"Crimes" or "wrong doings" within the CofS?

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by Carmel, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Re: "Crimes" or "Ron doings" within the CofS - Scamology

    As long as we're dealing with a scam organization from the get go, what surprises me is that they never took the scam to the next level and sued "themselves", i.e. the church, for egregious "Ron doings" upon themselves and each other in order to walk off with tax free millions in settlement dollars as their final paycheck for sticking with the scam all these years... Or did they? Lots of people got bought off and are silent now, all part of the grand plan? Oh shame on me, only a "conspiracy theorist" would even entertain such thoughts, LOL...
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    This in my opinion is one of the best threads of this board for newcomers.
    If you are new to ESMB please read it from the beginning.

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    will do
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    A very warm welcome to this place torrent. :)


  5. One of the most unsettling things I noticed at the Org I worked at was a rape case that was covered up.

    A 35-45 year old male staff member raped a female 15-16 year old staff member that was recruited from some Delphi school in CA. They were both reprimanded and then it was all hushed up. Within a few weeks she was caught drinking and using drugs with other staff and she was offloaded back to her family in California. The police were never called and her family was informed about the alcohol / drug use, but they were not informed about the rape. The rapist is still on staff... Of course there is a lot of gossip going on in an org so pretty much everyone knew what happened within a week of the incident. A lot of stuff leaks out of HCO, not to mention SO members love to gossip about staff when they are not around.
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    Most states don't have a statute of limitations on the rape of minors.

    Just an FYI, if you decide you want to drop an anonymous dime to the local authorities there.
  7. Do you know where that can be done anonymously? I may just do that!
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    This story may not be legally WRONG.
    But it is Ethically and Morally WRONG.

    Someone was telling me a story the other day that proves the point. A girl called Maria XXXX left the Sea Organization some years back. She told one and all that it was the ultimate in insanity in the SO. It was brutal, it was torture, it was insane.....

    But like a good Kool aid drinker she stayed with the Church.

    She exited the Sea Org with 2 kids. The Sea Org would not let her husband Drew XXXX leave. He was useful to them on money making lines. The Sea Organization did not care that she was a single mom with all the bills of 2 kids, they kept him there refusing to let him out of the Sea Org for some 2 years or more.

    But like a good Kool aid drinker she stayed with the Church.

    Scroll forward in time, one of these kids Dennis XXXXX now adult has a child. The child at 2 years old dies in his crib. Just like that.

    And what does Maria and Drew do ?
    They ask for donations for Ideal orgs for the Death of their 2 year old grandchild.
    That's right, dig into your wallet and give the "Church" more money because our 2 year old grandchild died in his crib.


    True Story.
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    Unfortunately, the kool aid mentality is really just like this. Yes, it is a cult! (for newbies) People in the real world do not think like this. They do not act like this. It is the result of absolute brainwashing. It is insane. It all has to do with the cult perceiving threat at every turn.

    Lisa McPherson/ let's take her to the furthest doctor, not the local hospital! Yay!

    Alexander Jentzsch / Let's call OSA & find out what to do as he's not responding! Oops!

    Rex Fowler/ Wow! My partner doesn't like me pillaging the co. I'll just shoot 'em!

    Maria.. / My grandchild died. Give me money for my cult, no, not my kids, my cult!
    We need to fight the psychs!!

    The Dwarf / I can't trust them to keep their mouths shut about me so I'll just imprison them! Yeah, that's the ticket! I'll be hangin' out with Tom.

    Paranoid cult / Separates parents and children because of their paranoid perceived threat. It's ok to ruin lives and relationships if you think someone may EVER say anything TRUTHFUL about the cult EVER.

    I'm ranting. A wave of anger at this way of head up their ass thinking!!! I could go on. I won't. You're welcome. :eyeroll:

    More angry that I ever thought like anything like this!!!!!
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    1. Lied to about getting "service completion awards". Told me I would be getting 10% of $8,000 intensive back and that I would be using 5 intentsives - so would I donate $5,000 to IAS - I did it because I thought I would get the money back after I was done.

