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    Why Danny Masterson was written of (off) 'The Ranch'
    What will the Netflix series look like without the actor?
    Andrew Husband Published : June 11, 2018

    Part 5 of the Netflix series “The Ranch,” which stars Ashton Kutcher, Debra Winger, Sam Elliott and Danny Masterson as the Bennetts, a family of Colorado ranchers, is about to debut. This is significant to the interested and uninterested alike, because the new batch of episodes will also be the last for Masterson and his character “Rooster.”

    The how and why of Rooster’s departure won’t be explained until the first chunk of “The Ranch” season three drops on Friday, June 15, but the reasoning behind Masterson’s exit is clear. Last December, Netflix cut ties with the actor nine months after three women accused him of rape. His accusers also claimed the Church of Scientology, where Masterson is a member, had tried to silence them in order to protect the actor.