"Crimes" or "wrong doings" within the CofS?

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by Carmel, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Welcome goldtoday.
    Hope you can reconnect and help.
    If all other paths fail I am sure there is a registrar who could help jk (just kidding)
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    Having just reread this post I thought it might be of some help to accumulate some info on laws of various countries and states regarding unconscionable contracts.

    This might help prevent the method currently being used be Scientology organizations and expanding to organizations such as may be registered as religious and or charitable organizations.
    The current method I am talking about is the type of contracts scientology orgs ( Sea Org too?), wherein individuals become essentially pawns with no way of becoming a took or queen in the gamed and contracted relationship.

    Are there laws or should there be laws, I suppose in contract law which absolutely deny any validity to such unconscionable contracts with any group/organization of any classification?

    If organizations want to enter into the rights and power and restrictions enveloped in contract law then they and the law for that matter should include monitoring or testing for ' the drug of narcissistic and megalomaniac lack of equity or fairness intent and practice as evidenced by current and historical activity.

    Transparency notice: I not a big fan of unmanageable big government or state big brother control. That doesn't mean I am a believer of pure anarchy either
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    Re: A very perturbing truth

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    It's not generally the policy on this board to give out private contact info to strangers. At most, you could give your contact info, and it could be relayed.
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    I knew Fred too. He may not be still with us, I have a feeling I saw something somewhere and can't remember, sorry.
    If he is he may be in the retirement home that scientology elders are sent to in Melbourne, I know a few were in the same place.

    Enthetan is right, we don't give out private info on the board here. Once you have 2 posts you can receive Private messages, perhaps if someone knows they can contact you that way. Good luck.

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