Featured Commodores Messenger Book I by Janis Gillham Grady

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by janisgrady, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. Veda

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    This is a very wise approach, made possible by your special situation of having been an 11 veteran of the Commodore's Messengers, having served directly under Hubbard.

    People who would otherwise not be reachable by an ex-member, could be enticed into reading an account of someone who had been so close to Hubbard, especially when that person seems to have a neutral attitude towards Hubbard.


    Simply gently conveying that Hubbard was "just a man," who "didn't have all the answers," would, in some instances, be enough to cause a believing Scientologist to break with the organization.

    It would be wonderful if a way was found to make this book (and following books) known, and available, to those still "in."
  2. Gib

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    Christmas is just around the corner, anonymous Christmas gift via the Postal Service with no return address, oh shoot, why wait for Christmas :yes:

    edit to add:

    As Ron said Books make booms, books add mass, reality, havingness. Yep, Hubbards rhetoric also works in the opposite direction or books about the true scientology make busts. :yes:
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    This is achievable with cutting edge technology.

    It's so new that there isn't even a name for it yet. I call it a "DRONE DROP".

    Same tech being used by convicts serving life sentences in maximum security penitentiaries. Contraband (e.g. weapons, drugs, mobile phones et al) gets covertly air-dropped onto a blind spot in the prison yard. The drone is remote piloted by a friend on the outside.


    To prepare to deliver, we could all muster up at an all-hands, all-nighter to paste a cartoon of a volcano on the first million book covers. That way, Int. Management will be totally distracted by the misdirection--instead, celebrating it as a huge and unprecedented 4th Dynamic win--that they have finally rehabilitated the world's interest and burning desire for Dianetics!

    This will be a virtually problem-free way for Scientologists to read Janis' book with only minor distractions--only having to occasionally stand up and momentarily cheer when someone starts screaming "THE WAR IS OVER!!!" over the public address system.
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    The White Rose:


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    I'm all in for Operation Ride of The Valkyries.
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    I just went to the site www.commodoresmessenger.com and the first thing I saw in giant letters was "Commordor's Messenger". Obviously a typo that needs to be fixed.
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    Thanks for pointing that out - am having the web builder get it fixed!! Website is not yet finished, still has lots of work to get it completed.
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    . . .
    What happened to this thread? Anybody reading Book One? :whistling:
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    I read it and posted a review at Amazon. What'd you think?
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    Post your review here too, love to see it!

    I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive from the US, hopefully soon.
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    Mine (paper version) should have been arrived on Friday
    Nothing yet, I can't wait to read it

  16. janisgrady

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    Well, did it arrive?
  17. cakemaker

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    Just started reading it.
    I'm thoroughly enjoying it and am amazed at the wealth of detail.
    Very nostalgic stories about how it was to grow up in the 60's.
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    Noooo! Not yet...

    It was in my mailbox this evening when I arrived at home!! Youhouuu!

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    Glad you are liking it. Please make sure to leave a review on Amazon to help boost interest in the book by others.
  20. janisgrady

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    Thats great! Happy reading.