of Andy Cohen's Burning Questions About Scientology, Tom Cruise, Suri, John Travolta

    Leah Remini gave a fortune to Scientology

    Leah Remini on Embracing Catholicism After Scientology: 'To Me It's What Religion Is Supposed To Be'

    Scientology’s victims don’t deserve blame and shame

    Scientologist mounted ‘vicious character attack’ on ex-member

    Texan can sue Scientology for harassment, appeals court rules

    Tom Cruise celebrated Scientology at gala despite Remini’s revelations

    Scientology trial: “I never made anyone work for Church of Scientology”

    "Who decides?"

    Court rejects Scientology motion

    Scientology trial: “I never made anyone work for Church of Scientology”

    Man says he spent $15,000, received Scientology instead of treatment at rehab center

    Mayo man sues scientologist over alleged leaking of explicit photo to school principal

    Leah Remini and Paul Haggis on What It’s Like to Break with Scientology

    Leah Remini And Paul Haggis Talk Leaving Scientology

    Tom Cruise Is Furious Over Leah Remini's Claims About Him and Scientology

    Tom Cruise is "Freaking Out" Over Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All

    Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All Has Blockbuster First Week Sales

    Scientology’s Surveillance Is Not Free Speech, Court Rules

    What Is the Church of Scientology Doing in Israel?

    Mother of Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s late ex-girlfriend, speaks out

    Is an emotional teenager writing the Scientology PR posts?

    What Jennifer Lopez’s Scientology story can teach us about friendship

    Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All Has Blockbuster First Week Sales

    Tom Cruise To Become Co-Leader Of Church Of Scientology? Star Will Reportedly Celebrate With Trip Into Space

    Watch this Insane Video of Tom Cruise Speaking Spanish, Opening Madrid Center

    Church of Scientology Moscow branch 'dissolved' by court

    Tom Cruise’s Image Badly Affected By Leah Remini’s Scientology Tell-All Book?

    Tom Cruise Gets New Scientology Girlfriend?

    Juliette Lewis: Scientology is a pop culture term

    Tony Dovolani Claims Scientologists Followed Him to Find Dirt on Dancing With the Stars Partner Leah Remini, His Marriage


    Howard Stern Show
    SirrusXM Satellite Radio
    Leah Remini on Scientology Exit, Kirstie Alley, and the Ladies of 'The Talk'
    Leah Remini returned to the Stern Show on Tuesday to talk with Howard about her explosive new tell-all "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." The "King of Queens" star discussed a slew of intriguing topics with Howard and Robin, from her highly publicized split with the Church of Scientology two years ago to her tiff with her former colleagues at "The Talk."
    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 34 with Bill Franks – Part I
    Church of Scientology former Executive Director International Bill Franks discusses L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige. This is a knock out podcast with a lot of data never previously released.
    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 35 with Aaron Smith-Levin
    In a fascinating and wide raging interview, former Sea Org member Aaron Smith-Levin discusses the topics of Scientology’s controversial Freeloader bills, the Clear Cognition, and other topics.
    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 36 with Bill Franks – Part II
    Another in-depth conversation with Bill Franks, who was once Executive Director International and one of the highest ranking officers ever to work directly for L. Ron Hubbard.

    101 KXL FM
    The Lars Larson Show -
    Mark Bunker interviewed November Friday the 13th.

    Ireland radio
    Dave Fanning Show
    Tony Ortega is interviewed by host Dave Fanning.!rii=1:20889000:1031:28-11-2015:


    The LipTV – MediaMahem
    Russia’s War on Scientology Explained by Jonny Jacobsen
    The Church of Scientology has faced stern opposition from the Russian government, in relation to the organization being perceived as a money making cult, with Moscow courts taking a harsh position against David Miscavige’s group. How religious laws in Russia, and the unsympathetic court system are organizing to isolate, and ultimately, extinguish Scientology is explored with Scientology investigative journalist Jonny Jacobsen in the first part of our uncensored Media Mayhem discussion of Scientology in Europe, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

    The LipTV – MediaMahem
    Scientology Criminal Trial in Belgium, GOING CLEAR Goes to Europe
    Scientology is on trial in Belgium as a criminal organization, with the methods of the controversial organization drawing prosecution fresh on the heels of the European release of GOING CLEAR. We look at the opposition to L. Ron Hubbard’s religion in Europe, and explore the case being made against medical treatment by Scientology, in the second part of our interview with journalist Jonny Jacobsen, on Media Mayhem hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

    Today News – NBC
    Leah Remini makes explosive claims about Church of Scientology
    Actress Leah Remini, who parted ways with the church in 2013, has a new memoir coming out called "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." And she hasn't saved all of the revelations for the text. In a recent interview, she claimed that a lighthearted critical comment about longtime Scientologist Tom Cruise led to trouble for her.

