Columbia chiropractor Joseph Barton forced sex, Scientology on his employee, lawsuit says

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    The State: Columbia chiropractor forced sex, Scientology on his employee, lawsuit says

    By John Monk, The State, South Carolina, February 22, 2018

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    A Columbia-area chiropractor has been sued by a former employee for sexual harassment, including verbal abuse, improper touching, forced sexual acts, and assault and battery.

    Filed in state court in Richland County, the lawsuit accuses chiropractor Joseph Ben Barton of unlawfully firing a former employee, identified only as “Jane Doe,” in retaliation for her rejection of his repeated sexual advances.

    “Barton informed Doe that his intention was to convert her into a Scientologist,” the lawsuit says.

    “Barton told Doe that through his practice of Scientology, he could sense emotional disturbances in people and could sense that Doe had suffered emotional trauma.”

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