Conor Cruise moves into the Sandcastle

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  1. triumph

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    Daily Mail

    EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise's son Connor is following in his father's footsteps as he moves into Scientology's religious retreat The Sandcastle, an exclusive resort-style complex in Clearwater for church VIPs

    By Karleigh Smith In Clearwater, Florida For

    Connor Cruise is following in the footsteps of his father Tom and becoming increasingly ensconced in Scientology, can exclusively reveal.
    The 23-year-old has moved out of the apartment he shared with friends on the outskirts of Clearwater, Florida, and is now living at the plush Sandcastle compound owned by the Church, which is described as a 'religious retreat'.
    It's the latest sign that the actor's only son is preparing to take on a bigger role within the controversial religion that was created by L. Ron Hubbard and now led by David Miscavige.

    Built in 1979, the resort-style complex was recently updated to include 62 residential rooms and 84 'auditing' rooms – where Scientologists notoriously undergo personal questioning to pinpoint 'areas of spiritual distress'.

    The 23-year-old is said to be treated like royalty in Clearwater and is given VIP treatment whenever he arrives at the main hub of Scientology in his sports car - by parking directly outside the grand entrance.
    His career as a DJ is also taking off with slots booked at upmarket nightclubs all over the US.
    In 2016, Connor was the star attraction at a wild night at Parq nightclub in San Diego's famous Gaslamp Quarter.
    He played a deafening 90-minute dance music set at the packed venue while nearly-naked female dancers writhed on podiums close by.
    Groups of revelers aged in their 20s paid $30 a head to get in and Connor performed on the raised deejay platform which overlooked the large interior of the club.

    see pictures:
  2. FoTi

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    Connor to take on a bigger role in Scientology? Maybe yes....maybe no. Flag often puts pressure on their public to live at Flag and pay them money....I was forced to pay for a room at the FH for months when I could have lived off the base. The C/S refused to deliver me services if I didn't stay at the FH while i was getting auditing. It wasn't necessary for was a racket for the cherch to make more money off of me. They didn't want you to give your money to anyone else for a place to live when they could suck your dollars for themselves.

    And they always cater to celebs.....especially if related to the Cruiser.

    Connor is cute. I still would like to know the identity of his mommy and daddy.
  3. I told you I was trouble

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    If nothing else he's certainly achieved the aggressive cult stare (see pics) ... that should make Tom proud.

    I saw something regarding Nicole Kidman and Keith Urbans two little girls a few weeks ago, they are making a point of bringing them up to be well adjusted, well mannered and respectful.

    Even though they are clearly living a very privileged life, they are (purposely) not over-indulging them and I doubt they will end up bratty.
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  4. strativarius

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    Just before I saw this picture I was reading a thread about the filth and degradation the SO staff have to live with. Then I saw this. It just makes me sick!
  5. Enthetan

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    They want him in the Sandcastle, where he can be better monitored, and his companions limited to Scientologists in good standing.
  6. Enthetan

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    When I was at Flag, I was living in the "Heart of Clearwater", which used to be a motel. Visualize an average motel room. Now stick five triple-deck bunk beds in it. Mostly the top bunks were used to store stuff, but that still left 10 guys sharing a small motel room (and one bathroom).
  7. strativarius

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    Below is a picture of the front of the building I lived in whilst on London Org staff. It is on Eccleston Square, London SW1, one of the most prestigious addresses in London. Winston Churchill once lived next door. This building today would cost tens of millions of pounds.

    Two married execs held the lease on a flat in this building and rented out rooms to staff members. Unless they were millionaires themselves this would be impossible today. I can't remember how much my rent was, but after moonlighting at night I managed to rent a room of my own there. That was the 'up' side. The 'down' side was that sometimes I had no job and nowhere to live and I slept on the floor in the reg's office.

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  8. strativarius

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    When I worked at the Sun City casino, all of the expatriate (white) staff were provided with their own small apartment on the complex. All of the utilities (electricity, water etc) were free, and a gardener showed up once a week to take care of the trees and plants growing in your garden (not unlike the trees and plants in the picture above). You had to make your own arrangements with a maid to do your housekeeping and laundry etc. though.

    If Sol Kerzner could afford to accomodate his workers that well and still make a vast profit, there's no reason Hubbard couldn't have done so as well. The more I think about it the more my blood boils!
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  9. Cat's Squirrel

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    Eccleston Square, in Mayfair I believe? Good heavens. You'd need to be seriously minted to live there now.
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  10. Leland

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    So, he must be taking I've heard that also...that one must stay in a Cult Hotel while on a Course in the Cult's Clearwater facilities.

    This has lead me to an interesting thought...

    We often hear of Celebs and their handlers....or SO staff that actually work for a big Celebs in their homes....

    Now I wonder if that is in effect taking over a Celeb Public's home in a manner of "making it a Cult Space..."
    I realize these SO staff are spying and reporting on the Celebs back to the Cult....but it is interesting to me now....that just their presence in a Celebs homes ...might have other implications...?

    In other words...instead of having a big Celeb stay in a Cult Hotel....the Cult would send SO to live in the Celeb's home....and follow them around all the time ....
  11. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    But if the SO goes to the celeb's home instead of the celeb staying in the hotel, the cult hotel don't make no money. That would not be optimum. When they are Cruise at home in LA, he only hires Scientologists to work for him. He has done that ever since he did the KTL LOC in the early 90's. I had a friend who got hired by him to work at his home during the day. One had to be at least OT III to be hired from what she said. And I'm sure Little Miss Cabbage ensures that there are plenty of SO doing things for him at all times in order to pamper and stroke his ego as well as spy on him and make sure that he stays loyal. Can't let that one get away. He's the big fish in the culty pond.