Cult indoctrinated Taryn Rinder Teutsch to attack Mike Rinder full time

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Karen#1, May 12, 2018.

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    DagwoodGum What a long, strange trip it's been!

    I guess that their typical Scientological disdain for legitimate medical treatment turns on them now and is Tearin em a new Teutsch, Touche X 2-D Tootsie Fruitsies!
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    Scientology Is going to stalk every Me-To Meeting in So Cal... bet these women don't know they are being covertly investigated..
    OSA Is compiling information on who they are,where they work...who their families are..finding out who their neighbors are...

    are and they are capable of tracking where they travel and keeping written records in detail..and that includes private matters..and even you children are not immune..

    Scientology's office of Special Affairs..wants Mike bad...

    to these women... Scientology Is taking notes.. potentially eves dropping..doing extensive background checks..

    Delilah Panio
    Denise Villamil
    Laura Hertz
    Renee Zau
    Charity Prado and all those associated with them
    including those with She Catalyst com.
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    Every picture of Taryn is a bit "entertaining" in its own kind. Unfortunately she looks so unfemale - probably due to too much consumption of toxic Sea-Org-stuff...
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    stolen photo alert:
    Seems Catherine injury has moved: and morphed
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    I remain amazed ans stunned at how many ''violent and wife abusers'' David Miscavie put on executive post for 30 years or so...
    I mean there is something wrong with this much abusers spend so much decades commanding at the top of the organization while there were known to be violent...

    How about those still at the top?????
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  11. Enthetan

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    Yes, after a while, making so many bad decisions as to who to promote to executive levels indicates a level of incompetence that, in a secular corporation, would have people demanding the chief executive step down over his demonstrated bad judgement.

    How about it, Davey?
  12. lotus

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    It's like the pope, going public with his lawyers to attack all the catholic priests who resign (and speaks negatively about the vatican) and tells publicly how he knows that those priest were vile pedophile for decades .....

    I mean...seriously! ...that demonstrates the lack of maturity, intelligence, leadership, crisis management, and the inability to work for the greatest good of an organisation and it's members as he can't refrain from his personnal anger and vile destructive attacks, drowning a whole organisation down in the water...this organisation appearing as a paranoid mean mafia publicly, like a sociopathic organisation.

    They even torn aprart families and have some of them to trash publicly their children or parents in the name of their religious freedom..Even the Mafia don't do that!

    But, how can't $cientologists not see the obvious ???

    His personnal, leadership and public behavior match for a serious personnality disorder.

    Now..who want to join this hate group and become their next target to be destroyed ????
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    I remain surprised that Dave is still there. When he begged (and bought?) Marty back into the fold I thought that was the last act of a desperate man who would be gone before the mot recent Super Bowl. He must be propped up by infiltrators intent on wrecking CoS; I can't imagine how anyone who loves auditing and respects auditors could support him