    Then upon leaving - they told me I never qualified for Completion Service Awards due to my intensives already on account - they are for NEW ONES PURCHASED. I told them that the reg told me I was qualified - they asked to "see it in writing" other wise LRH says "if it is not in writing - it is not true". I was so devastated after this trip - I said I would NEVER go back to get FLEECED at Flag - it really sucked! It is NOT the friendliest place on the planet - it is the most dangerous!!

    Local MORGUES: I witnessed several people donate so much money to the IDLE MORGUES and then later declare bankrupcy and many lost their homes. "In the best interest of all 8 dynamics"? They also had no money to get up the Bridge and stopped coming around. I ran into several of them and they did not look too happy or "at cause".

    One guy lost his wife to cancer. He was so distraught - he went to FRAUD LAND BASE to get some relief. They regged him for an "L" and he came back and never came back to the MORGUE - when I called him - he said he is not interested in Scientology any more and hung up on me! "THE SAFEST PLACE ON THE PLANET". Later - I found out that he also got fleeced for $100,000 to IAS. He is upside down on his house! His wife was on staff - young too - she "got her spiritual freedom" - YIKES!
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    I know at least 3 people who made donos to idle morgues then were gang bang regged by IAS & all ended up lost house filed for BK & never darkened the door of an org again.

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    The Church of Scientology "CONTRIBUTED TO THE MOTION" of the ECONOMIC Tsunami! And they "sell chaos and fear" with their drivel about "going after the bankers and the New World Order". :omg: THE Co$ is an evil cult that destroys everyone - it is a LOSE - LOSE game!:nervous:
  14. Lone Star

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    Hmmmmmmm....Don't quite follow you on this one. Going after bankers doesn't seem to be a part of their M.O. to me. But maybe I've missed something.

    The Bankers do need to be "gone after" though. Much more than the psychs to which they are so rabidly focused.
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    :guyfawkes: AND HENCE - ANONYMOUS! :happydance::happydance::happydance:


    Hip Hip Hooray for ANONYMOUS!!:happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance:
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    Right. You can pretty much count that promises made prior to signing have the same value as promises made by politicians running for office.
    I was recruited 3 times, and each time was lied to about what goodies i'd get. (I was terminally naive for most of my life.)
    I think they figure they are telling the truth, though. Because "The truth is what works." Hence, anything that comes out of their mouths in order to obtain the "pro-survival" result of you signing, has to be the truth by definition, because it gets you to do the right thing.
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    :bump2: Bump for the newbies. :)
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    Re: R.I.P. Colin Gow

    Forgive my response to a years-old post, but I'm only just now searching for information on what has happened since I was kicked out.

    I knew Colin. In fact, I probably did some auditing on him. Lovely fellow. Such a pity to hear that he passed away from what started as something trivial.
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    Re: R.I.P. Colin Gow

    :welcome: to ESMB, imabberrated - love the nic.:thumbsup:

    Col was a lovely guy, and that makes his pointless death all the more tragic - his life was wasted in glorifying a cult leader who didn't care about anyone but Hisself.:angry::angry::angry::angry:

    You don't need forgiveness for posting anything here, and bringing this subject up again IS always relevant. This cult has ALWAYS been committing crimes, and the more info gathered about them, the easier and quicker it will be relegated to its proper place in history - oblivion.:yes:

    If you knew Col, then we probably know each other. Unless you're comfortable with OSA finding out who you are, (hi there, OSAspawn :wave:) then know that this board is monitored heavily by them and they'll spend time and resources trying to ID you from whatever you post.:duh:

    They have stats to get up, we have lives to lead and enjoy.:biggrin:

    So would love to hear YOUR story if you're willing and able to tell us about yourself - start up a thread on New Member Intros if you want to, and we'll all read it. We love stories here :drama:
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    I used to be a good friend with Fred, Can you tell me which retirement village he is in? I would like to get back in contact with him and possibly offer some help.if needed. he was a good man.

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