    Good Morning America – ABC
    Leah Remini Calls Scientology an ‘Extremist Religion’

    The View – ABC
    Leah Remini on 'The View': What Happened After She Left Scientology
    Leah admits the Church of Scientology does come after those who leave.

    Access Hollywood
    Tom Cruise's Devotion to Scientology: A Closer Look
    * NOTE: Please check out Tony Ortega's review of this chopped up interview -
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    I must confess, I am surprised by the stats. I thought Leah Remini would have driven them up higher.

    Still, the bad publicity is still coming strong.
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    Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - DECEMBER


    City attorney to Clearwater police: Protests on sidewalk in front of Scientology building are legal

    Scientology i Norge trues af konkurs
    [Scientology in Norway threatened with bankruptcy]
    Translation of webpage from Norwegian to English –

    Frederick County files response in Trout Run case

    Oscars: Feature Documentary Shortlist Revealed

    Inside the 'bromance' of Tom Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige: How they gamble and smoke cigars together and share a special language - but Miscavige secretly recorded the movie star

    Leah Remini’s Sister Says She Was Harassed By Scientologists

    What Led Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright to Confront Scientology With 'Going Clear'

    If Nicole Remini's kids attracted to Scientology, she'd say: Read Aunt Leah's book

    Church of Scientology purchases new headquarters for $15m

    Announcing the 2016 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award Winners
    *NOTE: HBO Documentary Films in association with Sky Atlantic and Jigsaw Productions Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

    Scientology link to plan for Werribee super-city

    Police: Woman drove car into Scientology doors because church is ‘evil’

    Scientology Snub! Kirstie Alley’s Cousin Claims They Don’t Expect Her For Christmas

    Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 37 with Jesse Prince – Part II
    L Ron Hubbard never involved David Miscavige in anything technical or to do with counselling, Jesse discusses, yet Miscavige would up supervising “Tech delivery” to Lisa who then died in Church Custody, Jesse tells of how Scientology killed her in 17 days whereas not even Aids and Cancer patients don’t die in 17 days. Jesse’s purpose for speaking out for the last 15 years is to prevent another Lisa Mcpherson gruesome death.


    KVUE ABC –
    Dallas TX
    Woman arrested for allegedly driving car into church
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    Get your own copy of the list of Co$ bad press for 2015. Now the COMPLETE list is available in PDF format to download and use as you wish. Please feel free to post downloadable copies at your own blogs, share with your friends and family, or use however you see fit. I do not recommend printing a hard copy of this document unless you have lots of paper and ink, since the document is 140 pages long! If you have trouble downloading the document, you can request a copy by email - aegerprimo AT hushmail DOT com


    View attachment Bad Press 2015.pdf
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    I endorse this action :happydance: :thumbsup:

    Balanced public information that has not been litigated .. makes a cultee go hmmmm?
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    Thanks aegerprimo for another year of excellent work.

    I was a little shocked at the low stats for Nov and Dec, especially because of Leah Remini and her excellent work.

    Just as the Challenger disaster eclipsed Hubbard's death, perhaps the Paris attacks eclipsed the fallout I would have expected by the release of Leah Remini's epic book.

    I cheered myself up by comparing 2014-2015. What an amazing year.

    I suspect that luck will not save David Miscavige in 2016.
  20. aegerprimo

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    Thank you SO MUCH for making these graphs! I hope you don't mind I shared one at the Underground Bunker yesterday, but linked to your post above.

    I was on vacation in October, then doing lots of overtime and extra on-call duty through November and December so did not have the time to collect the amount of press I usually do. There was a lot more press about Leah's book, but I tried to collect the pertinent ones, especially her TV interviews.

    I plan on starting a new thread of Co$ bad press for 2016. Keep your eyes peeled next month!